1.Life cycle:

-Diversification strategy: It consists on penetrate several and very different markets simultaneously. This strategy allows the company risk diversification from depending on only one market, managing resources and investments from different categories and markets and normally having a huge dimension in terms of revenues. This strategy has a disadvantage based on the not specialization in one market and, sometimes, not developing properly the categories (not creating segments) or having

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Art history

Standard of Ur page 24-25

Artist: Unknown

Period Early Dynastic

Dates 2400-2600 

Origin Iraq

Historical Significance: this piece is an early example of historical storytelling, it displays agriculture, trade, and the spoils of war. The standard of ur was found in a royal tomb

Victory Stele of Naram-Sin

Artist:  Unknown

Period Mesopotamian

Dates 2254-2218

Origin Iraq

Historical Significance: the limestone piece displayshierarchy of scale as Naram-sin climbs a mountain to heaven after defeating his enemy’s


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