Summary of what I have learned from this assignment.

There are many things that I have learned from this assignment. Starting from O*NET, it is a extremely helpful resource for anyone who wants a knowledge about a career. O*NET tells you everything that you wanted to know like wages, equipments, skills, abilities, Work activities and many more. This resource will give you brief description of your future job. It also tells you how many job postings are available in your area. 

Summary of what I have
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Owner/Manager responsible. Staff must be supervised and be trained in food hygiene.

  • Foodborne Illness: Diseases usually, infectious or toxic, caused by agents that entered the body though food ingestion.  Symptoms are noticed few hours later (vomiting, fever, diarrhea, stomachaches…
  • Food becomes unsafe: Time-temperature abuse / Cross-contamination (mix food) / Personal hygiene 
  • Risk you can control: Keep clean / Separate raw and cooked food / Use safe water / Kitchen layout
  • People
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4. Define each of the 4 P’s of marketing (the marketing mix). Provide an example of each.

  • Product-Creative value goods vs. services
  • Price-Capturing Value, money time and energy
  • Place- Delivering the value Proposition
  • Promotion- Communicating the Value proposition.

1.What is the definition of value?

The relationship of benefits to costs, what the consumer gets for what they give.

11. List and define the three macro strategies for developing customer value. What are characteristics of each strategy?

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Any marketing actions a firm takes today can change consumer’s brand awareness or brand image and have an indirect effect on the success of future marketing activities. For example; the frequent use of temporary price decreases as sales promotions may create or strengthen a “discount” association to the bran, with potentially adverse implications on customer loyalty and responses to future price changes or non-price-oriente marketing communication efforts. Marketers must actively manage brand

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New products and brand extensions: 

New products are often vital to the long run success of a firm. When a firm introduces a new product, it has three choices for branding it: 

  1. It can develop a new brand, individually chosen for the new product. 

  2. It can apply one of its existing brands. 

  3. It can use a combination of a new brand and an existing brand. 

A brand extension occurs when a firm uses an established brand name to introduce a new product. When a new brand is combined with an existing brand,

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Developing a brand architecture strategy: 

Support mkrs to determine which products and services to introduce, and which brand names, logos, symbols to apply to new and existing products. 

The main roles are: 

-To clarify brand awareness: Improve customer understanding.

-To improve brand image: Maximize transfer of equity

3 step process to develop an effective brand architecture strategy: To successfully execute a brand architecture strategy, marketers should use brand portfolio analysis for step

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