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Socialism was a way to express the communist regimes in the 20th Century, born in the 19th Century lead by Karl Marx. Marxist ideologies created two kinds of movements: social democracy (Marx was right, a more equalitarian society could be implemented under a liberal democracy) and real socialism (communism applied by the government, not as an ideology).Real Socialism began in 1917It all began with Stalin. Lenin died in 1924, around 1928 Stalin had absolute power.

The Bolshevik Party had never expected

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1.1.The interval scale is a type of metric scale which focusses on quantitative values. n interval scale can always be divided into equal portion scales. This means the difference between any two values is equivalent to the difference between any two adjacent values of an interval scale.

The most common example is a Celsius temperature scale in which the difference between the values is the same. The difference in temperature between 10 and 20 degrees is the same distance as between 40 and 50 degrees. Read More


Government spending:One of the roles of most governments is to provide a range of public services.This might include:health care,education,defence,care for the elderly,child protection,policing,refuse collection,judical system and transport networks.Taxation:The money raised from taxation is used by a government to help fund its spending on public services.Businesses and individuals pay taxes.Indirect taxes means they are levied on spending.Value Added Tax (VAT) paid when buying g&s.Direct tax:

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 TEMA 2 

1.In Roman Empire

     -Insignia: graphic representations of given business, first forms of metaphors.

     -Pine = Tavern. Squared.      Board = Game house.      Donkey = bakery. 

     -The first advertising techniques: 

          + Demonstrating: showing how a product is made. 

          + Exhibition: owner showing manufactured piece. 

2.Trade organizations , Guilds:Guilds were associations of artisans or merchants that gathered their business in the same area

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Rules: One person talks at a time, follow directions, don’t eat in class, don’t laugh at people in class, be helpful and responsible, cooperate with your teacher and classmates, dont chew gum in class, raise your hand and wait to speak, be nice. FIN

Whole Brain Teaching are techniques to capture the attention of students. I would use it especially after recess that students are upset to get them to concentrate. For example, the method ” Class-Yes ”, at any time I will say class and I will have

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Agricultural landscapes are areas of
countryside transformed by primary sector activities (also the ones adapted for hunting and inhabited areas transformed by humans for economical activities)
PLOTS are pieces of land For agricultural plots, it is important to consider
- Shape whether they are uniform (rectangular, round, etc.) or irregular Uniform – plots are common in recent farming areas as the centre of the United States). Irregular plots are common in regions that
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