Computer Hardware and Software: A Comprehensive Guide

Computer Hardware

Hardware is the physical part of the computer.


The motherboard is the main circuit board of a computer. Other components, such as the microprocessor, are inserted onto it. It also houses communication ports for peripheral devices, video, audio, and network devices.

  1. Chip and battery for BIOS: This integrated circuit (chip) stores the computer’s booting program. It is usually labeled with “BIOS.”
  2. Microprocessor: Plugged into a socket, the microprocessor is responsible for
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A Comprehensive Guide to Atmospheric Storage Tanks


built to store equipment subject to fluid pressure atimosférica.Pressão 0 to 0.5 kg / cm ²

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nature of the roof types:

Fixed roof fixed roof:

directly on the upper side freestanding APOAII the periphery of the side supported by an internal struct profiles metallic forms the roof, conical, curved panels, regular polygon.

Ceiling mobile lifting roof:

you move outside to the side, movement

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Understanding Multimedia and Temporal Databases

Multimedia Data

Multimedia data is an interactive way to represent information to a user. It includes several categories of data like textual data, audio data, video data, etc. The database which is used to hold these different kinds of multimedia data is known as a multimedia database. Nowadays, we as a user take the help of various forms of media such as text, images, audio, video, and graphic objects for communication or to gain any kind of information. These media forms are collectively known

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Database Concepts: From SQLite to Normalization

Q. Describe SQLite

SQLite is a lightweight, self-contained relational database management system (RDBMS) that doesn’t require a separate server process. It’s embedded directly into the end program, making it ideal for small to medium-sized applications, especially those with low to medium traffic. It supports standard SQL syntax and provides most of the features of a traditional database system, including transactions and ACID compliance. It’s widely used in mobile apps, embedded systems, and as

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The Ultimate Guide to Construction Processes and Sustainability



BIDS: a proposal for construction including costs and materials
CONTRACTS: a legally binding document detailing costs and responsibilities
CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS: the paperwork containing the details of a construction project
FRAMING: the process of building the underlying structure of the building
WIRING: the system by which electricity is distributed through a building
WALK-THROUGH: an inspection done by a client prior to moving in
INSTALLATION: the process of putting

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Surface Engineering Techniques and Applications

1. XRD Techniques Used for Stress Measurements

It uses Bragg’s law = 2dsenσ, the elastic relation to obtain stress value.


  • Non-destructive
  • Fast, simple
  • Can be done in situ
  • High accuracy


It is much more accurate for measuring large crystalline structures rather than small ones.


  • Sampling of geological specimens
  • Material characterization

2. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

Definition: A chemical process used to produce high-purity, high-performance solid materials.


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