Is a business that is owned by one person.

So traders are often successful because they can offer better consumer services.

Many consumers they are prefer to meet the owner face-to-face and a sole trader has the advantages of being more involved with local people


In a partnership two or more people own and share the costs and risks of a business.

There are two types of partnerships: limited partnership and unlimited partnership.

In a limited partnership there are one or more sleeping

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          A measure of the relative levels of satisfaction that consumers enjoy from the consumption of goods and services is called



     2.   Utility theory seeks to measure



     3.   American consumers make thousands of purchasing decisions each year. These decisions


involve several trade-offs.

     5.   Which of the following statements is true about utility?


Some products produce more utility than others.

     6.   Which of the following statements

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Human sociability

Sociability and self interest: Sigmund Freud the human is not a social being by nature, but we live in society by pure self interest. we life in society not to fulfil us, bur to guarantee survival-. the human being is not predisposed to cooperate with other but to fight against others.

Sociability and nature:  Aristotle The human being is incomplete by nature and need of others. living in community is essential for humans.

State: is a political organisation that have the sovereign

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sociologyT;he study of humans in a post-indusrial society

Qualitative;Describing something based on what you saw/experience

Quantitative;Describing something based on numbers or facts or statistics

Micro Level:Interactional study:Happens on a smaller scale (i.e. Face to face)

Macro Level:Structural study:Focuses on bigger aspects (i.e. Education)

Social Location/Reflexivity:How society/societal change can impact an individual/group (Race,religion,sex, time period) (i.e. Pre 9/11 vs. Post 9/11)


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1. It is done by adjusting to a code or a set of moral rules and values.

2.This moral code should not be imposed by the society to the people, but each individual must be free to choose it.

3.Being free when acting is something extremely important when assessing an action from a moral perspective because, if I act freely, then I am morally responsible for what I do or don’t do.

4. Thus, a fundamental condition appears so that we can judge whether an individual behaviour

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Aesthetic attitude: way of looking at a work of art, or at a natural being, in order to achieve an aesthetic experience. Aesthetic experience: experience that takes place when an individual is the presence of an aesthetic object.(be it a work of art or a natural object). Aesthetic judgement: judgement used to give an aesthetic quality to an object, according to how much pleasure it gives the observer that is looking at it. Aesthetic object: object that is perceived to have aesthetic qualities. Aesthetic

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