1.What happened after Roger approached the first nurse at the hospital?

She stopped smiling and looked very frightened.

2.What did the second nurse do after she heard Roger’s name?

She turned pale and her right hand started to tremble

3.Why was the young man at the table next to Roger trying to console his wife?

Because their baby was dead

4.How did the young man and his wife influence Roger?

He decided to return to the hospital to see his child.He was happy that his child was aliv

5.Describe Roger Button’

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ASPIRAR (sip, breathe) = VTD

How good is sucking in fresh mountain air!

How good sniff it.

ASPIRAR (want, want) = VTI + (preposition)

Many aspire to the position of judge


The pronoun it can only be used for people, is an example:

Many aspire to you = WRONG

Many aspire to it = CORRECT

WATCH (witnessing, ver) = VTI + (preposition)

I watched the games from Palmeiras.


It admits the pronoun you.

Watched them = WRONG

I saw them = CORRECT

WATCH (help, assist) = (VTD

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- Subordinate clause strategy:Reordering in subordinates is avoided until later, as it entails identifying sub-strings and holding hierarchical material in memory. Moving elements out of sub-strings into other position is the most advanced processing.1- PROCESSING STRATEGIES (CLOHSEN, 1984):*Canonical order strategy:The first one we all develop.Basic word order (SVO: actor-action-acted upon), so focus on meaning and no grammar knowledge required.They are working on semantic lexical level, no grammar Read More


and also considered as a fundamental right, for whose attainment requires the involvement of all social and economic sectors, in addition to strict health and society in the planning have the right and duty to participate individually and collectively. “Therefore, health is: a value, a fundamental right, a duty of the individual and society, a positive concept and global vivir. a way, in this context, interventions must be placed on the Prevention of Drug Addiction .- in the same document Delgado,

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requirements for life are 1)Maintenance of Boundaries(homeostasis) 2) movement 3)responsiveness 4) Digestion 5) Excretion 6)Metabolism 7)Growth 8)Reproduction  Necessary for survival 1)Nutrients 2)Oxygen 3)Water-70% 4)Normal Body Temp.-98.6F or 37C   Homeostasis-the body’s ability to maintain a relatively sable internal enviroment   Receptor – a sensor that monitors the internal and external environments for stimuli and sends input to the brain    Control Center – the brain: determines
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0. Native American and Explorers. Native Americans. American literature begins with the orally transmitted myths, legends, tales, and lyrics (always songs) of Indian cultures. There was no written literature among the more than 500 different Indian languages and tribal cultures that existed in North America before the first Europeans arrived. As a result, Native American oral literature is quite diverse.Tribes maintained their own religions. Indian stories glow with reverence for nature as a spiritual

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