1.Intro: multinational companies with challenges. 
2.Making decisión in imultinacional world of pr, 2 scopes
-Multinacional companies have to pay special attention to be effective and stable in time to tow of their great assets:+The deep knloedge of their human resources with their skills.

+The experience in city to be able to heave in every moment in any culture and subject that affects the organization

3.Intelligences: Natural: is used to discriminate among living things, such as plants

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Architectural Design of Compute and Storage Clouds: This section presents basic cloud design principles. We start with basic cloud architecture to process massive amounts of data with a high degree of parallelism. Then we study virtualization support, resource provisioning, infrastructure management, and performance modeling. a) Generic Cloud Architecture Design: An Internet cloud is envisioned as a public cluster of servers provisioned on demand to perform collective web services or distributed
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STONE MATERIALS: Stone materials are often used for construction because they are strong, durable a d vey resistant to whether conditions.

1.1.Extracting and proccessing stone: Stone is extracted from natural deposits. Some types exist as large blocks, such as marble and granite from quarries, which must be cut into smaller pieces. Other materials, such as gravel and sand, are aggregates.

1.2.Natural stone: -Limestone is a porous sedimentary rock. It is often used for sculptures and buildings, as

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1.PLASTIC MATERIALS: In general, plastic materials are a normal part of everyday life. They also play important roles in sectors such packaging, telecommunications, transport, construction, medicine, agriculture and information technology. Plastics consist of long chains of molecules, mostly made of the element “carbon”. These chains of macromolecules are called polymers, which is another name for plastics. Polymers are composed of smaller molecules called monomers. 1.1 THE ORIGIN OF PLASTICS:

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Exam Cheat Sheet
Stack & heap:
C programs use the stack for local variables, function parameters and return addresses.
C programs use the heap for explicitly requested dynamically allocated data (with malloc). 
In general, data is put on the stack unless we use malloc then its on heap
Malloc & Free:
Used in C as type of manual memory management
Always free malloc! Else lose point
Modern Languages like Java, Erlang etc. use Automatic Memory Management. The system allocates data structures
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1.Know why shadow copies are used in routers.

A shadow copy is stored because, the forwarding decision is made locally, at each input port,without invoking the centralized routing processor. Also decentralized forwardingavoids creating a forwarding processing bottleneck at a single point within therouter

2.Know the three types of switching fabrics.

Switching via memory: Fabric switching with the use of CPU

Switching via a bus: Fabric switching via shared buses on input and output port

Switching via interconnection

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