English Phrasal Verbs and Idioms

Agree with: estar de acuerdo

– I’m afraid I can’t agree with you on this matter.

2. Answer back: replicar

– Don’t answer me back!

3. Back out: volverse atrás, romper un acuerdo

– It’s too late to back out now; I’m afraid we shall have to go through with it.

4. Back up: apoyar, respaldar

– If I protest against the decision, will you back me up?

5. Be after: querer, pretender

– What are you after? Just tell me plainly.

6. Be along: venir, llegar

– The doctor will be along any minute now.

7. Be back: regresar,

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Overview of Criminal Offenses and Defenses


Acceso carnal con mujer privada de sentido, empleando fuerza o grave intimidación. En caso de que la mujer sea menor de edad, el delito pasa a llamarse estupro. (rape)

Privación ilegítima de la libertad:

Consiste en la sustracción, retención y ocultamiento de una persona con el fin de obligar a la víctima o a un tercero a hacer o tolerar algo en contra de su libertad. (false imprisonment).


Consiste en aprehender ilícita e indebidamente a una persona para exigir dinero por

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Comprehensive Guide to English Verb Tenses and Reported Speech

Ser/Estar: To Be


  • Present: am, is, are
  • Past: was, were
  • Past Participle: been

Common Irregular Verbs

VerbPast SimplePast Participle
Ganarle (a alguien) – Beatbeatbeaten
Empezar – Beginbeganbegun
Morder – Bitebitbitten
Soplar – Blowblewblown
Romper – Breakbrokebroken
Llevar, Traer – Bringbroughtbrought
Construir – Buildbuiltbuilt
Comprar – Buyboughtbought
Coger – Catchcaughtcaught
Elegir – Choosechosechosen
Venir – Comecamecome
Costar – Costcostcost
Hacer – Dodiddone
Dibujar – Drawdrewdrawn
Soñar – Dreamdreamtdreamt
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Cuban Success with “Arroz Popular”: A Case for Scythes?


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Cuban Success with “Arroz Popular”

Rice growing near Santo Domingo, Cuba (photo by Ziurdraude)

In Cuba, the “arroz popular” (or “cultivo popular”) movement is a remarkable example of successful low-input production of rice by small farmers. Rice is a staple of the Cuban diet, and for decades was produced conventionally, with high inputs on large state-owned farms. In response to the crisis of the 1990s, small plots of rice were grown in otherwise
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A British Adventure: Exploring Culture, History, and Traditions

British Pubs

What did Pablo think was crazy about British pubs?

Pablo thought it was crazy that British pubs close at 11:00 p.m.

Why do people go to Trafalgar Square on New Year’s Eve and what exactly do they want to hear?

People go to Trafalgar Square on New Year’s Eve because it’s a tradition. They want to hear the bells of Big Ben ring in the new year.

Why is the Globe Theatre famous?

The Globe Theatre is famous because it was where most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed for the first time.


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The Scarlet Letter: A Tale of Sin, Punishment, and Redemption

Nathaniel Hawthorne was born on 4 July 1804 in Salem.

A woman he sentenced to death during the witch trials put a curse on him. Nathaniel was aware of the curse, and it emerged in his writings.

Interest in Puritans and in the concepts of sin, punishment, and evil.

In 1828, he published his first anonymous novel, Fanshawe, which was not a success.

In 1837, he published a collection of short stories, Twice-Told Tales.

He married Sophia Peabody in 1842, and they had 3 children.

In 1849, he left his job and

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