·What are the schemes used in the social construction of meaning?

1.Person schemas: cognitive structures that describe the personality of others. Organize our conception of others.

2.Self schemas: structures that organise our conception of our own qualities

3.Group schemas (stereotypes): schemas regarding the characteristics of a particular social group

4.Role schemas: attributes that are typical of persons playing a particular role in a group

5.Event schemas (weddings, funerals, job interviews)

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1.-From a more linguistic aspect , the books evolved to treat other aspects like:

+ Correct Language: non-Discrimination , no vulgar.

+ Journalism: intimacy , professional secret , treatment of information , conduct of the journalist.

+ Separation of information from opinion/advertising.

+ Private Life or Honor rights are sometimes included.

+ Ideology , historical evolution an editorial principles of the medium.


1.Takes of the editorial board: 

-Interlocutor with the company

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