2.4. Market profitability analysis. According to Porter (1985), the attractiveness of a market or an industry is measured by the long-term return on investment of the average firm. This in turn depends on five factors that influence profitability: the intensity of competition, the existence of potential competitors who will enter if profits are high, substitute products that will attract customers if prices become high, the bargaining power of customers and suppliers. Competitors: The intensity
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Permanent Magnet: once magnetized, remains magnetized. Ferromagnet: easily magnetized (iron, nickel, cobalt, some rare-earth metals, magnetite). Paramagnet: magnetized with more difficulty. Diamagnet: repels magnetic fields (slightly) – “not magnetic”./Materials can be broken into smaller chunks, called “domains”. Each domain has a miniature magnetic field. Materials may look the same, but at a smaller level, domains could be different – hence why some are magnets (or magnetize easily) and Read More


Rational Choice Perspective • What does it mean when a decision is rational? • Someone weighs the costs and benefits of engaging in some behavior and when the benefits outweigh the costs, we engage in said behavior.• f(U) = individuals getting the most out of a situation with the least effort.
Assumptions of Rational Choice Perspective • An individual has precise information about exactly what will occur under any choice made. • An individual has the cognitive ability to weigh every choice
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Journalism and media: Hot off the press

2b Read the article again and answer the following questions. 1.What does the writer find upsetting in written English these days? The technical skill is that of creating clear and succinct sentences, which any profession should inculcate. This can be taught and should be part of any core curriculum. Its absence from so much of written English nowadays, from users’ manuals to student exam questions to government white papers, is deplorable. 2.What does the

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chemical reactions

1.What is the difference between a chemical and a physical transformation.

In a chemical transformation substances disappear and other new ones appear. These are called chemical reactions 

In a physical transformation we have the same substances at the beginning and at the end of the process.
2.What is a chemical reaction?
The process by which some substances, called reactants, become new substances, called products.
3.How are chemical reactions represented?
With chemical equations

CH4(g)+2O2(g)  CO2(
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Risk Managment definition

Risk management is about taking pracical steps to prtect people from real harm and suffering. This must be approved by the boards of directors of the company and outlined in a document. “Health and Safety Management Plan”

Health and Safety Managemet Plan

Defines how risks associated with work will be identified, analysed and managed. This plan includes:

- Company identification information

- Company’s organization estructure

- Organisation of the production

- Company’s

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