Kinetic: study of movement. REFERENCE FRAME: An oriented straight line in which motion occurs. It presents an origin and an axis. POSITION: The distance between the object and the origin of the reference frame. DISPLACEMENT: Difference between any two positions. It move when it changes position regarding to the reference frame VELOCITY: Difference between any two positions incremento de e: incremento de t. ACCELERATION: The measurement of the rate at which the velocity of a body varies incremento Read More


Scaling up is used to develop an industrial bioprocess from the knowledge acquired in the laboratory scale (based on mathematical and physical models).

1-It can be done in two ways: Increasing the number of reactors: there is no risk of scaling errors because they are exactly the same, but nevertheless there is a great expense of $ with the follow-up and of all the bottles. Increase the volume of the reactor to the required (more logical): you can not do the scaling directly, but you have to describe

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The Catholic Monarchs had planned for their son Juan to inherit their territories. However, with his death, the crowns of Spain were transferred from the hands of the House of Trastamara to that of Habsburg. The Spain of the Habsburgs sought to become fully a Modern State and, with Carlos V, the crowns of Castile and Aragon will be definitively united.
The first Austrias, Carlos I and Felipe II (Austrias Mayores), will be those who exploit the American economic possibilities.
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To reduce the number of syllables per line:Aphesis: Omission of the initial part of a word or phrase (It is à ‘tis). Syncope: Omission of one or more sounds, letters or syllables from the middle of a word (ever à e’er). Apocope: It is the omission of the last letter or syllable at the end of a word (often à oft) Elision plus contraction (slurring of a syllable)There is à there’s. To increase the number of syllables per line: Addition of a stressed syllable: past tense:

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1 What elements define a place as a city?
A city has a large number of inhabitants, its main economic
activities are related to the secondary and services sector, it has
tall buildings and people’s attitudes tend mainly towards speed
and mobility.
2 What is a hamlet?
A hamlet is a small village.
3 Give some examples of dormitory towns in Spain.
Sample answer: Móstoles, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Guecho,
Castilleja de la Cuesta, Badalona, etc.
4 What are the predominant functions in the following

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transnational adoption – both transnational and domestic adoption is a method for creating the most intimate forms of relatedness, yet it is one that is explicitly framed and structured by global relationships, in particular the political and economic relations between countries and regions. Occasionally called prohijamineto, or making into one’s child. Child care arrangement in which a couple adopts a child into their family who is of a different nationality than them and across the borders.

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