Delicious Menu at Joey’s Restaurant: Sushi, Steaks, and More


Sushi Cone- Tempura Prawn, sushi rice, spicy mayo, tobiko, ginger, avocado, and cucumber, sesame seeds, pea shoots rolled in a soy wrapper sealed with wasabi.

Tuna and Avocado Roll – Ahi tuna, cucumber, avocado,rolled in sushi rice and seaweed. Topped with teriyaki sauce, and crispy wonton bits. Served with pickled ginger, wasabi, korean chili mayo

Seared salmon rolled- pressed salmon and ginger fire seared, sushi rice, umami sauce, crispy wonton bits, serrano peppers 

Steak and sushi – choice

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Nixon Doctrine During his 1968 presidential campaign, Nixon said the United States should seek a negotiated end to the war in Vietnam, while insisting on the right of self-determination of the South Vietnamese people. Nixon said he had a secret plan that he would reveal after he was elected. It turned out to be Vietnamization: the turning over of the ground fighting to South Vietnamese forces, backed by U.S. air power. Nixon and Henry Kissinger (Secretary of State) agreed on the need to accept

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prevención riesgos laborales

Son Accidentes de Trabajo: ➔ Los que ocurren en el tiempo y lugar de trabajo (ejemplo: un infarto).

No son Accidentes de trabajo: ➔ Los ocurridos por dolo (intención) o imprudencia temeraria del trabajador, es decir, actuando de manera contraria a las normas, instrucciones u órdenes dadas por el empresaria en materia de seguridad y salud (ejemplo: desobedecer la orden de utilizar el arnés de seguridad y sufra una caída).



Assistance Needed: Trip Preparations for Buenos Aires

Dear [Assistant’

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Sources of power:

Legitimate: An agreement among organizational members that people in certain roles can request certain behaviours of others.

Reward: Ability to control the allocation of rewards valued by others and to remove negative sanctions. Operates upward as well as downward

Coercive: Ability to apply punishment. Exists upward as well as downward. Peer pressure is a form of coercive power.

Leadership competencies: -Competencies – personal characteristics that lead to superior performance in

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Purchasingcycle:Requisition (type and number of items needed)  Value Analysis (lowest cost way to satisfy the request) Supplier Selection (prices, delivery times, quality, etc.) Order Placement (formal purchase order) Order Monitoring (scheduling)  Order Delivery (transportation, quality control, payment)

Production planningRouting (movement of mechanical part or other piece of work from one operation to the next)Loading (

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2.Types of communication: KISS (keep it short and simple ) Verbal communication refers to the form of communication in which message is transmitted verbally. is the first step in an international transaction. Make sure that the other part understand what we are trying to say. The difference between verbal and no verbalcommunication is that we can control the former. Oral communication is when spoken words are used. It is further divided into face to face orothers ( radio, telephone) Oral communication Read More