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COGNITIVE FACTORS: STYLES:+To learn: visual, auditory or kinaesthetic style.+To organize information: field- independent, analytical or synthetic, reflective or impulsive, etc.+To elaborate information: communicative, conformist, critical thinkers, memorizing learners, etc.//STRATEGIES:+Direct strategies: cognitive,compensation, memory. +Indirect strategies: metacognitive, affective and social./// AFECTS IN A LANGUAGE LEARNING:  -Success in language learning depends“less on materials, techniques

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  • Macroeconomics – The study of aggregate economic activity. It investigates how the economy as a whole works.

  • Circular flow of income – A simplified model of the economy that shows the flow of money through the economy.

  • Leakages – Income received but not used to finance expenditure on domestic goods and services, i.e. not returning directly to firms.

  • Injections – Income that does not come directly from the households through their spending on goods and services.

  • Savings – Income that is not

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Week 10: Solid and Hazardous WasteWhat is solid waste vs. hazardous waster

1.Solid waste: any unwanted or discarded material we produce that is not a liquid or a gas, Packaging, Appliances,Organic materials, Food waste, Papers Electronics

2.Hazardous waste: threatens human health or the environment because it is poisonous, dangerously chemically reactive, corrosive, or flammable

Industrial solvents.,Hospital medical waste.,Car batteries.,Household pesticide products.Dry-cell batteries.Ash from incinerators

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Tanks: built to store equipment subject to fluid pressure atimosférica.Pressão 0 to 0.5 kg / cm ²

contructon solder rivets bolts, a cylindrical vertical position. regulamentoda by API 650 in Brazil NBR7821. nature of the roof types: fixed roof fixed roof: directly on the upper side freestanding APOAII the periphery of the side supported by an internal struct profiles metallic forms the roof, conical, curved panels, regular polygon. ceiling mobile lifting roof: you move outside to the side, movement

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Language tools

Tests 1 ABC) Objective To assess the degree of maturity reached by the child to start learning reading and writing. Establishing a prognosis with regard to the time the child could delay the acquisition of reading and writing. Organize classes for children differential immature. Primarily Children who have completed kindergarten or newly initiated 1 basic structure consists of 8 subtests: copying figures, visual memory, a copy of figures in the air, auditory memory, repetition of story, repetition

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The sequential construction

The film, in its early years has technical limitations which do not permit sequential construction not having a capacity greater than 24 seconds

The capacity of the projectors is increasing and the movies become more complex,

The European model is not fully have not changed American tomael not last more than two segundosel European model, the actors gesticulate tremendously. The U.S. uses less gesticulation

Cohesive devices

Mechanism of continuity climb to start with

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