Teacher Training for Pre-School English Teachers: Methods and Techniques

Teacher Training for Pre-School English Teachers

An author called Madrid (2005) states that there are three basic concepts related to teacher training (formación de maestros) in the case of pre-school.

Teacher Training:

Teaching-learning of specific competences.

Teacher Education:

Training which allows the teachers to reflect on the teaching/learning process.

Teacher Development:

Autodidactic process of teaching-learning and personal development.

According to Ferry (1983), teacher training includes three

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1.Definition: The Public Relations professionals globally are assisting their organizations not only for build and maintain multiple relationships at home, algo constructiong and keepings those brisges abroad in other host locations and transnational environments especially with activist groups, global media and international non governmental organizations (INGOs). They´re called like “globalutionaries”


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Inside the head is the brain, which is responsible for thinking. The top of person’s scalp is covered with hair. Beneath the hairline at the front of the face is the forehead. Underneath the forehead are the eyes for seeing, the nose for smelling, and the mouth for eating. On the outside of the mouth are the lips and on the inside of the mouth are the teeth for biting and chewing food and the tongue for tasting. Food is swallowed down the throat. At the sides of the face are the cheeks and at the

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allende was aChileandemocratic socialistpoliticianandphysician, who became president of hisLatin Americancountry through open elections.[3]

Allende’s involvement in Chilean political life spanned a period of nearly forty years. As a member of the Socialist Party, he was a senatordeputy and cabinet minister. He unsuccessfully ran for the presidency in the 19521958, and 1964 elections. In 1970, he won the presidency in a close three-way race. He was elected in a run-off by Congress

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LANGUAGES IN ENGLAND BEFORE ENGLISH ● The Celts: The first people whose language is known in the area: Goidelic 2000-1200 B.C and Brythonic 500-400 B.C. Both spoken in the bronze age. ● Their coming to England coincided with bronze age into the island. They were called respective, Q-Celtic and P -Celtic, and they were called this because a shift in the consonant. ● Division of Celtic languages: Gaelic (Goidelic branch) and Cymric (Britannic branch). ● Celtic: The First Indo-European tongue

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Case 1

Focus of Case: purchase agreement

Relevant PIL Source: Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties

I Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties applicable?

Legal definition of the term “treaty“ (Art 2 para 1 lit a VCLT):

For the purposes of the present Convention: (a) ‘treaty’ means an

international agreement concluded between States in written form

and governed by international law, whether embodied in a single

instrument or in two or more related instruments and whatever its

particular designation


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