Exam 1 Cheat Sheet

Uniformitarianism:The present is the key to the past.Gradual changes over time have big events.If assumptions wrong,conclusions based on them are also wrong.Ibn Sina/ Avicenna: First use Stratigraphic principles. concerns order/relative position of strata and their relationship to the geological time scale. Index Fossil:fossil that existed for a short period of time, abundant in fossil record (generally marine invertebrates). Radioactive Decay:Using the constant decay of radioactive isotopes as

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National assembly is the lower house of parliament. it is more powerful institution in law making and financial matters. National assembly of Pakistan is more powerful than senate.
2. Relevant provisions:
Article 23, 47, 50, 73, 91, 93, 95, 142, 143.
3. Parliament under the constitution of 1973:
Parliament is an authoritative institution. it can enact any type of law. it is a symbol of the people sovereignty. parliament in Pakistan which is known as “the Majlis-e-Shoora” consists of the president

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  1. are the same

  2. Positivism/Scientism– belief that denies that philosophy or theology are valid – the only knowledge is knowledge of the material world

  3. Multiculturalism– that all religions are the same and are good

  4. Atheism– that all religions are the same and are bad generally because of a denial of the existence of the transcendent

  5. Ecumenism– the goal to unite all Christians as one

  6. Interreligious Dialogue– interaction between different religious leaders to foster peace and justice

  7. Syncretism– the

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1. Introduction
An injunction is a judicial process through which some litigant is ordered to do a particular act or to refrain from doing a particular act. As far as nature of injunction is concerned, it can be mandatory or prohibitory. And as far as duration is concerned, it can be permanent or temporary. Temporary injunction is that injunction, which can be granted at any time of some suit and continues for a specified period or till further order of court is not passed.
2. Relevant
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Follow the law

1. Introduction:
Equity has no clash with law neither it overrides the provisions of law. nor it is the enemy of law. it adopts and follows the basic rules of law. it is said that equity is not a body of jurisprudence acting contrary to law but is rather a supplement to law. it is a well knows rule that equity follows the analogies of law. the equity came not to destroyy the law but to fulfit it, to supplement it, to explain it. equity respect every word of law.
2. Meaning:
Equity is

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clause: grammatical unit composed of two phrases—subject and predicate

phrase: a grammatical unit composed of one or more words.

sentence: the largest unit to which the grammatical rules of a language apply; may be composed of one or more clauses.

word: a grammatical unit composed of one or more morphemes.

complex sentence: sentence containing one or more subordinate clauses.Because the soup was too cold, I warmed it in the microwave

compound sentence: sentence consisting of two or more coordinate

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