1.O.J Simpson found not guilty. A family member of the victim filed which type of suit?

ANS: Civil

2.To be convicted of a crime a person must:

ANS: Commit a guilty act (actus reus).

Have the guilty mind (mens rea) during commission of the guilty act.

3.The term that refers to the authority of a court to hear a particular case is called

ANS: jurisdiction

4.What are strict liability crimes?

ANS: certain statutory offenses exist in which mens rea is not essential

traffic crimes and public safety are examples

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nile(Civilization lived along the river,Source of Income (Flooding),Source of Communication,From Alexandria to Ethiopia).phoencia(Series of city States (Tyro, Byblos, Sidon),Present day Lebanon,Mostly traders,Liaison between West and East, Created a network of colonies).Goods(Import:Iberian Peninsula – Silver, lead and iron.Africa – Gold.Egypt – Wheat, Linen and Cotton.Malta – Coral.India – Textiles.Cyprus – Cooper.Export:Fine Glass,Fabrics,Jewellery).Tyrian purple (AKA Phoenician

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Blake was born over his father’s modest hosiery shop at 28 Broad Street, Golden Square, London. 
Blake wrote to his patron William Hayley in 1802, “I am under the direction of Messengers from Heaven Daily & Nightly.” These visions were the source of many of his poems and drawings. 
He was, he wrote in 1804, “really drunk with intellectual vision whenever I take a pencil or graver into my hand.
Blake was christened, married, and buried by the rites of the Church of England, but his

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6 Choose the correct or most appropriate future forms to complete the sentences: 1) He looks very pale and confused. He is going to fait Choose the correct or most appropriate future forms to complete the sentences 2) Somebody is at the door. I ‘ll check who it is. 3) I’ll never pass the exam.’ ‘Don’t worry, I will help you prepare it.’ 4) I will be meeting John’s parents for the first time tomorrow. 5) We are leaving at 9 tomorrow, because the train at 9.45. 6) By the end of the month I will

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We can access newspapers. ALL THE ABOVE

Magazines price advertising space in their pages according to their CIRCULATION

__are ads that appear in magazines and take on the appearance of genuine editorial content. ADVERTORIALS

The first newspaper printed in the colonies lasted but one day. Its publisher, benjamin harris called it:  PUBLICK OCCURRENCES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTICK

The book you bough (or should have bought) for this class is an example of which .. HIGHER EUCATION

Seventeenth-century one-

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MY NEXT HOLIDAYS.Hello good morning. I´m the student Sergeant Mario González. I´m from Lobon a small town of Badajoz but in the present I live in Calatayud. I´m 32 years old. I´m married and I have a daughter. She is two year old.// This summer I’m going to go on holidays to the Canary Islands. I’ll travel with my husband. We’ll go by aeroplane.// We leave Madrid on August 11th at ten o’clock in the night and I hope to arrive there at twelve o’clock in the night. This day of arrival we’ll meet

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