Assessment is one of the most important components of the education as it provides the evidence of students’ learning outcomes, and their growth over time. That process helps not only to students, but also teachers, families, and other stakeholders in many ways. For example, assessment is one of the tools to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and teachers and it can provide to evaluate the program effectiveness for program developers. According to Brookhart and Nitko,(2011), assessments are

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T6 1960-1975:ST -income+unemploy,imporv exter sector;LT:outstanding egrowth, inflows foreign currency +imports; Access interna market: Imports were financed bc inflows of foreign currency through: Tourism(competitive adv, -salaries-prices+supply) ;Migrant remittances(emigrateeurope);Foreign investment(change compared to franco, franco’s government:Internal saving were not enough to finance the industrial growth;Foreign capital was essential  to finance imports;Foreign direct investment for technological
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Complete the questions below referring to international sales contracts. The exam has two parts. In the first one you must answer to five questions. Using pencil is not allowed, so make sure you complete the questions with a blue or black pencil, otherwise the exam will no be corrected.

Please, try to write carefully. 

  1. Why was the United Nations Convention created? And which is the scope of application of it? (1,5 points) 

  • To promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights

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Respiration is a process divide into two processes: · External respiration is the gas exchange between the lungs and the atmosphere, where oxygen enters to the lungs and carbon dioxide goes out of them. External respiration does not create ATP molecules. · Internal respiration is the gas exchange between the blood stream and the tissues, where oxygen enters to the tissues and carbon dioxide go out of them. Oxygen enters to the tissues in order to create ATP molecules. 2. The organs of the respiratory Read More


A group of foreign students will soon be arriving to attend a degree course at your
university programme to set up.
In this proposal I shall give reasons for designing a special programme to help foreign
students at our university to become more proficient in their oral language skills.
Reasons for developing a programme.
Foreign students coming to our university to study need to have a high level of
proficiency in our language. Most of these students have passed the relevant language

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1066-Edward the confessor- Harold vs Tostig- William- Battle of hastings. JSDIC.

Loss- King John lost Norm.- E & F broken, 1st concern(king nobles),Own Pol&Econ

E- NAtion – E non ultivate. E Not merely a geo term but once more a nation.

MeLIT – 1150-1250 “The period of Rel record”, English was absent inb works

Appealing to courtly tastes, lang of midd low clases F top

1250-1350 ” T + Secular Lit In English — wider diff engl lang & adopted all class

1350-1400- “the Period of GIR”. GC – Troilus&

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