Explain how the process for selection and engagement of subcontractors are managed to ensure that the government equal opportunity principle apply to all applicants.

Equal Opportunity Act 2010

These principles mandate that selection processes must be:

  • open and transparent
  • free from influence or bias
  • administered without favor or discrimination
  • judged on appropriate merit.

Explain why subcontractor shortlisting and qualification checking are managed to enable the selection and engagement of the most appropriate

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1.disturbed, annoyed, troubled: VEXED

2. careful, cautious, leery: WARY

3. boldness, daring, brazenness: AUDACITY

4. withheld, repressed, held back: REFRAINED

5. forcefully, passionately, furiously: VEHEMENTLY

6. smoothness, politeness, fine manners: SUAVITY

7. gestures, wild movements, spasms: GESTICULATIONS

8. scorn, ridicule, contempt: DERISION

9. sharp, sensitive, severe: ACUTE

10. intelligence, smarts, good sense: SAGACITY

Reading Comprehension

1. Why does the narrator decide to

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Sin título 1

3 The philosophy of nature

1. Admiring nature

The teleological answer views natural order  as a result of a predeterminated plan. This answer leads, to belief in the existence of a supernatural being, who is the creator of a natural order and ultimately responsible for the end being purpused.

The mechanistic answer states that nature is like a machine. All the changes that occur in nature are the result of the necessary action of mechanisms on other mechanisms. the ‘machine’ cannot establish objectives

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Paradise Lost
Epic Poem by John Milton
The great poet John Milton had a very different view of human pride. As a devout Puritan, he believed in the truth of the Bible´s warning. He ilustrates this warning brilliantly in Paradise Lost. 
Text Analysis: Allusion 
An allusion is a brief reference to a person, place, or event, or to another literary work. Writers often use allusions as a way to enrich your understanding of characters and actions and emphasize important ideas.
Most of the allusions Milton
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AGRARIAN SPACE: It is the land where agrarian activities are undertaken.

RURAL SPACE: It refers to the non-urban areas that are used for agrarian activities, amongst many other activities.

AGRICULTURE: It is concerned with cultivating the soil and growing crops in order to obtain food and raw materials. It includes the preparation of plant products for people to use and their distribution to markets.

LIVESTOCK FARMING: It is concerned with domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce

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