Def: Fixed arrangement that organizes relations between social roles. Guided by rules and norms of its own. Key concept of the structural- functional theory that sees society as composed of various institutions that play different roles

Def: is a fixed arrangement that organizes the relations between social roles.

Importance: Informs us of relevant info and keeps us up to date

Factors that shape it: Other institutions, geographical features, technological, cultural, econ, political


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This text tries to make known the changes that capitalism has had in the last thirty years,
second the opinion of several authors. It makes a comparison between different texts of the
1960s, where family capitalism is criticized, and the texts of the 1990s, where there are already
large planned organizations, hierarchies.

In relation to Objective Management in 1960, two major problems arise:
- Strong dissatisfaction on the part of the “ Cadres”
- Management problems that are linked to the giant size
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¡Escribe tu texto aquCHAPTER 4 – PERCEPTION
Wherever we turn, we are bombarded by colours sound and odours. Consumers are never far
from ads, product packaging, radio and TV. when we make decisions we not only respond to
influences but also to our reaction to them. The three stages of stimuli are:
1. Exposure / Sensation
2. Attention
3. Interpretation (meaning)
Sensation (page 125) – refers to the immediate response of sensory receptors (eyes. Nose, ears,
mouth, fingers)
Perception (page 125) – is the process
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Human sociability

Sociability and self interest: Sigmund Freud the human is not a social being by nature, but we live in society by pure self interest. we life in society not to fulfil us, bur to guarantee survival-. the human being is not predisposed to cooperate with other but to fight against others.

Sociability and nature:  Aristotle The human being is incomplete by nature and need of others. living in community is essential for humans.

State: is a political organisation that have the sovereign

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Accion moral:1. It is done by adjusting to a code or a set of moral rules and values. These rules and values designate what should be considered as morally good or bad. 2. should not be imposed by the society to the people, but each individual must be free to choose it. 3. if I act freely, then I am morally responsible 4. It is necessary that they know what they do. Just this way, we can assert that they act freely 5. we are not only responsible for the consequences of our own actions in ourselves,

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The 60s decade brought a period of economic, cultural, educational development and openness of thinking. But the repression of the dictatorship did not change.

Economic development and urbanization process.

The 1959 Development Plan was highly successful, because in the period of 1960-69, the Spanish Internal Gross Product and per capita rent doubled. Thanks to the economic growth, Spain approached to the European states´ level.

These were some of the reasons for the Spanish economic development:

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