The endocrine system can be broken down into signal senders, the signals they send, and the signals’ outcomes. The main signal senders are the endocrine glands, which include the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pancreas, and gonads (ovaries and testicles). Endocrine glands specifically send chemical signals to different parts of the body. These chemical signals, which are hormones, generally cause slower, subtler changes than the nervous system, which uses electric signals.

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Franchise agreements vs management Agreements (HMA)

Overbooking: a common problem- hotel manager obligation, Sale of a higher number of seats or rooms, especially hotel and plane, than actually available. = overselling. if they oversell: obliged to provide accommodation to the affected people in another establishment of the “same zone of equal or superior category” and in “similar conditions” to those agreed upon. Has to take charge of travel expenses. The “transfer to another hotel”

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URTI upper respiratory tract infection SOB shortness of breath; difficulty breathing RR respiratory rate CXR chest X-ray p/f peak flow Pt ed. Patient education PCA Patient Controlled Analgesia AE air entry FBC full blood count apnoea the patient isn’t breathing at all bradypnoea abnormally slow breathing, less than 12 breath per min eupnoea easy, free respiration under normal resting conditions 12-20 breath tachypnoea abnormally fast breathing 20-30 dyspnoea difficulty breathing, also called shortness

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Characteristics of Life: Metabolism: acquire and use energy to stockpile, tear down, build and eliminate materials. Development: series of changes in form/function/behavior. Homeostasis: maintenance of a constant internal environment re: external change. DNA/RNA: information storage and genetic inheritance. (RNA: messenger, pentose: type of sugar, RNA has ribose). Evolution: major unifying principle. Natural Selection.
Organization of Organisms: Kingdoms (Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plants, Animals)
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-To be on the ball→  to be quick to understand and react to things
-to be in your corner→  to be on someone's side
-to jump the gun→ start doing something before time
-To hit below the belt→  To say something that is often too personal, usually
irrelevant, and always unfair
-to get a head start→ an advantage granted or gained at the beginning of
something/ to have an advantage in time/take advantage of a situation
-Accomplishment (line 12)→ something that has been achieved
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Kant argues that utilitarianism allows for expediency and bad actions to occur and become habitual. He explains that this is bad because utilitarianism allows moral laws to be broken. Further he discusses his problem with the principle of utility and consequentialism. Kant views that if we follow the principle of utility, there is no possibility of higher and lower pleasures, therefore making the Life of Pigs argument invalid. The principle of utility seems to allow for actions of expediency and

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