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Transporysale: A good packaging helps our products arrive intact at the point of sale, if a packagign is strong, resistant and safe, it will help not only that our product doesn´t suffer distress but also to attract the attention of the client. When you see a beautiful packagign your focus is on that product and the others (the competition) ceases to exist, thanks to good packaging consumers remember your brand and your product because it is the first thing they see when they go shopping.


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  • Convert 0.1015625 to IEEE 32-bit floating point format.
    1. Converting:
      0.1015625× 2 =0.2031250Generate 0 and continue.
      0.203125× 2 =0.406250Generate 0 and continue.
      0.40625× 2 =0.81250Generate 0 and continue.
      0.8125× 2 =1.6251Generate 1 and continue with the rest.
      0.625× 2 =1.251Generate 1 and continue with the rest.
      0.25× 2 =0.50Generate 0 and continue.
      0.5× 2 =1.01Generate 1 and nothing remains.
      So 0.101562510 = 0.00011012.
    2. Normalize: 0.00011012 = 1.1012 × 2-4.
    3. Mantissa is 10100000000000000000000,
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  1. The spread of industrialization

    1. The Industrialization in Europe

At the beginning of the 19th century, Great Britain was the only country in the world with an important industrial development, caused by the Industrial Revolution. In other parts of Europe, the survival of Old Regime’s economic, political and social institution didn’t allow for the new technological and organizational advances to spread. On top of that, the British goods flooded the markets and it was almost impossible for local

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The Second World War was a military conflict that took place from 1939 till 1945 and that involved almost all of the European countries, Japan, the United States, China and the European colonies in North Africa, Asia and Oceania.
The causes of this war were: the nationalist discontent, of Germany because of the lost of important territories due to the Treaty of Versailles and of Italy because it did not received the countries that it deserved ; the economic protectionism that was adopted in order

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G e H

Industrial rev 3

REASONS:increase in agricultural production due to changes in agriculture. Triennial rotation was substituted by the Norfolk four-course system. Livestock increased so the nutrition improved. Changes in land ownership: 
large English landowners pushed to turn common land into  private propertyEnd of catastrophic mortality Population growth. Modernisation of transport Growth of financial means.  Abundance in coal and other raw materials. wealthy through their economic activities.

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Pauls education in the classes of Latin, Greek, philosophy and logic and his knowledge of Jewish cushions and the OT in addition to his devotion to the laws of Moses was very helpful in his ministry and evangelization. This is true because he could use his Hebrew and Jewish knowledge to relate to and convert Jews while also combating the Pharisees and he could use his knowledge in the classes to understand, relate to, and convert gentiles.
Paul’s Roman citizenship helps paul because it gives more
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