Q 10. How did the European countries resolve their Post Second World War problem? Briefly outline the attempts that led to the formation of the European  Ans. As the Second World War came to an end, many of Europe’s leaders grappled with the ‘Question of Europe’. The Second World War shattered many of the assumptions and structures on which the European states had based their relations. In 1945, the European states confronted the ruin of their economies and the destruction of the assumptions

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clamor:noisy outburst;outcry
dispirited: dejected
retaliate: pay back an injury
flay: to whip or lash
stark: complete or utter; extreme
trepidation: nervous, fear
optimal:most favorable, best
increment: a small, slight growth or increase 
inexplicably: in a wa that is difficult to explain
cadence: a balanced, rythmic flow 
unequivocal: allowing no doubt or misunderstanding
inaudibly: in a way that is imposible to hear
inept: generally incompetent


hunger stole upon me so slowly
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This passage is an extract that belongs to the play All my Sons written by the American playwright, Arthur Miller, and published in 1947. The context of the play is relevant to understand the main themes and ideas of the play. All My Sons is about social responsibility in the context of World War II, family and love. It is also a criticism of the American Dream. This passage is aboutPut 5 W – Chris and Keller having a discussion because Chris knows that Keller was responsible for having

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Adrian Mole

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The secret diary of adrian mole

1. What are New Year’s resolutions?

-He will help the blind people to cross the road.

-He will hang his trousers up

-He will put his tapes back in theirs covers.

-He will not start smoking.

-He will stop squeezing the spots on his face.

-He will be nice to the dog.

-He will help the poor.

-After hearing the terrible noises downstairs last night, he promises never to drink


2. Why does Adrian think that this spot is growing?

-Because his mother doesn’

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Q2.1 Great Britain – past and present: character of a nation

1. Great Britain – tradition & Change
1.1: The British Empire
• trade + economics to increase wealth (monopoly on trade with Asia British East India
• adventure politics (to prevent other countries from becoming too powerful)
• religion (to spread Christianity)
Brief overview of the history of colonization:
1. First British Empire: (1583 – 1783)
è Related to the North American continent (Caribbean, America)
2. Second
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●Lost of innocence

●Coming of age

●Romantic infatuation vs religious

●Death of medieval


●Obsession with exotic culture

Literary elements:



●Point of view


●Symbolism (religious)

●Type of narration

How do you WIN someone’s heart?

James Joyce, the author, examines this inescapable and often painful aspect  of adolescence.

Text analysis: First-person point of view.

“Araby” is a celebrated coming-of-age story written in first person

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