Nixon Doctrine During his 1968 presidential campaign, Nixon said the United States should seek a negotiated end to the war in Vietnam, while insisting on the right of self-determination of the South Vietnamese people. Nixon said he had a secret plan that he would reveal after he was elected. It turned out to be Vietnamization: the turning over of the ground fighting to South Vietnamese forces, backed by U.S. air power. Nixon and Henry Kissinger (Secretary of State) agreed on the need to accept

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3. Organization: *Strategic Business Areas (SBA): SBAs are useful for companies with a wide range of different products which are operating in various markets. Moreover, provides for transparency and reduces complexity. SBA’s are cubs with three coordinates which can be applied to different competition strategies. * 3-dimensional search area by Abell for the determination of SBA: 1. Target group – WHO: customers to be appealed (e.g. car industry).2. Needs of the target group – WHAT: which need

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Sources of power:

Legitimate: An agreement among organizational members that people in certain roles can request certain behaviours of others.

Reward: Ability to control the allocation of rewards valued by others and to remove negative sanctions. Operates upward as well as downward

Coercive: Ability to apply punishment. Exists upward as well as downward. Peer pressure is a form of coercive power.

Leadership competencies: -Competencies – personal characteristics that lead to superior performance in

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Forwarding agent:A person, agency, or enterpriseengaged in the collectionshipment, and delivery of goods.  Greenchannel : The route followed in passing through customs in an airport, etc by passengers claiming to have no dutiable goods to declareCustom:Is the officialorganization responsible for collectingtaxes on goods coming into a country and preventingillegal goods from being brought in.

Freight: Is goods that are transported by lorries, trains, ships, or aeroplanes.

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“The changing in our eating habits in the last few decades have been mostly negative”  In my opinion people are changing their eating habits and many of the causes have made this change negative.  I think that there are more and more problems with the food industries and one of the biggest problems is meat. Many people have stopped eating it because of the treatment of animals.  Another reason I think people feed on a lot of pre-cooked food for different reasons and one of them may be not

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Criminology is the scientific study of the nature, extent, management, causes, control, consequences, and prevention of criminal behaviour, both on the individual and social levels. Criminology is an interdisciplinary field in both the behavioural and social sciences, drawing especially upon the research of sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, psychiatrists, social anthropologists, as well as scholars of law.


This seemingly clear-cut legal definition of crime is explained in

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