los mios

1. the european economy in the 17th century 

The economyy stopped growing. Manufacturing and commercial were worse southern europe.


The Thirty Years´ War, a food crisis caused by stagnant agriculture, and the spread of the Black Pleage. 

-Agriculture: constant wars caused a shortage in farm labour. There was a general decline in temperatures wich also hurt crops.

-Population: europe´s population grew at a very slow pace. 

2. the Thirty Years´ War 

In 1618, a conflict broke out within tthe

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The current relief of the Peninsula is the result of a geological history of millions of years in which orogenic phases alternated with others of calm, in which erosion and sedimentation predominated.
a) During the Archaic or Precambrian Era (4,000-600 million years ago) an arched band emerged from the sea from northwest to southeast, formed by slabs and gneiss, which included almost all of present-day Galicia. Elevations have also arisen in some isolated points of the Central System and Montes de

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The reformation was a religious movement which began in the first half of the 16th century. it instigated the division of the Christian church and the founding of protestant churches.

1.1. causes

·the low clergy’s lack of training. The church hierarchy did not give much importance to the training of its priests and therefore, many of them did not behave appropriately.

·The bad example set by the high clergy. The majority of those at the top of the hierarchy occupied positions

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● 27 countries in the EU
● Last year the UK left because of the Brexit.
- To consolidate peace and prevent new wars in Europe.
- To compete collectively agains the superpowers.
- After the II World War (1939-1945). The USA and the Soviet Union became
superpowers, much stronger than the European countries.
- European countries decided to create a continent-wide organization and promoting
cooperation among themselves.
1950: 9th of May Robert Schuman presents

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test num 3

-Earthquake: All sudden ground motion produced by the passage of seismic waves through the Earth’s tectonic plates. 

-Flood: When water spills over generally dry terrain, ct creates a flood. A normally dry area might get flooded by rising water in an existing conduit, like a river, stream, or drainage ditch.

-Tsunami: Tsunamis are ocean waves brought on by large earthquakes near or beneath the ocean, volcanic explosions, landslides beneath the sea, and coastal landslides that release a lot of debris

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What is globalization? It refers to the process of increasing interdependence of the world’s economies and societies

Characteristics of globalization of economy: 

Huge expansion of international trade

Business concentration>mix to become more competitive

global organization of production> companies distribute phases of produccion among different locations to save money. This is called outsourcing

large multinational companies>they have international dimension and huge resources, so they have

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