Any marketing actions a firm takes today can change consumer’s brand awareness or brand image and have an indirect effect on the success of future marketing activities. For example; the frequent use of temporary price decreases as sales promotions may create or strengthen a “discount” association to the bran, with potentially adverse implications on customer loyalty and responses to future price changes or non-price-oriente marketing communication efforts. Marketers must actively manage brand

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List the identified two causes of unsatisfactory results commonly found in building and construction. *Poor management and work environment, inadequate resources and equipment, poor working conditions, unclear or lack of benchmark.People factor, lack of training and/or communication.B. Describe the sources of data used to identify defects.*The standards against which conformity is measured can take a range of forms. The most common source for the reference standards is usually the contract technical

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Objective of creativity

  • To enhance creative potential by strengthening various mental abilities and shape an ordinary learner to become an extraordinary learner.
  • To expose the learners to creative problem solving exercises by developing integrative intelligence to become managers with creative skills.
  • To help the learners to become thoughtful managers by understanding workplace creativity and ways of harnessing (tie together) it for organizational excellence
  • To expand the
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biologia tema 3

DNA. Chemical composition: deoxyribonucleotides – phosphate, deoxyribose and nitrogenous bases A-T  G-C. Molecular structure: double-stranded structure. Types: Nuclear DNA that forms chromatin, Mitochondrial DNA found in mitochondria and Plastid DNA found in cloroplasts. Cell location: In the nucleus, mitochondria and clororplasts. Function: Contains the organism’s genetic information. RNA. Chemical composition: ribonucleotides - phosphate, ribose, nitrogenous bases A-U  G-C. Molecular structure:

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Sin título 1

Transporysale: A good packaging helps our products arrive intact at the point of sale, if a packagign is strong, resistant and safe, it will help not only that our product doesn´t suffer distress but also to attract the attention of the client. When you see a beautiful packagign your focus is on that product and the others (the competition) ceases to exist, thanks to good packaging consumers remember your brand and your product because it is the first thing they see when they go shopping.


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