Adrian Mole

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The secret diary of adrian mole

1. What are New Year’s resolutions?

-He will help the blind people to cross the road.

-He will hang his trousers up

-He will put his tapes back in theirs covers.

-He will not start smoking.

-He will stop squeezing the spots on his face.

-He will be nice to the dog.

-He will help the poor.

-After hearing the terrible noises downstairs last night, he promises never to drink


2. Why does Adrian think that this spot is growing?

-Because his mother doesn’

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CHAPTER 6Compositionality: The concept that there are fixed rules for combining units of language in terms of their form that result in fixed meaning relationships between the words that are joined together.Constituent: A syntactic category consisting of a word or (more often) a group of words (e.g., noun phrase, prepositional phrase) that clump together and function as a single unit within a sentence.intransitive verbs: Verbs that take a subject but no object, such as (Joe) sneezes or (Keesha)

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CHAPTER 8 cognitive control: Also known as executive function. The goal-directed cognitive processes responsible for directing attention and supervising behavioral responses to stimuli.constraint-based approach:The main competitor to the garden path theory, this approach claims that multiple interpretations of an ambiguous structure are simultaneously evaluated against a broad range of information sources (or constraints) that can affect the parser’s early decisions.ditransitive verbs:Verbs that

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Genetic disorder: a disease or disorder that is inherited genetically (it is caused by mutation)

Describe a genetic disorder caused by a mutation in a single gene. hemophilia, it reduces activity of a
protein needed for blood clotting.

What causes Down syndrome? when someone has 47 chromosomes instead of 46 in each cell, there is
an extra 21st chromosome

What is nondisjunction? is the failure of replicated chromosomes to separate during meiosis

What is gene therapy? inserting normal genes into cells with
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Biogeography of the Earth

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The distribution of plants and animals (or flora and fauna) is related to the variation in climate, soils, and topography on Earth. Over time, plants and animals have occupied and adapted to the particular environmental conditions in which they live. The giant saguaro cactus, for example, stores water in fleshy stems to nourish itself in the hot desert, while the heavy, shaggy coat of the musk oxen helps protect it from the cold arctic wind. In this chapter you will

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