The Rise and Fall of Franco’s Dictatorship in Spain

What is the Third World?

A large number of countries that emerged after decolonization, along with some Latin American countries, became known collectively as the Third World. They form a group of nations that are not aligned with either the Communist bloc or the capitalist world.

Characteristics of the Third World:

  • Poverty and social inequality.
  • High population growth (demographic explosion).
  • High external debt.
  • Predominance of the primary sector and slow industrial development.
  • Low productivity in agriculture
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English Verb Tenses: A Comprehensive Guide

English Verb Tenses

Present Simple

Form: S + V (base form) / S + do/does + not + V (base form)


  • Habits or routines
  • General facts or scientific truths
  • Schedules and programs (e.g., The train leaves at 9 o’clock)

Adverbs of Frequency: always, once, every + …, in the + parts of day, at + time / at night, on + days, how often?

Present Continuous

Form: S + am/is/are + Ving / S + am/is/are + not + Ving


  • Actions happening at the moment of speaking
  • Prolonged actions happening in a broader present
  • Expressing
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English Vocabulary Word List: A to Z


Almost / To add / Amazing / Along with / To allow / Alike / Ability / Aware / Age / Ad / As well / Anywhere / Approach / A large number of / A great deal of / Among / Available / Actual / An assignment / Affordable / Actually / At any time / Amount / Annoying / Advertising / To accomplish / Ant / To agree (with) / To avoid / Alone / Amazingly / Art form / Anxious / At one time / Average / Aid / Accurate / Apology / All over the world / Awareness / To assume / To adjust to


Blindness / Be born /

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Fuentes de Financiación para Empresas: Guía Completa


Sónels recursos líquids o els mitjans de pagament a disposició de l’empresa per afrontar les seves necessitats dineràries.

La principal classificació de les fonts de finançament que anem a veure fa referència a la titularitat dels recursos. Caldrà diferenciar entre recursos propis i recursos aliens.

****Recursos propis o finançament propi****:

Són els recursos més estables de què disposa l’empresa, ja que no s’han de tornar en tota la vida

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Understanding Business Structure and Organization

1.1 The Economic Function of Businesses

Businesses play a crucial role in the economy by combining production factors like capital, labor, natural resources, and technology under the direction and control of entrepreneurs. Their primary objective is to produce goods and services for the market, aiming for maximum profit. While private businesses dominate market economies, public and mixed-ownership enterprises also exist, often prioritizing social benefits or services over profit maximization.


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Digital Marketing Strategies: SEM, PPC, SEO, and Email Marketing


Refers to all the paid marketing strategies where all the actions we do are meant to position ourselves in a higher position inside the search engines. Se refiere a todas las estratégias de marketing pagadas, en las que todas las acciones que realizamos tienen como objetivo posicionarnos en una posición más alta dentro de los motores de búsqueda.

– Why is SEM useful?

– To attract users who are looking for products / services like ours → Collects the demand and brings it

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