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BLUNT (reply/remark/refusal): Sincere, sb that says what he really thinks, even if this is impolite and will hurt or offend someone. (cortante)

BRASH: Annoyingly loud, overconfident and aggressive, arrogant. (Iudica)

CALCULATING: Sb that gets what he wants by careful and clever planning, without caring about anyone else. (unscrupulous) (Hitler)

  • SLY: dark side

CALLOUS: Cruel, heartless, evil, insensitive, wicked. (ruthless) (Hitler)

CANTANKEROUS: Bad-tempered and tend to argue with people about insignificant

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Cover Letter

Laura Esteller Morreres

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing in response to your advertisement seeking an Administrative Assistant. I am studying an Upper Vocational Course in Administrative and Finance and I can bring a flexible and hardworking attitude towards this role.

I am a very ambitious person because I like to set goals and I can do anything to achieve them. I enjoy the experience of rising above my perceived limitations and discovering new levels of my capabilities.

I have justified

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2.Is bread-making still popular in Goa? How do you know? Ans: Yes, bread-making is still popular in Goa. The author has described about the existence of time-old furnaces and their still burning fire. The Goan society is still having moulders, bread mixers and bakers

4. When would the baker come everyday? Why did the children run to meet him? Ans: The baker would come twice every day, once when he set out in the morning on his selling round, and then again, when he returned after emptying his huge

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There might be as many advantages as disadvantages of using the internet. It all depends on how young people use it.  On one hand thanks to the internet many young people find entertainment. They can watch videos or playing video games. Furthermore, they use it to browse information such as vocabulary and grammar of other languages, electronic devices or just to search the news. The internet is also useful for working and it will help a lot of teenagers in school and it allows them to be up to

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Q.9 What changes came into the life of the Loisel after borrowing money ?
Ans: After borrowing money, a lot of changes came in the life of the Loisel. They had to do away with the maid and Matilda had to do all the household chores. She had to carry down the refuse to the street and carry water upstairs. She had to do all the shopping from the market after a lot of haggling. Her husband also had to work hard. He worked in the evenings and sometimes even at night. Thus, their life changed drastically.

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●Lost of innocence

●Coming of age

●Romantic infatuation vs religious

●Death of medieval


●Obsession with exotic culture

Literary elements:



●Point of view


●Symbolism (religious)

●Type of narration

How do you WIN someone’s heart?

James Joyce, the author, examines this inescapable and often painful aspect  of adolescence.

Text analysis: First-person point of view.

“Araby” is a celebrated coming-of-age story written in first person

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