Ch. 6: Fundamental questions in international finance: What are the determinants of exchange rates?; Are changes in exchange rates predictable?

The economic theories which link exchange rates, price levels, and interest rates together are called international parity conditions

The Law of one pricestates that all else being equal (no transaction costs or restrictions) a product’s price should be the same in all markets

When prices are in different currencies: P$ – price of the product in US dollars;

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The Organic Law of Spain specifies that some areas of law should be regulated, such as the Laws of Development of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, which was the basis for the Statutes of Autonomy of the various autonomous communities of Spain. Juridically, organic laws are at the same level as ordinary laws. The difference between the two is in the more restrictive process for creating organic laws and in the matters that they regulate. It was written by Franco in 1967

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Test 2

By what treaty did Russia withdraw from WWI and what were the results?
a.The Treaty of Brest Litovsk
b.Bolshevik Russia gave the Baltic States to Germany
c.Russia gaveits province of Kars Oblast in the south Caucasus to the Ottoman Empire.
d.Recognized the independence of Ukraine.
e.Russia agreed to pay six billion German gold markin reparation

Who was the Senate chairman of the Foreign relations committee who opposed the Treaty of Versailles?
Henry Cabot Lodge
What famous telegram is going to infuriate
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Ancient Greece: Greece is a country in South Eastern Europe consisting of a mainland and an archipelago of islands. Mainland Greece is a large peninsula surrounded on three sides by the Mediterranean Sea and the southern peninsula known as the Peloponnese. Greece is the birthplace of Western philosophy, literature, mathematics, history, drama, the Olympic Games, and democracy. The process of today’s scientific method was first introduced through the work of Thales of Miletus.  The Latin alphabet Read More


Red River Valley

Where is the Red River? There are several Red Rivers in the US and Canada. Lily May Ledford was from Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

The song was first recorded in 1925 by Carl Sprague as “Cowboy’s Love Song” then “the Sherman Valley” by Bascom Lunsford the same year.

The biggest hit was the 1927 version by Hugh Cross & Riley Puckett named the “Red River Valley”

How did it get the name? Mike Seegar said that there was a tune they played called Birght Mohawk Valley, he

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tema 1

The destruction of the ancien regime. The convergence of revolutions, 1789

1789 is a relevant date in History. The French Revolution started in the year. Historians have usually stressed the important changes it brought about: the Old Regime ceased to exist and a new way of devising politics began. Social changes took place as well: the privileged classes would be there no longer and “equality” was to take their place. Civil war broke up between revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries, as

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