9k=Theorems of sources with Null-Action (Vaschy’s Theorems)

            Vaschy’s Theorem About Electromotive Sources

            Enounce: If we’ll add sources of electromotive voltage with equal values on all the sides converging  to a node by serial connection, the source having identical orientations reported to the common node, then the currents from the sides of the circuit remain unchanged.

            Vaschy’s Theorem About Current Sources


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Labor Day Duration High-40h per week. Limit daily work: No more than 9h. The minors included training more than 8h. The break between sessions at least 12h. The minimum weekly rest day and a half is 1 x 2 days for the elderly and for children. You can have an irregular distribution, with more hours and other weeks less on average but no more than 40h. – Hours extras beyond the ordinary duration of the day established in the contract. You can pay or compensate (rest). Type: Voluntary: maximum number Read More


 By way of one example explain the policy, procedures and processes that you will establish and monitor for equipment hire and maintenance.*Example: Mobile elevated work platform, scissor lift*Policy: Company uses Kennards*Procedure:Ensure that the equipment is suitable for its intended use.*Complete order form*Seek authorisation approval*Contact Kennards for equipment availability and placing the order.*Process:*Contact Kennards with order form*check level of maintenance and condition*check that

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Difineix Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social, not just labsència disease and pain.
An occupational risk is the possibility that a worker suffers an injury on the work carried per account daltri (cuentagena)
A serious and imminent risk when it is reasonably likely to materialize in the immediate future and may cause serious harm to health.
Damage is any injury arising from work, illness or disease that you suffer as a result

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List the identified two causes of unsatisfactory results commonly found in building and construction. *Poor management and work environment, inadequate resources and equipment, poor working conditions, unclear or lack of benchmark.People factor, lack of training and/or communication.B. Describe the sources of data used to identify defects.*The standards against which conformity is measured can take a range of forms. The most common source for the reference standards is usually the contract technical

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COMPLETE: a) Mr Sandal and Bee went to visit Brat Farrar in his room because= they wanted to catch him by surprise to see him as he really was. b)Simon suggested to Brat that he rode Timber because= he was hoping that the horse would injure or even kill Brat. c)Simon wasn’t afraid to tell Brat that he killed Patrick because =he thought that Brat would not tell anyone in order to keep his own secret. d)Simon went to the quarry before Brat because = he was hoping to throw Brat into the quarry and

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