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The New Economic Policy

Russia suffered human loss and material damage during the Russian Civil War. New Economic Policy (NEP) was an attempt to rebuild the economy.

The USSR: a new state

USSR (the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics) created in 1922as a federation of republics. Was a multi-national and multi-ethnic state.

Fist constitutionof the USSR was formulated in 1924, established the new political system:

1: Republics had autonomy in domestic policy, law, education, health. Could

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El Intruso


  • TYPE OF TEXT: Primary source. As a regards the form, as it is a novel, it is a literary, narrative; in the content, it is a social text.
  • AUTHOR: Written in Valencia in 1904 by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. At first he was a manners author, then wrote a social theme. Also understood in politics and lecturer issues.
  • ADDRESSEE: Readers, therefore, it is a public text.
  • OBJECTIVE: Reflect the social consequences of industrialization, describing the living conditions of workers in the mines of 
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Plato:Was a disciple of Socrates whose cornerstone of thought was his theory of Forms, in which there was another world of perfection. Uses thought to advance the Socratic dialogue.Dualistic Vision

Aristotle:Greek philosopher. A student of Plato, the tutor of Alexander the Great, and the author of works on logic, metaphysics, ethics, natural sciences, politics, and poetics, theory follows empirical observation and logic, based on the syllogism, is the essential method of rational inquiry.Pluralistic

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Imperialism is a political doctrine that defends the right of some countries or peoples to rule over others based on cultural, racial and economic superiority of the firsts over the seconds. It took place between 1850 and 1915. At the beginning to the 20th century, the 85% of the Earth surface was dominated by European countries.

Colonialism is imperialism took into practice by establishing colonies over far or nearby territories to exploit them economically.  

  • Metropolis: The

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-The internet is a meta-medium: combines all the media together (we can watch tv, listen to radio, read books)

-Internet in Israel: 1992: First Israeli site (Hebrew university), 1994: Israeli Internet Association was established, 2010: 72% of the public is connected, 2018: 80% of the public is connected (6.7 million people)

-Do we prefer global content? People use local and global websites. The internet allows us to research everything, you can access global info but

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jeeeef 2 rains

1) Environment and Development: The basic issues The livelihood depend agriculture, animal husbandry, hunting, fishing, forestry and foraging The interaction between poverty and environmental degradation can lead to a self- perpetuating process Result of ignorance or destroy or exhaust the resources

National level: Environmental costs are not considered in the calculations of GNI.

Damage to soil, water supplies and forests resulting from unsustainable methods of production can greatly reduce long-

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