76-year-old Eric Baker slipped on a wet bathroom floor. FALLS

AREN´T THERE ANY health care assistants available? No, there AREN´T

Choose the correct answer: I’VE SEEN THE DOCTOR ALREADY

Choose the correct answer: The waiting room is ON The second floor NEXT TO the lift. 

Choose the correct answer: Who does work with your doctor in the hospital? 

Choose the correct answer: You treated that patient a month ago, didn’t you?

Costa del Sol Hospital is BIGGER THAN Serranía de Ronda Hospital, but it isn’

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NIVEL 1= 1)You ARE a student. 2)HeS from Canada. 3)We ARENT from Brasil. We re from Perú. 4) Hes my brother. HIS name is Martin. 5) My mother is from Argentina but HER parents are from Italy. 6)SARA”S brother is Tomas. 7)I have two DESKS. 8)His CHILDREN are Marc, Saskia and Alina. 9)THAT coat is Peters. 10)THESE trainers are new. 11)There ARE two chairs in my living room. 12)There ISNT any money in my wallet. 13)Are the books ON the chair? 14)The sofa is BETWEEN the two Windows. 15)I WORK in

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