2.5 elements of body language you can consciously work on:

-Posture: This will enhance your positive aura and will help you be more calm and make you appear more responsible and reliable. Few basics: + Stand tall with straight shoulders while leaning forwards slightly. + Keep your posture open by not folding your arms across your body.+ Dont tuck in your hands in your pockets, keep them free to gesture. + Work on improving your body language.

-Facil expression: Use your face to show you´re a friendly

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Scene I

Polonius: Reynald I will want you to spy on my son and find out what he’s doing in Paris, who’s he hanging out with, how much money he spends and where he lives.

Reynaldo: I will, my lord

Polonius: Don’t make specific questions and pretend you don’t know him very well.

Reynaldo: I’ll do my best.

Polonius: Safe trip, and don’t trust gossip, see what he’s up to with your own eyes.

Polonius smiled broadly and shook Reynaldo’s hand.

Polonius: Farewell

As Reynaldo was going out he

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parte 1

Public relations - embraces publicity but is broader; PR includes other ways of

gaining favorable responses. Typical PR activities include donating money to charity, giving speeches, participating in community activities, sponsoring events, and other public-facing activities and the organizational function that manages the firm’s communications to achieve a variety of objectives, including building and maintaining a positive image, handling or heading off unfavorable stories or events, and maintaining

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·Given circumstances: the who what where when why during a particular scene of a play

·Stage terms (up down left right, full front, open out, etc):

oStage left/right: It is from the point of view from the stage

oHouse left/right: It is from the point of view of the audience

oUpstage: it is the back of the stage, away from the audience

oDownstage: it is the front of the stage, near the audience

oCenter: Center of the stage.

oFull Front: Facing the audience.

oFull Back: Facing away from the audience.

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Religioncheat sheet

Exam Study Notes Period 1-Religion

Jesus Christ meaning: “Jesus” (God saves),”Christ”(A

What does Prayer do?:Prayer helps us to better communicate with Jesus as we would a good friend.Our friends are there to share many emotions with us and watch us triumph over many challenges just as Jesus is there for us for all these things.

Types of Prayer:

  • Petition (our needs)

  • Intention (the needs of others)

  • Thanksgiving (giving thanks to all we have)

  • Sorrow (expressing our sorrow or seeking forgiveness)

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Section C

what are the advantages of plants using in interiors designing, Explain how can a plant acts a focal point or specimen plant? For designing the courtyard of a luxurious house, what kind of environment plants would you suggest and why?

Plants provide more than a decorative touch to the indoor environment.The Manual of Interior Plantscapingauthor Kathy Fediw explains how they bring people together, help them relax, and create an environment for cooperation and collaboration.


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