TEMA 2 

1.In Roman Empire

     -Insignia: graphic representations of given business, first forms of metaphors.

     -Pine = Tavern. Squared.      Board = Game house.      Donkey = bakery. 

     -The first advertising techniques: 

          + Demonstrating: showing how a product is made. 

          + Exhibition: owner showing manufactured piece. 

2.Trade organizations , Guilds:Guilds were associations of artisans or merchants that gathered their business in the same area

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Rules: One person talks at a time, follow directions, don’t eat in class, don’t laugh at people in class, be helpful and responsible, cooperate with your teacher and classmates, dont chew gum in class, raise your hand and wait to speak, be nice. FIN

Whole Brain Teaching are techniques to capture the attention of students. I would use it especially after recess that students are upset to get them to concentrate. For example, the method ” Class-Yes ”, at any time I will say class and I will have

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Agricultural landscapes are areas of
countryside transformed by primary sector activities (also the ones adapted for hunting and inhabited areas transformed by humans for economical activities)
PLOTS are pieces of land For agricultural plots, it is important to consider
- Shape whether they are uniform (rectangular, round, etc.) or irregular Uniform – plots are common in recent farming areas as the centre of the United States). Irregular plots are common in regions that
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Week 1:

Portfolio management steps: 1. Evaluate client characteristics 2. Assess market opportunities 3. Define objectives and constraints 4. Set overall investment strategy, including asset allocation 5. Select investment managers and investment vehicles 6. Implement strategy 7. Measure and evaluate performance 8. Monitor and adjust |

Investment policy = long term, investment strategy = short term | Objectives are 1. Stability of principal 2. Income 3. Growth of income 4. Capital appreciation | Covariance

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Nowadays , the number of Spaniards traveling abroad has increased considerably, the big surprise comes when the news comes out that travel within Spain has also increased. There is a large part that prefers to look for nearby sites of the great catalog of visits that we enjoy in our country, and then another large number of people prefer to visit and to know new places. The purpose of this essay is to comment on the differences and similarities between traveling in and out of Spain.

The first great

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Sin título 5

Most-favoured-nation (MFN): treating other people equally “Under the WTO agreements, countries cannot normally discriminate between their trading partners. Grant someone a special favor (such as a lower customs duty rate for one of their products) and you have to do the same for all other WTO members.” (WTO) Anti-dumping. In economics, “dumping” is a kind of predatory pricing, especially in the context of international trade. It occurs when manufacturers export a product to another country at

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