Q1: List and describe five considerations a builder would prioritise when ordering materials for a residential building construction project. (10 marks)

Quality of material- Better material to work with, last longer, happier client
Price- cheaper price will have bigger return on investment and estimating the price of project
Location – Accessibility to the material is important
Tax benefits
Lease repayments – if we order material beginning of month, we don’t have to pay for that till end of

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Chpt8:Two perspectives
on data modeling:Top-down approach for a data model is derived from an
clear understanding of the business processes.Bottom-up approach for a data
model is derived by reviewing specifications and business documents.gathering
information: What characteristics describe each subject/object?Attributes and
secondary keys.How do you use the data?Via security controls and user access
privileges.Over what period of time are you interested in the data?Cardinality and
time dimensionsAre 
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Discuss the two key players involved in any transportation in the supply chain. There are two key players in any transportation that takes place within a supply chain. The shipper is the party that requires the movement of the product between two points in the supply chain. The carrier is the party that moves or transports the product. When making transportation-related decisions, factors to be considered vary depending on whether one takes the perspective of a carrier or shipper. A carrier makes

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HDF 211 Study Guide Chapter 3

Physical Growth and Development in Infancy

Patterns of Growth

What is the cephalocaudal pattern?

The sequence in which the earliest growth always occurs at the top – the head – with physical growth and differentiation of features gradually working their way down from top to bottom.

What is the proximodistal pattern?  

Sequence in which growth starts at the center of the body and moves towards the extremities.

The Brain
What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Brain swelling and hemorrhaging

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