Purchasingcycle:Requisition (type and number of items needed)  Value Analysis (lowest cost way to satisfy the request) Supplier Selection (prices, delivery times, quality, etc.) Order Placement (formal purchase order) Order Monitoring (scheduling)  Order Delivery (transportation, quality control, payment)

Production planningRouting (movement of mechanical part or other piece of work from one operation to the next)Loading (

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1The genro all constituent lyrical works in which the author expresses his most intimate thoughts and feelings in an objective and personal.
2caracteristicas of gener litrario: the lyric genre is very wide and varied topics as forms and attitudes literarias.empleo intensive poetic pretense of lenguaje.y is a high number of stylistic figures, tmb x the strong features of the function precencia expression, and that manifest the feelings and emotions autor.concentracion and brevity of precencia little

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Managerial Finance

Chapter 14

  • Importance of cost of capital 
    • The return earned on assets depends on the risk of those assets
    • The return to an investor is the same as the cost to the company 
    • However, uses of funds (capital budgeting) and sourcing of funds (capital structure) are very separate decisions
    • Provides us with an indication of how the market views the risk of the assets
    • Knowing the cost of capital can also help determine the required return for capital budgeting projects
    • Calculated when company is evaluating a
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t1.aviation value chain and legal framework.The aviation value chain.-Production facilities.airframe and engine manufactures,leasing companies like airbus,boeing.-infraestructure.airports,air traffic control (eurocontrol) and weather service(dwd).-special reservation systems(amadeus) and airline services(skychef).-regulation.authoritues like LBA,FAA,etc.National and supranational institutions.BMVBS.Federal Ministry of Transport and Housing.·DFS,Offenbach.Air traffic control.·LBA, Read More


The endocrine system can be broken down into signal senders, the signals they send, and the signals’ outcomes. The main signal senders are the endocrine glands, which include the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pancreas, and gonads (ovaries and testicles). Endocrine glands specifically send chemical signals to different parts of the body. These chemical signals, which are hormones, generally cause slower, subtler changes than the nervous system, which uses electric signals.

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