Ch 9

1. Contrary to common myths, leadership is not power over group members and members do not resist the influence of effective leaders. – Certain personality variables are associated with effective leadership, but leadership is not a fixed, inborn trait. Only 30% of a person’s leadership tendencies are heritable. – Not all groups have leaders, but as groups increase in size and complexity, most select someone to lead. – Most people prefer to be led rather than to be leaderless. – Leaders make a

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* 1/2 the world’s population lives on less than ____ a day – $2.50
* 1st World Countries – developed countries; have a high GNP; stable governments and economies; developed infrastructure; efficient markets; technological advancements
* 2nd world countries – countries with command-market economies or communist countries in which the central government controls all economic processes
* 3rd world countries – developing countries; unstable governments and economies; high mortality, poverty, and/or education
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Bayles – necessary conditions for a profession
1. Extensive training (knowledge)
2. Intellectual training (guidance on how to use knowledge)
3. Provides important services to society
Barber – account of professional behavior
1. Generalized and systematic knowledge
2. Works b/c community devotion, not self-interest
3. Discipline/field self-polices using codes of ethics
4. Rewards system (monetary and honorary)
Utilitarianism - ULTIMATE VALUE = happiness
Bentham says happiness is more pleasure, less pain; Mill
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oday’s business world is very globalized, and being able to deal with cultural differences is the skill that distinguishes a good international company from a bad one. As such, in the observed case of American and Sharahadan businessmen, there are two extremely different approaches to communication. As I suggest, any productive business relationships between these two companies are merely possible.

Applying some dimensions of the Trompenaars’ cultural dimension theory to this particular case would

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Analogous Estimating.

You use this technique when limited project information is available. This technique does not provide a reliable estimation. The benefits of this technique are a quick result with less effort.

You estimate the cost of the project by comparing it with any similar project in the past. You will look into the organization’s historical records. Then you will use your expert judgment to find your project’s cost estimate. If your organization has completed many similar projects,

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What is controlling?Controlling is a management task, in the broader sense which consists in elaborating objectives, determining a plan and steering toward the agreed objectives. Eventually we control, if we achieve our objectives.

How can controlling be delimited from other departments? *External accounting – compliance with statutory accounting and disclose obligations (principle of orderly bookkeeping) – nowadays, due to adaptation of international standards, little separation between

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