Haste: excessive speed or urgency of movement or action; hurry.

Leisure: use of free time for enjoyment

Strove: struggle or fight vigorously

Gazing Grain: grain learning toward the sun

Gossamer: a thin, light cloth

My Tippet- only Tulle: My shawl was only a fine net cloth

Swelling: a natural rounded protuberance.

Sacarcely: only a very short time before.

Cornice: the molding around the top of a building

Surmised: suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it.

Sorest: suffering pain

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  1. Agricultural production increased: there was an increase in the amount of land after cultivation. Three field system was maintained. The main crops were cereals. Agriculture and livestock continued being the main economic activity
  2. Intensified commercial activity: agricultural production resulted in surplus, and these were sold at markets and fairs
  3. Expansion of craftsmanship, controlled by guilds. Introduction of the domestic system: peasants made products and sell them
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CHAPTER 6 auxiliary verbs: Often informally known as “helping verbs,” a category of words that accompany a main verb. Includes was, is, can, should, does, and did.Compositionality: The concept that there are fixed rules for combining units of language in terms of their form that result in fixed meaning relationships between the words that are joined together.Constituent: A syntactic category consisting of a word or (more often) a group of words (e.g., noun phrase, prepositional phrase) that

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1.List and describe four consultants who a professional builder may consult to establish a business financial plan.

Financial advisors – able to help you with conflicts which are you not able to solve

Accountant – recommend financial actions and complies with legal requirements

Book keeper – documents financial transactions

Another successful builder – able to give you advice on how to establish a well structured company

Financial backers – lend or provide credit on agreed upon conditions, such

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Account Assignment Valuated sales & Separate sales Accounting / Profit Center  Profit contribution & Return on capital Accrual Target equals actual & 2-Percentage // When you accrue-dependent.. &When you accrue activity-independent Activity Allocatiion / System The cost element is derived & The allocation amount is Activity-Based  Business process & Cost center/activity Assesment Cycle -They use a secondary cost element during transfer & They transfer primary and secondary

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Today, many human activities carry large and serious unintended consequences,
especially on the environment: Pollution and Climate Change are perhaps two of the most
worrying, for this reason it is sometimes necessary to conduct Environmental Impact
Assessments. POLLUTION:Pollution is one of the biggest and most negative environmental and
social consequences that human activities have. It involves the introduction, in any medium, of
a substance in sufficient quantity to cause any damage or imbalance,

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