Sonnet 130This poem is a sonnet by William Shakespeare, written in the Renaissance period. Shakespearean sonnets do not have titles. We refer to them by the number. The order is very important, since the sonnets can be separated into groups based on their subject matter. Sonnet 130 comes from a whole group of sonnets that scholars think are addressed to a ”Dark Lady”, because she has black hair and dark features. This poem has the structure of an English Sonnet, which consists of three quatrains

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Chapter 3

1. What are the 4 view of  ethics ?

- Individualism View

- Moral Rights View

- Justice View

- Utilitarian View

2. What is the difference between cultural relativism and universalism ?

Cultural Relativism

–>Is it ethical in cultural context ?

–>Yes ..then OK

—>there is no one right way to behave

—>ethical behavior  always determined by cultural context

—>  so long as local laws/customs followed, child labour is OK


–> Not ethical in Canada ? –

–>No ..

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Base Form      Past Simple                Past Participle            3rd P. S. (Simple Present)   Gerund

Be                   Was/Were                   Been                           Is                                             Being

Become          Became                      Become                     

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don DeLillo and 9/11 America

LIFE: was born in 1936 in NY City borough of the Bronx. He attended Fordham University, and soon got interested in experimental art, jazz and the cinema. His first novel Americana 1971 explores issues of the media and culture through the experiences of a television executive who travels to rediscover America through a film project. End zone and Great Jones street are deal with dead, celebrity , cults and consumerism. In the 1980s, DeLillo moved to Greece for several years;

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Managerial economics


1.Characteristics of modern business?

Effective use of information (knowledge) – Global concepts (organized on a global scale) – Interactions among economic agents and business networks (customers included), virtual networks,(   knowladge technology and relationship management)

2. how would you implement LAW of requisite variety in managerial practice?

- Build up of a structural complexity (hierarchy, procedures, systems)?

o Business systems turned unmanageable

o Empower organizational units and employees

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( From smallest to the biggest)


- Atom: the smallest structure. It has positive, negatives and neutral charge.

-Chemical elements: they are a lot of atoms together. There are metallic and non metallic. For example: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus…).

-Molecule: when we put some elements together (H2O, HCl…).

-Macromolecule: they are a lot of molecules together (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates…).

-Cell: the smallest structure that can do the 3 vital functions.

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