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The process of Amendment in USA constitution is so rigid. It is discussed in Article V. The proposal of amendment may be by two third majority of congress or by the two third majority of states. And it must ratify by the three fourth majority of states.
The Article V of constitution deals with the process of Amendment.
Stage of Process
There are two stages of the Amendment one is proposal and second is ratification.
(i) Proposal
When any one wants to amend something in constitution. He proposal
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Optimal reorder interval

Continuous-review inventory model,

Safety stock = z x σL = NORM. INV (α,0,1) x √L x σ

Lead time of shipping from factory to Europe = 5 weeks

Cycle service level = 98%

Product cost = $400

Holding cost per year = 30% of product cost

NORM.INV(0.98,0,1) =2.053748911

Average Inventory

= (Q/2 )+ Safety Stock

Order-Up-To Level,

S = s + Q

Factors driving safety inventory

-Replenishment lead time: If lead time is reduced by a factor of k, the required safety inventory will be reduced

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Channels of distribution

the organized network of businesses and individuals through middlemen from which the product goes from manufacturer to the final user

Change in time- Conusmer tastes and preferences change rapidly, new selling and transportaiton methods

Members of the channel: Manufacturer;Middlemen;Customer

Functions of Middlemen: contact potential customers, cut transportation costs, stimulate demand, maintain inventory, relay market information

Who needs middlemen? consumers(right products

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Polymorphism is the ability of an object to take on many forms. Any java object that can pass more than one IS-A test is considered to be polymorphic-Supertype : A class or interface is a supertype relative to another type, if its corresponding class or interface has been extended or implemented directly or indirectly by the class or interface of other type.Subtype : A class or  interface is subtype relative to another type, if its corresponding class or interface is directly or indirectly extending

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promote thoughtfulness, good manners, respect, politeness and consistency in communication,

can empower (business) people with critical skills,

enhances customer and staff relationships (behaviour breeds behaviour), lubricant,

helps executives handle themselves effectively and confidently,

etiquette helps make international relations more efficient,

events and actions proceed in an orderly manner.


a form of protection

a means of establishing relationships

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Crime Data and statistics

·The majority of crime data exists in the form of statisctics.

·While many people take statistics to be “objective”, no data speak for themselves.

·All data (statistical or otherwise) have limitations and can be interpretaed in a number of different ways.

·A solid understanding of crime requires a critical understanding of crime data (e.g we should always ask: where does the data comes from? Who collected the data? Wat are its limitations?).

·2009: the number of new

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