Explain how the process for selection and engagement of subcontractors are managed to ensure that the government equal opportunity principle apply to all applicants.

Equal Opportunity Act 2010

These principles mandate that selection processes must be:

  • open and transparent
  • free from influence or bias
  • administered without favor or discrimination
  • judged on appropriate merit.

Explain why subcontractor shortlisting and qualification checking are managed to enable the selection and engagement of the most appropriate

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3 The philosophy of nature

1. Admiring nature

The teleological answer views natural order  as a result of a predeterminated plan. This answer leads, to belief in the existence of a supernatural being, who is the creator of a natural order and ultimately responsible for the end being purpused.

The mechanistic answer states that nature is like a machine. All the changes that occur in nature are the result of the necessary action of mechanisms on other mechanisms. the ‘machine’ cannot establish objectives

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Power of U.S President

Introduction:Its is often remarked that the president of the united states wields the largest authority ever wilded by any in a democracy

Power and Position:The power of the persident are enormous we discuss them under the flowing heads

chief Executive:He is the chief executive and as such it is his duty to see that the laws and treaties are enforved thirught out country

Appointments:He has the power to make all the important appointments but all such appointments are

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Security 2nd 3rd 1.

2. Workplaces: “workplace areas, built or not, in which workers need to be or that are accessible because of their work.” Included are: 1 - Toilets. 2 - Local first aid. 3 - Dining Rooms. 4 - Inst of service / protection attached to places d ls s work also considered part of them. 5 - transit areas (ramps, stairways, corridors …) 6 - rest areas. shall not apply to: 1- Means of transport used outside the company 2 - Works of temporary or mobile construction. 3 - Extraction industries. 4 - Fishing Read More


International Human Resources (IHRM) is the procurement, allocation, utilization, and motivation of human resources in the international arena.  With quality and conflict among the top issues for international managers, firms deal with multiculturalism, dispersion, international taxation, relocation, and foreign culture orientation in selecting and developing expatriate managers. Strategic IHRM has three orientations: The Adaptive System: seeks to imitate local HRM practices The Exportive System:

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Trade mark

A trade mark is normally a word or logo or combination of both that is associated with certain goods or services giving rise to a brand value. Registered trade marks give the owner a monopoly right to use that name or logo and the right to prevent identical or similar trade marks being used for similar goods and services. It can therefore be a very valuable right.


A trademark is a word, name, symbol, or device or any combination thereof, used or intended to be used to identify

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