exam 4

Exam 4:

MC Answers:

  • What que do monarch butterflies use to guide their migration?  the position of the sun a sun compass

  • polar bears are the world’s largest terrestrial carnivores, hunt seals in the winter on pack ice, and tend to lose body mass in the summer

  • the avian migrant that makes the longest non-stop flight of any land or shorebird is the bar tailed godwit it can be 3 to 8 days

  • in animals the pacemaker is an internal clock in the brain that may regulate migratory Behavior feeding Behavior

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General Characteristics of the Renaissance: literally means “rebirth.”- the rebirth of learning that began in Italy in the fourteenth C, spread to the north, including England, by the sixteenth century, and ended in the north in the mid-seventeenth century (earlier in Italy). During this period, there was an enormous renewal of interest in and study of classical antiquity. It was also an age of new discoveries, both geographical (exploration of the New World) and intellectual. Both kinds of discovery

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“What are all the examples of arbitrary judgement in law and morality in the Beccaria reading?” test question

-Beccaria spells out the framework of criminal law that guards against arbitrary judgement

-Arbitrary judgement will contrast with necessary judgement

-he says it is “necessary, justified, if it protects individual liberty”

-a judgement in law is valid if that judgement protects the liberties of all against the arbitrary arrangements

-you should be punished if you imprint on those liberties


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1)Where did Ram meet his friend Salim?

Ram bumped into Salim as he was walking along the street in Mumbai.

2)Explain how Salim had become a junior actor

Salim found out from a customer who was also a junior actor that he needed photographs of himself to show to a film producer. So he bought a cheap camera, took the pictures and a few others of people and places too. Later, he gave the photographs to the customer, who showed them to a film producer – and he got a very small part in a

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4.3. Distribution strategy. 4.3.1. Channel efficiency. Normally when taking channel decisions the company need to consider efficiency degrees. In that chase, there are several factors to consider: Perceived value of product sold (eg. This is not the same just selling a bottle of water or a pair of shoes). There are another aspects related with this question as legal terms, caducity, relative manufacturing costs, etc. Price and margin obtained. Related with previous topic so when obtaining high
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The Kid:

-Director would keep the camera off for days or weeks until he came up with the next idea.

-Coogan became child star for the next decade of silent film after the kid, last appearance was as uncle fester.

-Robert Downey Jr played Charlie Chaplin in a remake.

-Charlie Chaplin had problems with womanizing and adultery.

-Marx brother born in new York city late 19th century. Became famous in 1920s.

-Groucho known for Greece paint moustache and eyebrows and his whit.

Duck Soup:

-Morrow (English) and

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