-Its nothing new for nations to care about the image, but the past ten years represent a turning point in the methods states use to manage their reputations. In many cases, governments hire pr firms to domain of corporate communications departments and business-school seminars.

-News metrics attempt to quantify the strength of national brands, and the field has seen a veritable explosion of literature on which branding techniques work and

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1.Sam is a customer of Box Ltd, a computer software supplier. John is the managing director and major shareholder of Box Ltd and has always dealt with Sam personally because he was such an important customer. John has also led the software writing team that developed the software for Sam. John does not normally do this. The software supplied to Sam by Box Ltd has caused significant damage to Sam’s business and he is suing Box Ltd for damages amounting to £1 million. Box has had other financial

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What is James Baldwin’s understanding of history? Baldwin believes that history is written by the writer and therefore you only see it from that perspective. History always portrays white people as the saviours of black people.// What is the meaning of the “most disagreeable mirror” that James Baldwin speaks about? The whole American optic in terms of reality is based in the necessity of keeping black people out of it. They are non-existent. Except according to their terms, and their terms

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1.Does corporate theory assist our understanding of company law?

The fact the state had the dominant role in the formation of companies through charter or statute led to the view that the company was a concession or privilege from the state.

The concession theory (hereafter, concession) is also linked with the fiction theory (hereafter, fiction). Fiction theory similarly emphasises the law’s key role in the creation of the corporation. It views the corporation as a legal person rather than a natural

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Basis of traffic engineering

1.Present the definition of traffic flow-intensity/road capacity/density/AADT/ADT.

  Volume/flow: The total number of vehicles that pass over a given point or section of a lane or roadway during a given time interval. It may be expressed in terms of annual, daily, hourly, or sub-hourly periods; usually in [v/h] or [v/d].

Volume is an actual number of vehicles observed or predicted to passing a point during a given interval.

Road capacity - The maximum traffic flow obtainable

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Article 101(1) prohibits joint not individual conduct. The reference to agreements between undertakins requires some element of collusion between independent undertakings, the many Article 101(1) cases the existence of an agreement is not in doubt. There may be doubt, however, as to the precise terms of the agreement or as to whether the terms can be said to restrict competition. 

The term agreement has been given a liberal construction. Numerous cases have dealt with the meaning of an agreement

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