research method



the loss of participants in the course of a study when they fail to complete it



occurs when knowledge, services, or other experiences intended for one group are unintentionally received by another group (when future participants learn information from previous participants that they are not supposed to know until after data collected is completed)


efficiency assessment

in program evaluation, the process of weighing the program’s benefits and effectiveness in relation to

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Fixed mindsets = people who believe their intelligence is set in time, they think their intelligence is carved in stone and they wonder “if they have enough of it” Growth mindsets = people who believe their knowledge is always expanding and growing as they continue learning throughout their life. Scientific studies show that people with different learning styles perform better on an exam when presented one way or the other. If learning styles are limiting learning at all it’s because we believe/

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    To develop emotional and cognitive abilities. Young humans have access to abstract thinking and reflexive knowledge. 
    To build a personal identity, integrating and accepting their body image, have expectations and future projects. This includes accepting puberty’s physical changes, redefining familiar relationships, achieve emotional independence and a sexual identity. 
    To acquire new social abilities (relations with other classmates and adults), an

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Experiencing Positive Emotions

Chapter 7: Experiencing Positive Emotions

> When it comes to flourishing as human beings, what often takes center stage is our ability to feel positive emotions.

¨One of the core elements of flourishing is the study of positive emotions (PERMA). 

Positive Emotions: a wide range of pleasant emotions in the past, present, and future; being able to know what it is to be happy and to experience an enduring sense of well-being.

         Two ways of smiling: 

- Duchenne smilea full-face

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It seems undeniable that as a species we are so much the result of a long process ofbiological evolution as well as cultural development. Therefore, although the relationships betweenthe natural and the cultural are understood in different ways, both aspects formpart of who we are. Humans can be male or female, that is called sex, which is the biological characteristic of  being one or the other. Gender, refers to the socially constructed roles, actions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors that a

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Methods Naturalistic Observation – researcher collects information without the participant’s awareness · Advantages: Researcher does not influence the participant’s behavior, so it may be more representative than if people knew they were being watched·Disadvantages: Not everything can be observed in its natural environment, expensive. Structured Observation – researchers can set up a situation and observe that participant’s behavior·Advantages: Researcher has more control of the situation

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