Glossary of Terms for Public Works Contracts in Chile

General Terms

Additions: Documents by which the SERVIU may deliver additional information or amend the original proposal, provided that in the second case the elements are not altered.
Available Economic Capacity: Working capital required by the contractor to fulfill a contract, whose value should be determined in accordance with the rates and rules in this regulation.
Competition Offer: Quote, in which the entrepreneurial team should propose, based on predefined conditions for SERVIU,
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Declaration Under Specific Relief Act

1. Introduction

Declaration is an authoritative pronouncement by the court regarding a person’s right to property or status. A declaration under the Specific Relief Act is a specific type of relief where there is no specific performance or award of compensation, but merely a declaration of the parties’ rights.

2. Relevant Provisions

Sections 42 and 43 of the Specific Relief Act.

3. Discretion of Court as to Declaration of Status or Right

Any person entitled to any legal character or right to property

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The Autonomous Region of Valencia: History, Legal System, and Governance

Lesson 1. Emergence and Evolution of the Autonomous Region of Valencia

Background to the Existence of the Institutions of Self-Government of Valencia

Valencian institutions disappeared in 1707 with the Decree of Nueva Planta. To understand these institutions, we must go back to the old regime.

These institutions were feudal in nature and did not represent the people, but rather served the interests of the Valencian elites (nobles and bourgeois).

The Decree of Nueva Planta imposed a centralist model

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Occupational Risk Prevention Plan: A Comprehensive Guide

Occupational Hazards Law: Obligations of Employers and Workers. Prevention Services

Work is an obligation that every human being undertakes to earn a living. Work and life go hand in hand, therefore, it is essential that job security is a fundamental rule. The right of workers to effective protection in occupational safety and health at work necessitates a corresponding duty on employers to protect workers against occupational hazards. The duty of protection is also a duty of the government for staff

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The European Union: A History of Treaties and Institutions


1951, gave birth to the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), uniting FR, GER, IT, BENELUX. Led by Jean Monnet as its 1st President of the High Authority, the treaty came into effect in July 1952 and had a fixed duration of 50 years, expiring in July 2002. Upon its expiration, the ECSC’s material scope was integrated into the Treaty establishing the European Community, with the EU inheriting the rights and obligations of the inte agr formed under the ECSC.


1957, same 6MS:

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Introduction to Spanish Labor Law



Good professional performance involves knowledge of the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as our rights and obligations as workers. This training module includes a thematic section devoted exclusively to Labour Law and Industrial Relations.

What do we mean by the term “right”? We refer to the set of legal norms (rules) that govern the behavior of people in society. These rules are mandatory, and the state can use different “coercion” mechanisms

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