Q # 1. The potential is constant throughout a given region of space. Is the electric field zero or non zero in

this region? Explain.

Ans. The electric field intensity is described by the relation:

According to the relation, the electric field is negative gradient of electric potential. If the electric

potential is constant throughout given region of space, then change in electric potential , hence .

Q # 2. Suppose that you follow an electric field line due to a positive point charge. Do electric field

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·Open system: system that exchanges ENERGY and MATTER with the outside

·Closed system: system that exchanges only ENERGY with the outside

·Isolated system: system that doesn’t exchange anything with the outside

·Transfer: movement of energy from one place to another

·Transformation: when the energy changes from one form to another

·1st Law of Thermodynamics: energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changes from one form to another

·2nd Law of Thermodynamics: entropy

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A 5.0-kg object slides down a surface inclined at an angle of 30o from the horizontal. Friction may be neglected. The total distance moved by the object along the plane is 10 meters. The work done on the object by the normal force exerted on the object by the surface is most nearly

·0 kJ

An object moves halfway around a circle of radius R. An inward radial force of magnitude F is The work done on the object by the radial force being exerted on it is


A person exerts a constant force

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42is a movie based on a true story about the first African American player in the Major League Baseball, it’s directed by Brian Helgeland. Shortly after the WW2 ended many baseball stars returned to the league, but the surprising event that happened during this period was that Branch Rickey the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers (now known as the LA dodgers) signed Jackie Robinson the first African American to ever play in the MLB. Even though every white fan and player tried to make him quit and stop

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2.4. Market profitability analysis. According to Porter (1985), the attractiveness of a market or an industry is measured by the long-term return on investment of the average firm. This in turn depends on five factors that influence profitability: the intensity of competition, the existence of potential competitors who will enter if profits are high, substitute products that will attract customers if prices become high, the bargaining power of customers and suppliers. Competitors: The intensity
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Permanent Magnet: once magnetized, remains magnetized. Ferromagnet: easily magnetized (iron, nickel, cobalt, some rare-earth metals, magnetite). Paramagnet: magnetized with more difficulty. Diamagnet: repels magnetic fields (slightly) – “not magnetic”./Materials can be broken into smaller chunks, called “domains”. Each domain has a miniature magnetic field. Materials may look the same, but at a smaller level, domains could be different – hence why some are magnets (or magnetize easily) and Read More