English-Spanish Vocabulary for Everyday Life

English-Spanish Vocabulary

Everyday Words

amps (n pl) amperios

break (n) descanso

bulb (n) bombilla

burger (n) hamburguesa

cable (n) cable

check (v) comprobar

cheeseburger (n) hamburguesa con queso

chicken (n) pollo

coke (n) Coca-Cola

customer (n) cliente

diagram (n) diagrama, gráfico

diet coke (n) Coca-Cola light

different (adj) diferente

doughnut (n) donut

drink (n) bebida

engine (n) motor

feet (n) pies

find (v) encontrar, descubrir

first (ordinal number) primero

foot (n) pie

football results (n pl) resultados del

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Literary Explorations: A Journey Through Poetry and Prose

Walt Whitman’s ‘The Song of the Open Road’

Walt Whitman’s ‘The Song of the Open Road’ is a celebration of optimism, energy, and confidence. It encourages readers to embrace the opportunities the world offers.

Sarojini Naidu’s ‘Indian Weavers’

Sarojini Naidu’s ‘Indian Weavers’ explores the work of India’s renowned handloom craftsmen. The poem depicts the cycle of life through the weavers’ creation of cloths for birth, marriage, and death.

Robert Southey’s ‘The Inchcape Rock’

Robert Southey’s ‘The Inchcape

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The Joys and Challenges of Human Existence: Exploring Life’s Big Questions

Q.1. Describe the character Veera?


Veera is a captivating and multifaceted character, embodying the virtues of resilience and determination. Often portrayed as a young woman in her mid-twenties, she exudes a quiet strength and an unmistakable aura of resolve. With dark, flowing hair and sharp, discerning eyes, Veera’s appearance is as striking as her character. She typically dresses in practical attire that suits her adventurous lifestyle, favoring earth tones that blend seamlessly with the wild

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The Text and Its Properties

The text is the maximum linguistic unit. It is the communication unit characterized by its intentionality.

Characteristics or Properties of the Text

Adequacy, coherence, and cohesion.


Is the property securing the unity of the text from the point of view of their content. For this to be met, at least 2 requirements are needed:

  1. Relation: The statement must share some elements of its content with some statements of the text.
  2. No Contradiction: The content of the statement should not contradict
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An Analysis of “Lo Pi de Formenti” by Miquel Costa i Llobera

In the poem “The Blind Cow” the author wants to convey the beauty and nature through a living being, an animal, the cow. Maragall, shows feelings, experiences and human emotions experienced by the protagonist of the poem shows an example of personification.

This poem consists of twenty-three lines without regular rhythm decasíl verse art major. Enumeration rhetorical: the fourth verse, “Their friends, the cliffs, by commas, silence of the meadows and the banks’ many thrusts. Personification: “

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Generation of ’98: Literary Response to Spain’s Crisis

Generation of 98 was a group of youths who had taken a stand, not only literary, before the Spanish problem: poverty, regionalism, inadequate education, social injustice, the lyrical highlights etc.Respecto Unamuno, Valle Inclan, Machado.
Respecto to The novel highlights Baroja, Unamuno, Azorin and Valle.Se structured around a single character.
It focuses on the mentality of the protagonist. Incidents also replaced by dialogue. As for poetry, makes a contrast to the modernist ideal of beauty, has

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