1.List and describe four consultants who a professional builder may consult to establish a business financial plan.

Financial advisors – able to help you with conflicts which are you not able to solve

Accountant – recommend financial actions and complies with legal requirements

Book keeper – documents financial transactions

Another successful builder – able to give you advice on how to establish a well structured company

Financial backers – lend or provide credit on agreed upon conditions, such

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Notion of economic concentration The LDC has dealt with the control of economic concentrations. The provision thus refers to any “stable change of control of the whole or part of one or more companies” as a result of a series of operations: merger, acquisition of control of the whole or part of another company,. Article 8 LDC delimits the scope of application of the Law to concentrations on the basis that one of the two following circumstances is present:

● That as a consequence of the concentration

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Chapter 3

1. What are the 4 view of  ethics ?

- Individualism View

- Moral Rights View

- Justice View

- Utilitarian View

2. What is the difference between cultural relativism and universalism ?

Cultural Relativism

–>Is it ethical in cultural context ?

–>Yes ..then OK

—>there is no one right way to behave

—>ethical behavior  always determined by cultural context

—>  so long as local laws/customs followed, child labour is OK


–> Not ethical in Canada ? –

–>No ..

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going to fly and be sprinkled. (bloody – too graphic) He’s so graphic because he wants to make people afraid of what could happen to them. However, there’s a way they can avoid going to hell. God is giving you the opportunity to reconvert and go back to him; go back to religion. You must reconvert to acquire salvation.CONSEQUENCES OF THE GREAT AWAKENING:  Ecclesiastical: more people went to Church and believed in the institutions again. For this 
reason, there was a split in the Church

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MESSAGE PROCESING Processing applies to the short-term attention paid to mkt communication and what follows in the brain. It occurs with each exposure to a message from the brand.
ATTENTION-Unconscious processing: is automatic, which deals unconsciously with signals from our senses. Most of the unconscious attention will not lead to a full processing of a message.-Conscious processing calls upon the association already in explicit memory (consciuos memory) to help interpret the signals for
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