1.The unit for the purpose: “por que”, Smart (specific,measurable,attaible,revelant and opportune) 
2.Remain in control of the message and its origin: create internal pts. of view: 
   -(1) A well-defined process of editing, flexible and fast with a short approval chain up and down the hierarchy. Should respond to a tweet in minutes for example. 

  -(2) companies must establish a channel fast and interactive to reach all employees. With fast we refer to cell. To create

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1. Where did Antonio meet his British friends? At a café in Madrid.

2. What did Antonio and Pablo have for afternoon tea? They got a couple of pints of beer.

3. What happened to the original Globe Theatre? It burned down in the middle of the 17th century and was destroyed again 30 years later.

4. What differences are there between today’s Globe Theatre performances and performances in the 1600s? The difference between those performances is that today’s the actors are wearing modern clothes, today

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Larceny: wrongful taking (AR) of property of another, intent (MR) to perm deprive owner of property. The unauthorized taking and removal of the Personal Property of another by an individual who intends to permanently deprive the owner of it; a crime against the right of possession

Most forms of larceny involve the AR of taking and carrying away (“Asportation”)

And the MR the intent element of larceny.

The slightest movement of property can satisfy the Asportation element,

ex: pickpocket begins to

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NIVEL 1= 1)You ARE a student. 2)HeS from Canada. 3)We ARENT from Brasil. We re from Perú. 4) Hes my brother. HIS name is Martin. 5) My mother is from Argentina but HER parents are from Italy. 6)SARA”S brother is Tomas. 7)I have two DESKS. 8)His CHILDREN are Marc, Saskia and Alina. 9)THAT coat is Peters. 10)THESE trainers are new. 11)There ARE two chairs in my living room. 12)There ISNT any money in my wallet. 13)Are the books ON the chair? 14)The sofa is BETWEEN the two Windows. 15)I WORK in

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