Art history

Standard of Ur page 24-25

Artist: Unknown

Period Early Dynastic

Dates 2400-2600 

Origin Iraq

Historical Significance: this piece is an early example of historical storytelling, it displays agriculture, trade, and the spoils of war. The standard of ur was found in a royal tomb

Victory Stele of Naram-Sin

Artist:  Unknown

Period Mesopotamian

Dates 2254-2218

Origin Iraq

Historical Significance: the limestone piece displayshierarchy of scale as Naram-sin climbs a mountain to heaven after defeating his enemy’s


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agent: Person who connects theatre artists (actors, designers, etc.) with the producers and others who hire them.

backers: Investors who help fund a theatrical production.

Beijing Opera: A classical, traditional Chinese form that combines music, dance, and speech with elaborate, codified costumes, makeup, and movement.

box, pit, and gallery: Auditorium arrangement common from the Renaissance into the nineteenth century, including the ground-level pit with boxes and galleries surrounding it, with

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