Media studies

Syntagm and Paradigm

Syntagmatic relationships are about positioning.
Paradigmatic relationships are about substitution.
John ate an octopus.
An octopus ate John
Two sentences using the exact same words (syntagms), but very different meanings because the order (the syntagmatic relationship) of the words changed.

Synchronic and Diachronic

Diachronic linguistics is the study of the changes in language over time. Synchronic linguistics is the study of the linguistic elements and usage of a language at a particular
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Ben-Hur – 1959 film, Sheik Ilderim is played by a white actor in blackface.

Spartacus: was one of the escaped slave leaders in the Third servile war, led a major slave uprising against the Roman republic.

Julius Caesar: He became the dictator of the Roman Empire. He was a renowned general, politician and scholar in ancient Rome . He played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire

Cleopatra: Ruler of Ancient Egypt for 3 decades, became

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The author of this chapter is Joaquin Costa, one of the main representatives of the regeneracionism movement. The regeneracionism is a movement that wanted to change the policy in Spain, not by introducing new changes but was a way of changing the government since the structure. This is, they did not say anything against continue of the system of parties, for example. But they were very critic with the system of lack of democracy. The subject is the critic that he

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Plant Tissues:

1.Dermal tissue:

*It consist of Epidermis and periderm.

*They are the tissues, which covers the external part of the herbaceous plants.

*They are composed of epidermal cells, which secrete the waxy cuticle.

*Waxy cuticles are responsibles for protecting plants against water loss.


*They are the outermost layer of the primary plant body, which covers roots, stems, leaves, floral parts, fruits and seeds.

*They are one layer thick with cuticle.

*They are composed mostly of unspecialized

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2. Net worth of a company is calculated as: NET worth Total assets- total liabilities

3.How would you interpret a current ratio of 1.2? :

The best current ratio is between 1.2 to 2. So the company has enough liquid assets to cover its short-term liabilities.

4.A ratio which measures the ability to pay long-term obligation is: Debt to Assets Ratio(DR)

5. Data extracted form only the income statement can be used to :  claculate a firm’s net profits

6. The information below is excerpted from the financial

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sociologyT;he study of humans in a post-indusrial society

Qualitative;Describing something based on what you saw/experience

Quantitative;Describing something based on numbers or facts or statistics

Micro Level:Interactional study:Happens on a smaller scale (i.e. Face to face)

Macro Level:Structural study:Focuses on bigger aspects (i.e. Education)

Social Location/Reflexivity:How society/societal change can impact an individual/group (Race,religion,sex, time period) (i.e. Pre 9/11 vs. Post 9/11)


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