Maximum Sustainable Yield: The maximum level of water extraction that won’t run out for a given area. Water Conflict. Causes:

National – within the country (between region and states) E.g. Mississippi Israel/Palestine = Access to groundwater aquifer (regional conflict) International – country to country (across borders) Conflicts at the local/national scale Case Study: Managing water demand issues in the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia. The Murray-Darling Basin is a large drainage basin in

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Gene Expression

the process by which DNA directs the synthesis of proteins

What situation did Archibald Garrod suggest caused inborn errors of metabolism?

Genes dictate phenotypes through enzymes that catalyze specific chemical reactions in the cell

Describe one example Garrod used to illustrate his hypothesis

Alkaptonuria: urine is black because it contains the chemical alkapton, which darkens upon exposure to air

State the hypothesis formulated by George Beadle while studying eye color mutations in

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The role of wetlands as a water resource: A wetland is an area of land with soil that are permanently flooded. It includes freshwater marshes (e.g. Macquarie Marshes in Australia), bogs (e.g. Strangmoor Bog in USA) and swamps (e.g. The Everglades in Florida USA) Wetlands are very important water resource as they provide many ecosystem services. There are marine coastal, inland and artificial types, subdivided into 30 categories of nature wetland and 9 human-made ones such as reservoirs, barrages

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● 27 countries in the EU
● Last year the UK left because of the Brexit.
- To consolidate peace and prevent new wars in Europe.
- To compete collectively agains the superpowers.
- After the II World War (1939-1945). The USA and the Soviet Union became
superpowers, much stronger than the European countries.
- European countries decided to create a continent-wide organization and promoting
cooperation among themselves.
1950: 9th of May Robert Schuman presents

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* Feng Shui – the practice of positioning objects, gravesites, buildings to achieve positive effects based on the belief in yin and yang and the flow of chi, that is air or breath
* Five Classics – the collection of five ancient Chinese books used by Confucianism for study. They were written or edited by Confucius
* Four Books – During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the accepted curriculum to be studied and passed in order to hold civil office.
* Goma – fire ceremony
* Harakiri – Ritual suicide by disembowelment
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-Layering determined by the differences in both chemical composition and physical properties

-On basis of chemical composition: earth has three layers:

  • core (dense inner sphere)

    • Radius 3500 km, 95% iron+ 5% nickel

    • Inner core (solid) we know it’s solid because both p-waves and s-waves pass through it

    • Outer core (liquid) we know it’s liquid because p-waves pass through it but s-waves cannot

  • Mantle (less dense) 2900 km made of rock-peridotite

    • Lower mantle 2400 km (solid)(bottom)

    • Asthenosphere 400 km (weak/

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