NIVEL 1= 1)You ARE a student. 2)HeS from Canada. 3)We ARENT from Brasil. We re from Perú. 4) Hes my brother. HIS name is Martin. 5) My mother is from Argentina but HER parents are from Italy. 6)SARA”S brother is Tomas. 7)I have two DESKS. 8)His CHILDREN are Marc, Saskia and Alina. 9)THAT coat is Peters. 10)THESE trainers are new. 11)There ARE two chairs in my living room. 12)There ISNT any money in my wallet. 13)Are the books ON the chair? 14)The sofa is BETWEEN the two Windows. 15)I WORK in

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Unit 13 Study Guide Word Bank: Acute exposure, bioaccumulation, chronic exposure, LD50, lethal dose, less, more 1. A lethal dose is the amount of toxin required to kill an organism. 2. A smaller LD50 value is more toxic than a larger LD50 value. 3. The amount of a material, given all at once, which causes the death of half of the organisms given that amount is LD50 4. The buildup of chemicals within the bodies of organisms bioaccumulation 5. One way to reduce the amount of carbon in the environment
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4.Strategies of persuasion: Classical rhetorical (Greeks) distinguished between 2 types of rhetoric communication:

  -The one which it was limited to mere eloquence in a predominantly aesthetic sense and that , according to their thinking , implies the rerunciaton of genuine persuasive intentions. 

  -The one which seeks to influence the receiver by making him change his attitude or opinion. That is the one which really tries to persuade. 

  -However , it is not always certain whether a

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1.The unit for the purpose: “por que”, Smart (specific,measurable,attaible,revelant and opportune) 
2.Remain in control of the message and its origin: create internal pts. of view: 
   -(1) A well-defined process of editing, flexible and fast with a short approval chain up and down the hierarchy. Should respond to a tweet in minutes for example. 

  -(2) companies must establish a channel fast and interactive to reach all employees. With fast we refer to cell. To create

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Poetry of the Civil War to the present.

. Definition:
Modernism is a cultural movement that affects all the arts. Rupturacon represents a nineteenth-century aesthetics and is related to the spiritual crisis of siglo.se fm is between 1880 and the First World War, but will influence
later authors and trends. Modernism is seen as worship of Beauty,
ideal search, rejection of mediocrity. In Hispanic literature Modernism begins in Latin America, with José Martí and Rubén Darío.
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Moral systems: Our actions are based on moral values makes it more valuable to us. The values vary from one era to another, from one culture to another and from one person to another. The moral system is a set of rules and criteria values that direct and guide human action. Moral systems: – study the origin and coexistence of the various codes morales.-suggest where should guide our conduct .- analyze the consequences of our moral actions .- They help us judge the right thing if moral dilemma. 1 Read More