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The Union in PerilThe Divisive Points of SlaveryDifferences Between North and South Senator Calhoun (John C. Calhoun was vice president under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. His last words were: “The South. The poor South.”) called on the North to give the South “justice, simple justice.” He demanded that slavery be allowed throughout the territories won in the war with Mexico. If it was not, he declared, the South would secede, or withdraw, from the Union. Once again, the issue of

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1.Foundation: Long time ago, many people from the U.K. decided to travel by boat (the Mayflower) to a new land to settle. This new land belonged to Great Britain. The British king George III ruled both lands. Thirteen colonies were formed there. After a while, some of the colonists talked and decided that they wanted to be a free country. They didn’t want to be under the rule of the king of England anymore, so many Patriots decided to fight for independence. That decision meant the Patriots would

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Unity, Cross, Sin(Themes)

We belong to Christ, we are not divided(Unity)

Foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than Human strength(cross)

Paul warns people of Corinth, To not be inflated by pride, boasting is a “radical sin”

God’s Wisdom,  Mysterious, hidden, it is his plan for our salvation

Role of God’s ministers, They are the ones God chosen to fulfill his mission, which is to spread his word

Analogy of the planter, the waterer, and the grower:

In the

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Baiona: Baiona era el puerto principal del sur de Galicia y norte de Portugal y el punto marítimo más difícil de combatir. Llegó a contribuir a la reconquista de Vigo.

Italian Unif: In 1848 Italy was divided in 7 kingdoms. There was a will to unify the country, but there were discussions about who should lead the process: -The Pope (Pius IX), but he refused to fight against the Austrians. -The king of Piedmont, governed by the house of Savoy. Finally this was the chosen option.

-1st Stage (1859-

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1.How I met your mother

The emission was started the 19 of September of 2005 and finished the 31 of march of 2014, but as Friends, has been still shown with the distribution and the addition to the Netflix catalogue.

If we take a look at this funny series, we can see that the character of Barney, spends most of the time of the series trying to have sex with all the woman that he can by using all kind of strategies and lies, even in some episodes he shows a manual “The playbook” were he wrote a

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