Ch1. Brand: Def of AMA: A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competition. Def by Alina Wheeler: A brand is the promise, the big idea and the expectations that reside in each customers mind about a product, service or company. Brand elements :D ifferent components that identifies and differentiates a brand. Name, logo, symbol, package design.can

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studying vocational trainings: Most students who finish high school and decide to continue studying, consider sixth form or vocational training.In my opinion, I agree to study in vocational trainings, since I think it can help you grow as a person. For start, studying professional training prepares you for the world of work. In the first place, nowadays, people value the university more, but it is true that professional training helps you and you specialize to then find work. It is a good way for

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week 3,4

week3: What is preemptive scheduling?/ Preemptive scheduling is used when a process switches from running state to ready state or from the waiting state to ready state. The resources (mainly CPU cycles) are allocated to the process for a limited amount of time and then taken away, and the process is again placed back in the ready queue if that process still has CPU burst time remaining. That process stays in the ready queue till it gets its next chance to execute. / Preemptive schedulers are Round

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week 9

WEEK 9 round robin algorithm? How does it work?A scheduling algorithm which has a time quantum. After that set quantum time the process that was running is preempted and moved back to the arrival queue if it still has burst time remaining.demand paging?example of demand paging.Demand paging is a method of virtual memory management.Demand paging follows that pages should only be brought into memory if the executing process demands them. This is often referred to as lazy evaluation as only those pages

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 CIA Triad From Data Protection perspective:
Confidentiality ensures that data is protected from unauthorized disclosure. Integrity ensures that data is accurate and reliable. Availability ensures that data is accessible when and where it is needed.
Confidentiality Information confidentiality e.g., encrypting a medical record database and granting access only in the presence of proper authorization   Information existence confidentiality e.g., juvenile record

Integrity Must protect against changes

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13.) To make VLANs work, configuration tables are needed in the bridges. What if the VLANs of the given Figure use hubs rather than switches? Do the hubs need configuration tables, too? Why or why not?
    No. Hubs just connect all the incoming lines together electrically. There is nothing to configure. No routing is done in a hub. Every frame coming into the hub goes out on all the other lines.
15.)Briefly describe the steps of the spanning-tree algorithm to compute the switch-network.
1. Elect
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