Federico Echevarria


The text we analyze is a fragment of the rally-protest speech that the Basque businessman Federico Echevarria gave in Bilbao on December 9, 1893 in favour of protectionism.

As a regards the origin, it is a primary source. As a regards the form, it is a public meeting/rally, then it is a narrative text; in the content, it is a economical text.

The text is addressed to the Government and to businessmen, therefore it is a public text.

The main objective of Echevarria was to eliminate free

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Part 1: World War 1
Causes of WW1
Militarism: Germany was competing with the Uk to rebuild battleships. The British feared an attack on their empire. Germany was competing with Russia to expand their armies. 
Alliances: all major powers were linked by a system of alliances. The alliances made it more likely that a war would start. Once started, the alliances made it more likely to spread. 
Imperialism: all great powers were competing for colonies/territories. The British forced Germany in Africa.
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History Test

Expansion: in 1840 slavery moved to center stage of american politics, but as a result of the nation’s territorial expansion (5000 emigrants). The californios, land ended up in the hands of new class of Mexican cattle ranchers, who defined their own identity in large measure against the surrounding Indian population. they referred to themselves as gente the razón. The Mexican War was the fist America conflict to be fought primarily on foreign soil and the first in which America troops occupied
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Suffragettes was the name given to the members of women’s organizations in the early 20th century who fought for their right to vote in public elections. The term refers in particular to the members of the woman social and political union, an only women movement founded by Emmeline Pankhurst, which engaged in direct actions and civil disobedience, including chaining themselves to railing, smashing windows, setting fire to postboxes and empty buildings. Setting bombs in order to damage churches

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I have been a very shy person for as long as I remember and my toughest moments are when I am surrounded by people I do not know. It is not until some time has passed by and I get to know the other people a bit more that I can really be myself.  Moments like these were when I started an activity in a group I did not know, such as French classes at high-school and sports. However, never will I forget my first day of college.

I was going to begin a course of studies because I wanted

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Transporysale: A good packaging helps our products arrive intact at the point of sale, if a packagign is strong, resistant and safe, it will help not only that our product doesn´t suffer distress but also to attract the attention of the client. When you see a beautiful packagign your focus is on that product and the others (the competition) ceases to exist, thanks to good packaging consumers remember your brand and your product because it is the first thing they see when they go shopping.


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