- You score a point when the opponent team can not return the volleyball over the net or prevent it from touching the court surface.
- You don’ t need to have the posession of the ball to score.
- The first team to score 25 points by a margin of two points, wins the set.
- The team that wins three out of five sets wins the volleyball match.
- There is no time limit for a volleyball match.
- There are two-minute breaks between each game; teams switch court sides after eachbreak.
- Team captains
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1.Main marketing concepts:

-Need satisfaction: is the element that motivates the Exchange process. This Exchange could be physical or not, being developed by relational marketing process. A need is a sensation of “lack of something”, a real state different of desired state for the consumer. When a need is detected, consumer is motivated to satisfy it by acquiring “products”. Needs are inside of human beings, so marketing CAN NOT create new needs, but develop different ways to satisfy them

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Social Model: person is limited by the environment. - Keys: social oppression, cultural discourse, environmental barriers. - Strengths: straightforward/clear agenda, liberation of disabled people, positive sense of collective identity. - Weakness: Lived experience of disability ((f(P,E)), Neglect of individuals experiences, every disabled person is oppressed 

Medical Model: people are disabled by their impairments or disabilities 

Ethics of Inclusion: embrace difference; learn with and thru

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exam p.e.

Function of the skeletal system:

  • Protects the body’s organs. Ribs and sternum – heart and lungs. Cranium – brain. Pelvic – intestines.

  • Allows movement through the use of joints and muscle attachment.  sports would be unable to play if we were unable to use any of our muscles to move 

  • Helps formation of blood cells. Platelets, red blood cells and most white blood cells are produced in the bone marrow.

  • Stores minerals. Bones store calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are necessary to keep bones

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General questions: Voley is a team sport where there are 2 teams with 12 players each, 6 on the court and 6 on the substitution bench.

Both teams play in separated courts. The court is divided by a net.

Until 1960 the sport had different rules for girls and boys, for example the ball would bounce once on the floor, but not now. Actually the only difference between men and women is the high of the net: men – 2´44m / women – 2´24m.

Objective: The objective of the game is to legally return

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Alpha Company has a performance standard of 97 percent fill rate. Last month it achieved a 94 percent fill rate. This is an example of: A performance gap

Which of the following factors is a major change driver that supply chain managers are concerned about? Technology change, Regulatory changes and Global political changes.

Jones Company makes every effort to consistently meet the expectations of all of its customers. It is clear that Jones Company is focused on: Customer satisfaction.

Johnson Company

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