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may allot the whole of the shares or debentures to an intermediary known as issuing house without offering the shares or debentues to the public.

#SHARE CAPITAL; A company limited by shares can issue shares. The share capital of the company can be classified under several heads. they are 1.Nominal capital or authorised capital or registered capital.2.Issued capital.3.subscribed capital.4.called up capital.5.paid up capital.6.uncalled capital.7.reserved capitalsec43 of the share

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76-year-old Eric Baker slipped on a wet bathroom floor. FALLS

AREN´T THERE ANY health care assistants available? No, there AREN´T

Choose the correct answer: I’VE SEEN THE DOCTOR ALREADY

Choose the correct answer: The waiting room is ON The second floor NEXT TO the lift. 

Choose the correct answer: Who does work with your doctor in the hospital? 

Choose the correct answer: You treated that patient a month ago, didn’t you?

Costa del Sol Hospital is BIGGER THAN Serranía de Ronda Hospital, but it isn’

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Franco took control of Spain since the moment on which they won the war until his death. This government was a forty-year dictatorship after a three-year war that destroyed the country.

In the 60s decade the “economic miracle” brought welfare (a very good situation), but with the economic development, citizens started mobilizing asking for more freedom. Franquist government´s answer was to harden repression.

Finally, franconism entered in decadence at the same time that his life was ending.


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An overview of Europe’s film industry

EU film landscape is characterised by the strong presence of Hollywood productions  In 2013 US held a share of 70% of the EU market

What makes the major US powerful vertical integration (spanning from production to distribution)

To face the financing challenges facing EU film companies  film-support schemes from 2009 for 2.1 billion euros (excluding tax incentives and interventions by publicly funded banks and credit institutions)

European film industry is

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1.‘The ambition of creditor protection would be defeated if, once the [capital] funds had been received, the company were completely free to return them to the members, thereby adversely affecting the creditors’ overall position vis-à-vis the company.’ (Sealy and Worthington) Discuss.

Companies Act 2006 seeks to ensure that a company’s capital is maintained in the company’s possession and, therefore, gives an accurate picture of the company’s finances. The principal anxiety

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Information processing Companies collect data continuously, from suppliers, clients, partners, etc., but this information is not very valuable unless is properly classified and updated.Information processing is a set of operations performed with the information obtained from different sources and include the following stages:Information search ˃    classification    ˃   Selection     ˃ interpretation & presentation                                                         

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