Letters to magazines or newspaper. FILM  Dear Sir/Madam. I am writing to complain about your review of the film HAPPY EVER AFTER.I believe it gave the wrong impression and I’d like to give readers an alternative opinion. FIRSTLY, there were several errors in the review. For example, it said the main character was a teenager, whereas she was actually in her twenties. More importantly, however, the review suggested that this was a silly film that only very young people would like. In fact, my friends

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POST-WAR CRISIS (1918-1923)

Characteristics of the economic crisis in Europe:

  • High levels of debt, loans  from the USA intended to pay for the cost of war.

  • A shortage of products, an increase in prices.

Germany was severely affected in the crisis and also pay war reparations.

The hyperinflations It caused considerable internal political instability in the country, the occupation of the Ruhr by France and Belgium as well as misery for the general populace.

In 1923, France decided to occupy the richest

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  1. What are the argument for and against the relevance of exchange rate risks

- Exchange rates are very volatile.

- The dollar value of an MNC’s future payables or receivables in a foreign currency can change substantially in response to exchange rate movements

  • Investor Hedge Argument
  • Currency Diversification Argument
  • Stakeholder Diversification Argument
  1. List and explain the forms of exchange rate exposure.
  • Transaction exposure: sensitivity of the firm’s contractual transactions in foreign currencies
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Zanda Corporation’s CEO watched in amazement and frustration as workers handled and loaded individual products onto trucks. She felt handling the individual items was very cumbersome. She should investigate the possibility of: Containerization

Zanda Corp. can make three individual deliveries to three different customers at a cost of $500 each or can consolidate them into one shipment with a cost of $1,300 and a stop-off charge of $100 per stop. Should Zanda do this?      No, it will increase

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Law of political responsabilities(1939)


  • TYPE OF TEXT: Primary source. As a regards the form, as it is a law; it is a legal text. It is a part of a law made by the head of the State. In the content it is political text.
  • AUTHOR: Francisco Franco Bahamonde. (1892-1975)Almost all his military career was conducted in Morocco in a fairly ascending manner. He was chief of the armed forces and director of the military academy of Zaragoza. After the military coup of July 18, 1936 took all the powers of the state for 40 years.
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1997 – 2007 Politics

Leaders and reason for divisions

The scale of the election defeat in 1997 produced a gradual visible crisis in the Conservative party which became increasingly focused on the future direction of the party. Some could wait for the electorate to come to their senses and realise that the Conservatives were the ‘natural party of government’ whilst others recognised that the 1997 election was a turning point and that the party would have to change if it was to be electable again.

William Hague 1997

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