Scaling up is used to develop an industrial bioprocess from the knowledge acquired in the laboratory scale (based on mathematical and physical models).

1-It can be done in two ways: Increasing the number of reactors: there is no risk of scaling errors because they are exactly the same, but nevertheless there is a great expense of $ with the follow-up and of all the bottles. Increase the volume of the reactor to the required (more logical): you can not do the scaling directly, but you have to describe

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Rationalism Vs. Romanticism:Reason/Emotion, Reality/ Fantasy, Mundane/ Exotic,  Conservative/Revolutionary. The romantic journey is to the countryside, The Romantics associated the country with independence, moral clartity and purity, The gothic romantic E. A. Poe, saw the country as a phantasmagonic place, Irving saw the country as idyllic and as a scape

Romantic escapism: Romanticism focused on simple nature beauties, Romantics saw God in the contemplation, Romantic writing looked for exotic settings

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The Catholic Monarchs had planned for their son Juan to inherit their territories. However, with his death, the crowns of Spain were transferred from the hands of the House of Trastamara to that of Habsburg. The Spain of the Habsburgs sought to become fully a Modern State and, with Carlos V, the crowns of Castile and Aragon will be definitively united.
The first Austrias, Carlos I and Felipe II (Austrias Mayores), will be those who exploit the American economic possibilities.
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Climate is the average weather condition in a certain region over a long period of time. One good example is Sahara Desert because it has a hot climate that extend thousand years ago until now.
Weather refers to the general condition of the atmosphere at a particular time and place on a day-to-day basis. One good example is today is sunny, but later this afternoon it rained. Then, it is very windy this evening. So, weather is changing day to day or even hour to hour.
Factors Affecting Climate
  1. Latitude
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Module 3 – Globalization

Globalizationà Rapid expansion of free market capitalism among the nations and states and acceleration of cross border transaction facilitated by the recent technology development.

Five stages of globalization

-Globalization of markets à merging of traditionally distinct and separate national markets protected by the national barriers into one huge global marketplace. Elimination of barriers for trade.

-Resources and production à development of global production. Sourcing

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CLASS #3World War II and Hollywood

America’s studio system did its part during war time. Some of the best movies came after the war: “Best Years of Our Lives,” “Stalag 17,” “From Here to Eternity,” “Patton,” “Saving Private Ryan.”. Capra: Why we Fight series. “The Great Dictator” – Chaplin – spoof of Hitler

John Wayne best known for westerns and war movies.“Flying Tigers” 1942, John Wayne’s first war movie“The Fighting Seabees”, “Back to Bataan”, “They

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