they have learned their native language with apparent ease, and by the time they arc 6 years old they have brought it to a level of fluency that is the envy of non-native speakers. After around 6 months. their child begins to function sUCessfully in the new setting and at a linguistic level to which the parents cannot hope aspire, even when they have been studying the language seriously for to a similar period of time. this is not an approach that will make
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The economic problem – the real cause

Land – this term is used to cover all of the natural resources provided by nature and includes fields and forests, oil, gas, metals and other mineralresources.

* Labour - this is the number of people available to malce products.

*Capital - this is the finance, machinery and equipment needed for the manufactureof goods.

* Enterprise - this is the skill and risk-taking ability of the person who brings

the other resources or factors of production together to produce

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(WB)PG.42. 1)1.The police warned the people to keep away from the crime…2.We wanted to know why the police officer was arresting him.3.The laywer advised her client not to wear jeans when he appeared in court the next day.4.My mum remainded me to lock the door when I left that afternoon.5.John denied that he had painted graffiti…6. The bank robber refused to tell detective where he had hidden…7.The victim complained that the police hadn’t turned up. 2)1.The policeman ordered the suspect to Read More


WHY IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE A HEALTHY DIET Having a healthy diet is something that most of the people think that isn ́t important at all and they eat whatever they want without considering the pros of this. The benefits of a healthy diet will be reflected both inside and outside, for example, better mood, more physical energy, greater mental capacity, relief of many ailments such as headache, gastritis, constipation; on the other hand the hair and skin will be benefited, the smell of mouth, body humor,

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Room 13

¡Escribe tu textROOM 13 Viborg is a city in Denmark. It is an old city, but it has only a few old buildings. A great fire destroyed most of the old town in 1726. Mr Anderson was writing a book on the history of Denmark. He went to Viborg in 1891. He wanted to study the history of the town. He stayed in an old building in Viborg – The Golden Lion Inn. The inn was nearly 350 years old. Anderson asked the landlord for a large room. The landlord of The Golden Lion showed him two rooms – room number Read More


  1. idioms: expression, figure of speech

  2. meanings: significance or intentions

  3. learn by heart: to memorise

  4. put one’s foot in it: to say something that embarrases somemone

  5. get on one’s nerves: irritate or annoy

  6. go in one ear and out the other: to quickly forget something

  7. synonym: word with the same meaning as another word

  8. doze off: fall asleep

  9. figure out: work out

  10. hang out with: spend time with

  11. look forward to:  feel excited about something happening in the future

  12. The grass is always greener on the other side:

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