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A debenture is a document containing a acknowledgment of debt. In other words, debenture is like certificate of loan or a loan bond, which evidences this fact that company is liable to pay a specified amount with interest. In fact, company raises money in form of loan through debentures. Although such money becomes a part of company’s capital structure, yet it does not become share capital.
Debentures can be defined as that document, which is issued by company to lender for borrowing
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schema: 4 control processing/storage efficiency: *choice of indexes * file organizations 4 base tables& indexes  *data clustering // creating indexes *speed up random/sequential access 2 base table data.

select statement: select from where groupby having orderby

views: * provide users controlled access 2 tables * base table–table containing the raw data // dynamic view  a “virtual table” created upon request by a user * no data actually stored; instead data from base table made available

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Marcus Garvey was from Jamaica, and he was inspired early on by the book up from slavery.

All the following key elements In the universal negro improvement association except educated elites

According to the universal negro catechism what is the cure for race prejudice: Leprosy

Who was the chaplain of the UNIA wrote their catechism and founded the African orthodox church: George ALEXANDER MCGUIRE

The best representative example of the UNIA economic project was: Black Star Line

The use of the general

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What is CSR and evolution

Corporate Social Responsibilities refers to different voluntary practices and policies undertaken by corporations intended to have a positive influence on the world. For this influence, they need to centered on a set of values, principles and culture. To achieve it it comprises a comprehensive management system, which includes all the functional areas of the company and the company should respond to the new demands of the environment. There are three main responsibilities:

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Criminal Procedure Code is procedural law. Therefore, it describes that procedure, which should be adopted for administration of criminal justice. In fact, it has provided provisions for explanation f procedure in respect of investigation, inquiry and trial. Even it has also provided provisions to elaborate procedure in respect of complaint.
2. Relevant Provisions
Section 200 to 204 of Criminal Procedure Code 1898.
3. Meaning of Complaint
Complaint means that allegation, which is made orally
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1. Introduction:
Declaration is an authoritative pronouncement by the court in respect of a person’s right to property or his status. declaration under specific relief act is particular type of relief where there is no specific performance, no award of compensation but merely a declaration of rights of the parties.
2. Relevant Provisions:
Sec. 42, 43 specific relief act.
3. Discretion of court as to declaration of status or right:
Any person entitled to any legal character, or to any right

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