¡Escribe tu texto aquCHAPTER 4 – PERCEPTION
Wherever we turn, we are bombarded by colours sound and odours. Consumers are never far
from ads, product packaging, radio and TV. when we make decisions we not only respond to
influences but also to our reaction to them. The three stages of stimuli are:
1. Exposure / Sensation
2. Attention
3. Interpretation (meaning)
Sensation (page 125) – refers to the immediate response of sensory receptors (eyes. Nose, ears,
mouth, fingers)
Perception (page 125) – is the process
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The author of this chapter is Joaquin Costa, one of the main representatives of the regeneracionism movement. The regeneracionism is a movement that wanted to change the policy in Spain, not by introducing new changes but was a way of changing the government since the structure. This is, they did not say anything against continue of the system of parties, for example. But they were very critic with the system of lack of democracy. The subject is the critic that he

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Accion moral:1. It is done by adjusting to a code or a set of moral rules and values. These rules and values designate what should be considered as morally good or bad. 2. should not be imposed by the society to the people, but each individual must be free to choose it. 3. if I act freely, then I am morally responsible 4. It is necessary that they know what they do. Just this way, we can assert that they act freely 5. we are not only responsible for the consequences of our own actions in ourselves,

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Measuring Inequality

Size distributions

Personal or size distribution deals with individual persons or households and the total incomes they receive.

Only accounts for how much each individual earns irrespective of other sources (interest, profits, rents…) or location (rural vs. urban) and occupational source (agriculture, or manufacturing.

Individuals are then placed in ascending order and grouped into quintiles (fifths) or deciles (tenths)

Shows what proportion of the national income is received

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Is a business that is owned by one person.

So traders are often successful because they can offer better consumer services.

Many consumers they are prefer to meet the owner face-to-face and a sole trader has the advantages of being more involved with local people


In a partnership two or more people own and share the costs and risks of a business.

There are two types of partnerships: limited partnership and unlimited partnership.

In a limited partnership there are one or more sleeping

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          A measure of the relative levels of satisfaction that consumers enjoy from the consumption of goods and services is called



     2.   Utility theory seeks to measure



     3.   American consumers make thousands of purchasing decisions each year. These decisions


involve several trade-offs.

     5.   Which of the following statements is true about utility?


Some products produce more utility than others.

     6.   Which of the following statements

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