John kay                                            Humanism Movimiento intelectual         first flying ferry                                  que buscaba exaltar la totalidad de 
James hargraves                            las cualidades del ser humano de la 
invented the first jenny spining          naturaleza humana dandole un 
Eli witney                                        sentido racional a la vida tomando
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First State: Nobility- They were the most important people, they lived in castles, were very rich and powerful, they just received money but they didn’t have to pay taxes.

Second State: Clergy- They were privilegedThey lived in cities and they had power because people believed in them.

Third State: Burgoises- They were the workers and poor people who had to pay taxes for the other two states to live well. 


After Charles II died without having kids, Philip  of

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***II- 4 PRocesses relevent to drug Therapy :P harma/PK./PD

-x matter—-> X inosage Form 
in all area of person Life as well as wider implication for soceity
-Physical -Vommiting/sweating/Diarrhea
-Psychological= Depression /anxiety!
Cost Tax MoneY

^^Drug phase: 
a) Phase 1(pharmaceutical phase): drug taken orally becomes sol. So it can pass through biologic membrane. In subcutaneous, IM, IV there is no pharmaceutical phase. 
b) Phase 2 (pharmacokinetic phase): absorpyion
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Latin influence through Celtic Transmission.
When the English migrated from the Continent to Britain in the mid-fifth century, they found the island already inhabited. Celtic people had been there for many centuries.
Despite the long Roman occupation, the British Celts continued to speak their own language.
However, the relations between the Celts and English were such that the Latin influence of this period remains the slightest of all influences which Old English owed to contact with Roman civilisation.
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Week 10 exam

1.Listand describe the considerations a builder would prioritise where ordering materials for a residential building construction project -10 marks 

a.Supply clear accurate specifications to prevent problems on delivery

b.Lead time – where does this item sit on the site critical path? Is the item being accessed from another country?

c.Store on site – brick, roof tiles, pallets of tiles, etc

d.Store in sheds and containers – windows, doors, pc items, cement/lime, wall and floor

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Red River Valley

Where is the Red River? There are several Red Rivers in the US and Canada. Lily May Ledford was from Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

The song was first recorded in 1925 by Carl Sprague as “Cowboy’s Love Song” then “the Sherman Valley” by Bascom Lunsford the same year.

The biggest hit was the 1927 version by Hugh Cross & Riley Puckett named the “Red River Valley”

How did it get the name? Mike Seegar said that there was a tune they played called Birght Mohawk Valley, he

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