bladder a membranous sac which holds or stores a secretion catheterisation to introduce a catheter into a person e.g. a urinary catheter chaperone someone who accompanies someone else especially during an intimate procedure cortex hard outer covering ESRF end stage renal failure erythrocyte red blood cell kidney an organ which helps maintain proper water and electrolyte balance and filters out wastes leucocyte white blood cell medulla centre or inner part of an organ renal failure condition where

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1.- What are the main risks if someone is using our wifi, without our permission?

-They can prevent the connection of our equipment.-An inappropriate configuration of our wireless network can allow an attacker to steal the information we transmit.

-Direct connection to our devices. An intruder with sufficient knowledge could access computers connected to the network, which would involve giving you access to all of our information.

-Responsibility for illegal actions.

2.- a) How can we detect if an

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Elements of the industrial process: Raw materials: Are transformed by an industrial process into finished products or intermediate goods/ Energy sources: These are the forces obtained from natural to transform raw materials/ Labour: This is the activity carried out by workers and professionals in exchange for a salary/Capital: to make industrial activity possible. Some of the captal comes from profits/technology: this is all the equipment and materials needed for production/the organisation of the

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Operation on a Process

  1. Process creation:  A user requests, and already running process can creates new processes. Parent process creates children processes using a system call, which, in turn create other processes, forming a tree of processes.
  2. Process pre-empting:  A process pre-empted if I/O event or timeout occurs. Then process moves from running state to ready state and CPU loads another process from ready state to running state, if available.
  3. Process blocking: When a process needs I/O event
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software engineering

What is software? Computer programs and associated documentation. Software products may be developed for a particular customer or may be developed for a general market.

 What are the attributes of good software? Good software should deliver the required functionality and performance to the user and should be maintainable, dependable, and usable. 

What is software engineering?Software engineering is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production from the early
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Geography of Britain: Bristish isles: group of about 5000 islands off the northwest cost of mainland Europe. The highest island is Great Britain which consists of England, Wales and Scotland. The next island is Ireland, which is made up of northern Island (Ulster) and the Irish Republic (Eire). Great Britain and Northern Ireland form the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom: Great Britain is a geographical expression, the United Kingdom is a political expression. The British Isles today are shared

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