Mendel’s law of inheritance:  Mendel discovered some basic laws of inheritance by cross-fertilizing pea plants with different traits (flower color, pea shape). I have observed “hidden” traits that tend to surface after several generations. These were in fact what we now call recessive alleles. Since gametes possess only one set of chromosomes (haploid) compared to somatic cells, they also possess only one allele that they can pass onto the offspring. The other parent will give the other allele

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6 Choose the correct or most appropriate future forms to complete the sentences: 1) He looks very pale and confused. He is going to fait Choose the correct or most appropriate future forms to complete the sentences 2) Somebody is at the door. I ‘ll check who it is. 3) I’ll never pass the exam.’ ‘Don’t worry, I will help you prepare it.’ 4) I will be meeting John’s parents for the first time tomorrow. 5) We are leaving at 9 tomorrow, because the train at 9.45. 6) By the end of the month I will

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Sin título 1

job unting is a synonym expression for job searx./seila [lives] in a beautiful seaside viyage,but s [was born] very far from te sea.s [spent] er xildood in a smay town in te pyrenees,were s [ad] lots of friends.wen seila [grew up],er parents [sent] er abroad,to dublin,to learn about te iris culture.tere,wile seila [was studying], s [decided] to stay a long period of time in ireland.and in an iris viyage is were seila [is] now./ow do we read te symbol @ wen we write an email address? at/give a synonym

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Do Measures of Financial Constraints Measure Financial Constraints?, Farre-Mensa, Ljungqvist 2014

How financial constraints affect firm behavior is central in finance study, but we have relied on indirect proxies or on some popular indices. This paper finds these measures do not well identify firms that are constrained.

Two definitions prevalent in the literature: 1) the more inelastic the supply of capital, the more costly the firm finds it to raise additional external capital (on Stiglizt and Weiss,

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They are called depository institutions (DIs) because a significant proportion of their
funds comes from customer deposits.
There are 3 DIs:
1‐Commercial Banks
‐Savings Institutions
‐Credit Unions
Historically, each institution has been mostly concentrated in a specific field:
‐Commercial banks focused on Business loans (or commercial and industrial C&I) (i.e.
lines of credit, equipment purchase, start‐ups loans, trade financing, invoice
factory expansion) and securities
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