Trajan’s Column: A Triumph of Roman Art and Architecture

The Theater of Marcellus

The Theater of Marcellus, a partially preserved theater in ancient Rome, stands as a testament to Roman architectural prowess. Commissioned by Julius Caesar and completed by Augustus between 13-11 BC, it was dedicated to Augustus’ nephew, Marcus Claudius Marcellus, who tragically died in 23 BC. Located in the Campus Martius, the theater hosted the renowned ludi saeculares in 17 BC, even before its completion.

With a cavea (seating area) measuring 129.80 meters in diameter,

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Monuments of Ancient Rome

Ara Pacis

The Ara Pacis (Altar of Peace) was built on the Champ de Mars between 13 and 9 BC. It is a sacrificial altar dedicated to the Goddess of Peace. Rebuilt in the twentieth century, it commemorates the victories of Emperor Augustus in Hispania and Gaul, which mark the beginning of the Pax Romana, a period of peace as never before known in the city.

The Ara Pacis is composed of a fence that encloses the true and proper altar. The altar is built of marble from Carrara. The wall measures 11×10

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Accounting Cheat Sheet



  • Adjustments required for what the bank knows but what we DO NOT know
  • When the bank reconciliation says ADD:
    Dr Cash
    Cr account corresponding with the entry on the bank reconciliation
  • When the bank reconciliation says LESS:
    Dr account corresponding with the entry on the bank reconciliation
    Cr Cash
  • NSF: Non-Sufficient Funds
    • Anything mentioned about NSF (the fee related to an NSF cheque or the amount that was returned):
      Dr Accounts Receivable
      Cr Cash
  • Calculating Interest on
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Miguel Hernández: A Poetic Journey Through Love, Nature, and War

Miguel Hernández: A Poetic Journey

1. Life and Work

Miguel Hernández’s life and work are closely intertwined. Born in Orihuela in 1910, his existence was marked by economic hardship, emotional turmoil, fleeting hopes, and profound tragedies. His poetic journey can be divided into four distinct stages:

Stage 1: Early Life and Beginnings (1910-1933)

Hernández’s adolescence was spent as an avid reader despite limited formal schooling. He worked as a shepherd, finding solace and inspiration in nature.

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The Generation of ’27: A Literary Renaissance in Spain

I. The Generation of ’27

The term “Generation of ’27” refers to a group of poets that emerged in the 1920s in Spain. The name originates from the year 1927, when a tribute to the poet Luis de Góngora was held, with the participation of almost all the poets associated with this group.

II. Characteristics of the Generation

  1. Similar Ages and Backgrounds: They were of similar ages and possessed a great literary and intellectual curiosity. Moreover, their affluent family backgrounds allowed them to pursue
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20th Century Spanish Literature: From Exile to Experimentation

20th Century Spanish Literature

The Literature Since 1939

During the 1940s, writers found new approaches to literature. The creative writing of this era is marked by rootlessness and shows an existential tone. In the 1950s, social realism is characterized by a critical attitude. During the 1960s and 1970s, writers tended to search for new forms of expression and experimentation. In the last years of the twentieth century to the present, narrative has reached an extraordinary boom with no definite

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