Q3) Democratic regimes does not exist, so it often lead to authoritarianism and totalitarianism. Discussion

P1) Introduction P2) Democracy P3) Totalitarianism P4) Authoritarianism P5) Conclusion

Nowadays there is a great debate whether a democratic regime always finishes being a authoritarian or totalitarian regime.That is what I am giong to talk about in this essay.I am going to focus on the period between the first and second world war.

I am going to start talking about democratic regimes.The principles

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1 Maria has a close relationship with her family.

A True B False C Doesnt say

2 Maria’s grandmother had seven children.

A True B False C Doesnt say

3 Maria’s grandmother is certainly still alive.

A True B False C Doesnt say

4 Growing up in a big family made Maria’s grandmother less selfish.

A True B False C Doesnt say

5 Katie met Rob at work.

A True B False C Doesnt say

6 Katie knew she and Rob would be good friends because

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Rationalism Vs. Romanticism:Reason/Emotion, Reality/ Fantasy, Mundane/ Exotic,  Conservative/Revolutionary. The romantic journey is to the countryside, The Romantics associated the country with independence, moral clartity and purity, The gothic romantic E. A. Poe, saw the country as a phantasmagonic place, Irving saw the country as idyllic and as a scape

Romantic escapism: Romanticism focused on simple nature beauties, Romantics saw God in the contemplation, Romantic writing looked for exotic settings

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Scaling up is used to develop an industrial bioprocess from the knowledge acquired in the laboratory scale (based on mathematical and physical models).

1-It can be done in two ways: Increasing the number of reactors: there is no risk of scaling errors because they are exactly the same, but nevertheless there is a great expense of $ with the follow-up and of all the bottles. Increase the volume of the reactor to the required (more logical): you can not do the scaling directly, but you have to describe

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CLASS #3World War II and Hollywood

America’s studio system did its part during war time. Some of the best movies came after the war: “Best Years of Our Lives,” “Stalag 17,” “From Here to Eternity,” “Patton,” “Saving Private Ryan.”. Capra: Why we Fight series. “The Great Dictator” – Chaplin – spoof of Hitler

John Wayne best known for westerns and war movies.“Flying Tigers” 1942, John Wayne’s first war movie“The Fighting Seabees”, “Back to Bataan”, “They

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Which of the following is NOT considered in the service process matrix : Volume

Using technology, such as self-checkouts in grocery stores, to enable customers to complete the service delivery and transaction themselves is most commonly used for: Mass services

John Jones, CEO of Joes Corp., is unhappy because each product his company makes takes a unique route through the facility, so processing times tend to be high. His company most likely has a: Functional layout

Systems that combine automated machines,

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