PART 145–These are the “standard” maintenance organizations. TAC and large aircraft and their elements must be maintained in these organizations. They are regulated by Regulation (EU) 1321/2014 and subsequent revisions in Annex II (Part 145).The EASA Part 145 Regulation establishes common technical requirements and administrative procedures for ensuring the continuing airworthiness of aircraft. 

Facilities-> The organisation shall ensure that: there are available hangars with enough dimensions

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Image Processing

Introduction to Image Processing

Issues to learn:
- principle of operation of the CMOS matrix;

CMOS Matrix (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensor works on the same principle as the CCD. The light falls on a silicon crystal and forms the pixels, generating electrical charges in them. Each pixel has its own converter and its own ‘’address’’. This technology was created with the aim of producting integrates circuits. Its advantage is a relatively simple and cheap method of production.

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chapter 13

Education: when some people consciously teach, while others adopt role of learner in socialization Secularization: religion becomes private while other social institutions maintain sets
of norms, independent of religious guidance In the past few decades, increasing proportions of people obtained high school diplomas, college degrees, and advanced professional degrees
Education has become a vast and complex social i
nstitution that prepares citizens for the roles demanded by other social institutions,
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Descartes, kant

Theory of Knowledge of St. Augustine of Hippo to Adeh happiness can only be achieved through wisdom as truth conudece to happiness, without embago that truth must be sought within. The 1st step is Adeh Manichaeism, the 2nd is the academic skepticism whose current states that the right thing in life was that dudar.AdeH states q q theory is absurd because there are eternal truths and undoubted as skepticism is surpassed only mates.El for certainty as anyone who doubts, doubting dabe and that really Read More


1-WHAT IS LOGISTICS is the time related positioning of resources or, the strategic management of the total supply-chain.

The supply-chain is a sequence of events intended to satisfy a customer. It can include procurement, manufacture, distribution and waste disposal, together with associated transport, storage and information technology. Logistics is the function that is responsible for movement of goods and products. It is responsible for the transport and storage of materials on their journey

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Air pollution


Air pollution has been a public health problem since the discovery of fire. In ancient times, people lit fires in their caves and huts and often polluted the air with noxious smoke. The Roman philosopher Seneca wrote about the “heavy air of Rome in 61 BC and in the eleventh century banned the burning of coal in London.
The origin of our modern problems of air pollution can be traced to eighteenth-century England and the birth of the industrial revolution. Industrialization began replacing
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