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Chapter 9: Campaigns, Nominations and Elections

The American electoral process has undergone considerable change. Increasingly, election campaigns have evolved from being party centered to being candidate centered. Most candidates for major office are nominated through a primary election. To nominate a presidential candidate, parties employ a mix of presidential primaries, local caucuses, and party conventions. In seeking election, an incumbent usually enjoys an advantage over a challenger,

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An advantage of bonds is:Bonds do not affect owner control

A bank that is authorized to accept deposits of amounts payable to the federal government is a:Federal depository bank

A benefit of using an accelerated depreciation method is that:It yields larger depreciation expense in the early years of an asset’s life. 

A bond sells at a discount when the:Contract rate is below the market rate.

A cash equivalent is:An investment readily convertible to a known amount of cash. 

A company’s had fixed interest

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  • What is marketing:
  • -The action or business of promoting and selling products/services, by researching behaviors, target consumer, making it attractive and find the needs of a consumer.
    • Marketing is the process of developing, pricing, promotion and distributing products, services or ideas that are tailored (a la medida) to the market; it all includes all activities that create value and systematically increase in sales or lead to another desired response, establishing a good reputation and ongoing
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1. increases the credibility in a bank 2)mkes sure the bank has funds bf it starts collecting deposits,3)works as absorber against risks and losses in a business4) K means + growth so capital is a source of growth of a bank5)for regulator it can be a way to control the growth of a bank


Capital (Net Worth = A – L)

Total Equity Capital is the sum of: 1) Surplus 2)Undivided profits and capital reserves 3)Preferred stock 4)Common stock

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The ancien regime
in the e 17th and 18h centuries. France operated under a sociopolitical system later know as ancien regime.this term is also used to describe the situation in most other european countries during this period.its most significant characteristics were:
Absolute monarchy
The monarch was king by divine right and  could exercise all yhr powersthe state: It Was believed Ihat only God could judge his actions
State intervention in the economy
The economny was based on agrarlan activities,
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