1.Summarize. In what ways was Britain in the 1800s the most powerful nation on earth?

It had begun conquering a lot of countries, like India or Ireland, which made it gain a lot of political power. The industrial revolution was also in full swing, so the production and sale of new goods were booming, which caused the economy to rise.

2.Analyze. What values of Queen Victoria are reflected in the era that bears her name?

Devotion to one’s duty and hard work, correctness and proper manners, and nationalism.

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Historical Context
American Revolution (1776)
French Revolution (1789)
Is a reaction of the romantic changes.
Dramatic changes concerning social and living conditions.
Authors transform the actual way of thinking. 
Artistic and phylosofical movement.
Who started the movement?
William Wordsworth
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Write ballads.
Romanticism Beginning
Civilization from this period have: art, culture, literary elements, history
Is personal,  espontaneous, subjective, authors show
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Programming Support of Google App Engine: This section introduced the Google App Engine infrastructure. In this section, we describe the programming model supported by GAE. The access links to the GAE platform are provided. a) Programming the Google App Engine: Several web resources and specific books and articles discuss how to program GAE. summarizes some key features of GAE programming model for two supported languages: Java and Python. A client environment that includes an Eclipse plug- in for Read More


A Modest Proposal
Essay by Jonathan Swift
Clergyman and political writer Jonathan Swift used his pen t expose injustice in society.
pseudonym Isaac Bickerstaff, (born Nov. 30, 1667, Dublin, Ire.—died Oct. 19, 1745, Dublin), Anglo-Irish author, who was the foremost prose satirist in the English language. Besides the celebrated novel Gulliver’s Travels(1726), he wrote such shorter works as A Tale of a Tub (1704) and “A Modest Proposal” (1729).
“A Modest Proposal” is a grimly ironic letter
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plant & animal cells

prokaryotes: no nucleus or other membrane

eukaryotes: hs a nucleus & other organelles

plant cells have a cell wall & chloroplasts while animal cells don’t


cytoplasm: suspends organelles in cell

endoplasmic reticulum: transports materials throughout the cell

nucleus: stores genetic data & performing mitosis

mitochondria: converts glucose with oxygen 2 make energy 4 cell

cell membrane: support cell & allow diffusion

chloroplast: absorbs light &

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- THE THEATRE OF CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE o Introduction.  Original and popular writer (as important as Shakespeare, she could have been even better if he hadn’t died)  “He was a pioneer, breaking new ground in the form and content of the drama” (S. Simkin): he was using new conventions, what made him, as well as Shakespeare, become very popular. If you are a pioneer, you are starting something new, without any references of it before you.  Life and writings subject to much speculation Read More