guia ingles

1.         What did Dally do when the police had finally caught him?

Dally raised a fake gun so the police would shoot him and then the police shoot him

2.         What reason does Ponyboy think that Dally wanted to die?

He thinks that dally wanted to die because Johnny was dead and he couldn’t live without him

3.         Why did Ponyboy not want other people to see his house?

Ponyboy was bothered by his school friends seeing his house because most of them came from “good

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Reinassance poetry

Renaissance Poetry. There was a collapse in learning and much technical capacity as a result of the and chaos that followed the fall of the Roman Empire. There was a revival of material culture long before the Renaissance. Surrey was the first one to use the blank verse of the translation of the Aeneid. Poetry became the entertainment of the high classes Spenser poetry.He was a renaissance neoplatonistic, he devoted his life to the writing of The faerie Queene, that was a praise to monarchy,

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