Qualities of a True Friend: The Value of Friendship

Friendship is an interesting kind of love. There’s no contract legally binding you two together, there’s no unspoken rule about loving each other unconditionally, and there’s no real binding commitment to the opposite person other than what you are willing to put in to the relationship.

But maybe these are the reasons why our friendships are so valuable. The option is always there to back out at any time, and yet, with the really, really authentic ones, we never do.

Because at the end of the day –

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Word Classes in English Grammar: A Comprehensive Guide

Word Classes

According to traditional grammarians, words are classified into parts of speech based on their forms. Modern grammar, however, studies words in relation to both their forms and functions. In this approach, words are classified into two broad groups: Major word classes and Minor word classes.

Major Word Class

The Major word class is expandable, meaning new words can be added to it. It is also called an open word class. When new inventions and discoveries are made in any branch of human

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Ebenezer Scrooge and the Spirits of Christmas

Ebenezer Scrooge

The miserly owner of a London counting-house, a nineteenth-century term for an accountant’s office. The three spirits of Christmas visit the stodgy bean-counter in hopes of reversing Scrooge’s greedy, cold-hearted approach to life.

Bob Cratchit

Scrooge’s clerk, a kind, mild, and very poor man with a large family. Though treated harshly by his boss, Cratchit remains a humble and dedicated employee.

Tiny Tim

Bob Cratchit’s young son, crippled from birth. Tiny Tim is a highly sentimentalized

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: A Summary and Analysis

1. Bruno’s Discovery

It was an ordinary day when Bruno returned home from school with his friends, only to find his world turned upside down. Everyone was packing, including Maria, the maid, who was packing Bruno’s belongings. Confused and alarmed, Bruno questioned his mother about the upheaval. To his dismay, she revealed that they were moving from Berlin because his father had received a new job. The news hit Bruno hard; he couldn’t bear the thought of leaving his friends, grandparents, and everything

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Travel Blog: Holidays, Complaints, and City Guides


Hello good morning. I´m the student Sergeant Mario González. I´m from Lobon a small town of Badajoz but in the present I live in Calatayud.
I´m 32 years old. I´m married and I have a daughter. She is two year old.// This summer I’m going to go on holidays to the Canary Islands.
I’ll travel with my husband. We’ll go by aeroplane.// We leave Madrid on August 11th at ten o’clock in the night and I hope to arrive there at twelve o’clock in the night. This day of arrival we’ll meet

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English Vocabulary and Grammar Guide

Personality Adjectives

  • Ambitious: Ambicioso * Still: Todavía

  • Amusing: Divertido * Already: Ya

  • Assertive: Autoritario * Yet: Todavía (pero…)

  • Awkward: Incómodo * Just: Solo

  • Confident: Seguro * For: Para

  • Creative: Creativo * Since: Desde

  • Easy-going: Fácil de llevar.

  • Entertaining: Entretenido

  • Generous: Generoso

  • Indecisive: Indeciso

  • Likeable: Simpático

  • Nervous: Nervioso

  • Outgoing: Extrovertido

  • Quiet: Silencioso

  • Responsible: Responsable.

  • Risk-taker: Tomador de riesgo.

  • Rude: Grosero.

  • Self-confident: Seguro de sí

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