Text 1:

Applied linguistics: A twenty first century discipline (Grabe, 2004)

→ The text says that over the years, the term applied linguistics has been defined and interpreted in different ways.

1950→ A.L. the term was meant to reflect the insights of structural and functional linguistics that could be applied directly to Second Language teaching.

1960→ A.L continued to be associated with the application of linguistics to language teaching. Also it became involved in matters of language assessment,

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Exam 1

Exam 3:

MC Answers:

  • TRUE: Ospreys are eagle size Raptors that feed almost exclusively on fish

  • TRUE: new Caledonian Crow sometimes make their own tools

  • TRUE: poison arrow frogs use warning coloration to avoid predation (aposematic coloration)

  • TRUE: Australian cuttlefish can change color to match their background

  • TRUE: American bitterns are Heron like birds that use  camouflage to “hide in the open”

  • TRUE: honey bees use the waggle dance when the food source is a short distance from the hive

  • FALSE:

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1)Fill in the blanks or circle one answer a)UNF has 16,719 students of which 60% are female. A statistician wants to estimate the mean number of credit hours per semester for students at UNF. He plans to randomly select 60 female and 40 male students. What sampling plan has he chosen? Stratified b)A statistician wants to estimate the mean number of credit hours per semester for students at UNF. He plans to randomly select 5 classrooms and interview all the students in there. What sampling plan has

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1.List and describe four consultants who a professional builder may consult to establish a business financial plan.

Financial advisors – able to help you with conflicts which are you not able to solve

Accountant – recommend financial actions and complies with legal requirements

Book keeper – documents financial transactions

Another successful builder – able to give you advice on how to establish a well structured company

Financial backers – lend or provide credit on agreed upon conditions, such

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Inventory: a stock of materials used to satisfy customer demand or to support the production of services or goods.

Types of inventory: Raw materials (RM). Work-in-process (WIP). Finished goods (FG)

Pressures for small inventories: Temporary monetary investment. Inventory holding cost (or carrying cost). Cost of capital. Storage and handling costs. Taxes, insurance, and shrinkage

Shrinkage: pilferage, obsolescence, deterioration

Usually an item’s holding cost per period of time is expressed as a percent

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     1.   A firm characterized as a price taker


has no control over the price it pays, or receives, in the market.

     2.   All of the following are characteristics of perfect competition EXCEPT


product differentiation.

     3.   The perfectly competitive firm cannot influence the market price because


the firm’s production levels are too small to affect the market.

     4.   Each firm in a perfectly competitive industry


is a price taker.


     5.   Which of the

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