9k=Theorems of sources with Null-Action (Vaschy’s Theorems)

            Vaschy’s Theorem About Electromotive Sources

            Enounce: If we’ll add sources of electromotive voltage with equal values on all the sides converging  to a node by serial connection, the source having identical orientations reported to the common node, then the currents from the sides of the circuit remain unchanged.

            Vaschy’s Theorem About Current Sources


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Labor Day Duration High-40h per week. Limit daily work: No more than 9h. The minors included training more than 8h. The break between sessions at least 12h. The minimum weekly rest day and a half is 1 x 2 days for the elderly and for children. You can have an irregular distribution, with more hours and other weeks less on average but no more than 40h. – Hours extras beyond the ordinary duration of the day established in the contract. You can pay or compensate (rest). Type: Voluntary: maximum number Read More


6.The functions of body language within communication:

-Definition: As difficult as it is to prise apart the functions of verbal and non-verbal communication, researchers have over the years been able to identify some basic functions of body language within the communication process.

-These functions generally fit within one of several general categories:

+ Regulating:Body language serves the function of pacing and regulating communication. For instance, in a group of people, there are a number of

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don DeLillo and 9/11 America

LIFE: was born in 1936 in NY City borough of the Bronx. He attended Fordham University, and soon got interested in experimental art, jazz and the cinema. His first novel Americana 1971 explores issues of the media and culture through the experiences of a television executive who travels to rediscover America through a film project. End zone and Great Jones street are deal with dead, celebrity , cults and consumerism. In the 1980s, DeLillo moved to Greece for several years;

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The Union in PerilThe Divisive Points of SlaveryDifferences Between North and South Senator Calhoun (John C. Calhoun was vice president under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. His last words were: “The South. The poor South.”) called on the North to give the South “justice, simple justice.” He demanded that slavery be allowed throughout the territories won in the war with Mexico. If it was not, he declared, the South would secede, or withdraw, from the Union. Once again, the issue of

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