LLC sublayer handles the communication between the upper layers and the lower layers. This is typically between the networking software and the device hardware. MAC is implemented by hardware, typically in the computer NIC, specifics 802.3 standards. 2 primary res. Media access control,Media access control is responsible for the placement of frames on the media

and the removal of frames from the media,Data encapsulation, frame assembly before transmission and frame disassembly upon reception of a

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 A decision support database that is maintained separately from 
the organization’s operational database
 Support information processing by providing a solid platform of 
consolidated, historical data for analysis.
 “A data warehouse is a subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant, 
and nonvolatile collection of data in support of management’s 
decision-making process


 Organized around major subjects, such as customer,

product, sales

 Focusing on the modeling and

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- A possible solution to the proliferation of different

protocols being used on the Internet Origins

- Tim Berners-Lee at CERN proposed the Web

in 1989

Web Browsers

Browsers are clients – always initiate, servers

react (although sometimes servers require


- Most requests are for existing documents, using

HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

Web Servers

Provide responses to browser requests, either

existing documents or dynamically built


Uniform Resource Locators

- General form:scheme:object-address


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Newer concepts extend direct manipulation


– Collaborative interfaces

– Touchable interfaces

– Virtual reality

– Augmented reality

– Teleportation

Examples of Direct-Manipulation Systems

– Spatial Data Management System

– Video Games

– Computer Aided Design

Principles of Direct Manipulation

1. Continuous representations of objects and

actions of interest with meaningful visual


– Novices learn, masters quick, intermittent users

retain, can see actions further goals

2. Physical

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algebra 2

What is the product of s4VoGvBTSGKNT3UpFwbtZSyvFt-ruIxUeqtThCwmBf9fXQg1vaqowerszfeskLtUm8xu28J1alT-eTRJvLUz2zPYaKUIk7dXqH93Ui9N2VIn_RQdww2OH5BUkwvfeTqd7jwokay4ZItLeJw7Lw and 8DYiHgc96UuKdQdYCZWsRVa_nab-v9FA8CAzNkm375fzesQHEhZLQuUa-_P9PQsMS2i9CbOwVZ3fnCwCuCQFnh1B0iHeuKLYuIwSIVqBhjvj7WfQ3YmrMsKJ1DCgXln2emX3ntBu6Ugk9NSlMA?


What is the product of uY2jVvxmvaSe2y8eF7R1oRKT6uPTMFpi3tfFLii_Pgk1mEMwFb2xeBTg_NCmEsfNM3saEsJtpCunxdWJndrt7q8lHUj6nhtOBgCXPDbjD_Ji_coWfFuIq2Xk1xl699NSubR8Co5lYuIpOOBYrg and Oudn4hazdFCmkkaspG0GPoeY7BUneuEEHU6zI9ShqK5omcu4HKEMK0L65AMposhRQUjkXy1-nyeHFd5NPnW9zVdFsGoyCpO0bVF2MfDZ9zM0c4I7lJ-du7Frgf9JEzofjEJLoln5yP3xtojPsA?


What is the product of fvI23ck7-m5IvYOoorB3PHuZgaRXIHO5htZwhd8fGu8M2CNkIBjWAsEk2r6CjsRZbPp9WZZkcCnMZ4DqiRdGDZ-nUTRIo2Cy4Lc1wwy4shKfpzNHkP2wVGe3mh2d69XVDKaEfQQ09OPE2mLy8w and bGh5c5eW6z6ePuZRs1Js5e0DGrmvd-zZIkV6Bh36yrg4kgOl0bZ2WD8lp_EGNMqolavEMSX128CEGIYCnfZN4lpRb_rULTYIjG-yxJo6TtCHvW-xTI3DEQhZvw3sshxKKF1YmmV8PE-M-tDIig?


What are the zeros of the function ZWkScRNL6UB90oCB1a0qZy1m2cybPptsAvDVYD1cQA5yli2HYQ7Gge6n8Q2PpBxjcgnNUJWzbvQ1-YLxndC8CnzsG4FUfgLQ1ZW8RODZ-FfvAVgweotcRtP070xN00e1-PDiT8w-DGop-lZhcA?


What are the zeros of the function eIaE51ShS_n7rwaEmH0xk3vwo9p6NFvd9KIcMsF_jO3PwjCTLpq01qBpBHBz4x8QdLPw0WEtXvaEa0WtuSNmCZ4dOpJwocw3qCwlYI9UB3K85r7M53hwaP0tmGUdrYzdqUj1tVbJrfN5Fa24Yg?


What are the zeros of the function sFY_XeWYeLXcRkehrsXnIMWXsMzW3cVU6lQFG3q8UfmXUvtHif0P7_ZfsM3B6-EScJUEkb3lxeuFD0e7EKxAusNNY211h70tdIf4PvLQMAioXL7ErndIzV3vzQEH_MqXPYKTSGMAahbmp51R4A?


What are the solutions of the equation HNQ3M2kp2HuVo6G15_Ve8jfC4kYj3Z7mmGyV4WrhbMY3EoKReLOVq4pEOiGaTG0-pXaEk4jrNtcbqYzEUDDSnzsSiLpx0jzxe4bgyr04qCC-hB9jX2GrGzmqVwG6iGN99et12Iabgoq2yIfiAA?

½    -⅓  

What are the solutions of the equation 1Ke2nsbV4mD1TKsU6FrxPAqWG29dPPEc2dJtb6ZU3bR7Whhtw-cJN-jaZYpfaKuI70UWBMRHDm87AxA-O6QTu_hBC64xoLRIQkF8efwN8VeeAD26eWKBwkEdhkNpXSmnFx_JV4YES45wAZVWPA?

-½     ⅓  

What are the solutions of the equation rvMPIW2cRpuNpEMjnzvHJNKDZZhGPmEzJgJTiZaTF-gusemAPDMUhWh7kq0a1qUUCXIS8pIGBDZfmXLOTxbWNbbFPl7OGFb6ipn0HG7-qmpmvdLCrzhjviRPXQvijLK4hDYr48neZa6qRXqiig?

-½   -⅓  

Which equation shows Y5K6dfIqwjyw_UnChftu5bSJu_jl0_XbnFQkIThD6dIvXgElaRT0-8ULsDrn1KniAJHaCSnra15Ap02FYYI31qZjVG5X2xeS9oXEUD-2HLQRbL4-u45SuugLIy1dzId_U1eEFZKkUzuFIvu_Xw rewritten by completing the square?


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Individual- objects described by a set of data(ppl,objects, or animals)
variable-any characteristic of an individual. Can take different values for a different individuals
Observational Study- observes individual and measures variables of interest but does not intervene in order to influence the responses(describe some group or situation)
Sample survey- studying some of it’s member, selected not because they are special interest but because they represent the larger group
Population- the entire group
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