Framework for developing and sustaining complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. Scrum is lightweight, simple to understand and difficult to master.

*THE SCRUM TEAM: Self-organizing teams choose how best to accomplish their work, rather than being directed by others outside the team. Is designed to optimize flexibility, creativity and productivity. It consists on:

- The product owner: ONEresponsible for maximising

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2.3. Opposition to the Tsar

The opposition to the Tsar was very fragmented. Every group had different demands according to their social class.

  • Mid Class. The mid class demand a liberal system or a democracy. The main party was the KD, also known as kadets (The initials for Constitutional Democrat party in Russian)

  • Peasants and small farmers. Peasants followed the Social Revolutionary Party, also know as Esers because of their initials, SR. Their main leader was Alexander Kerensky.

  • Workers. The followed,

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1.Definitions: – Qual: Is a qualitative project seeks depth and quality from usually a small sample, in difference with quant. Is the research that puts emphasis on the understanding than simple measurement. The small samples means that qualitative researchers cannot state the accuracy of their result, this doest means that qualitative researchers cannot arrive to the truth.

Very often the answer becomes clear after just 1 or 2 groups, even through it isn’t possible

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LANGUAGES IN ENGLAND BEFORE ENGLISH ● The Celts: The first people whose language is known in the area: Goidelic 2000-1200 B.C and Brythonic 500-400 B.C. Both spoken in the bronze age. ● Their coming to England coincided with bronze age into the island. They were called respective, Q-Celtic and P -Celtic, and they were called this because a shift in the consonant. ● Division of Celtic languages: Gaelic (Goidelic branch) and Cymric (Britannic branch). ● Celtic: The First Indo-European tongue

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Design patterns, as name suggest, are solutions for most commonly (and frequently) occurred problems while designing a software. These patterns are mostly “evolved” rather than“discovered”. A lot of learning, by lots of professional, have been summarized into these design patterns. None of these patterns force you anything in regard to implementation; they are just guidelines to solve a particular problem – in a particular way – in particular contexts. Code implementation is your
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Case 1

Focus of Case: purchase agreement

Relevant PIL Source: Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties

I Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties applicable?

Legal definition of the term “treaty“ (Art 2 para 1 lit a VCLT):

For the purposes of the present Convention: (a) ‘treaty’ means an

international agreement concluded between States in written form

and governed by international law, whether embodied in a single

instrument or in two or more related instruments and whatever its

particular designation


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