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Types of unemployment

Cycle/Coyuntural→ Changes according to the economic cycle

Seasonal→ Some seasonal activities have a big impact on the employment rate. For example, during summer people with jobs in the tourism sector increase.

Structural→ There is a lack of skills because of lack of access to education or formation or because there is an excessive job demand. 

Macroeconomic policies definition

Actions held by States to drive the economy towards the appointed goals by managing the main economic

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What’s the difference between persuasion and manipulation? Persuasion takes place when the sender of the message tries to take advantage of the ignorance of the receiver in order to shape his or her perception.  Persuasion distinguishes between arguments and conclusions Does not use an emotional approach  Does not discredit other sources by attacking them With manipulation, the intellectual freedom of the receiver is not respected, and at the end of the process the receiver does not have the

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ch 1

accounting equation (ch 1):

the balance sheet shows the relationship between assets, liabilities, & stockholder’s equity at a particular date. in equation form, assets = liabilities + stockholder’s equity. this is referred to as the basic accounting equation.

financial statements (ch 1) format/content (which accounts belong on each financial statement):

4 types of financial statements:

income statement:

summarizes all revenue & expenses for period (month, quarter, or year). if revenues

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Seminar 6
1. Assume that S0 = $100, r = 1% (continously compounded) and that σ = 20%. What is the corresponding Black-Scholes price for an European call with strike price K = 100 and time to maturity T = 1? What is the price of the corresponding put option? c = 8.4, p = 7.4. 
2. What is the price, under the Black-Scholes model, of a European call option with S0 = 100, K = 110, r = 5% (continuously compounded) , σ = 30% and T = 2? What is the price of the corresponding put option?c=16.99, p=16.52
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The Mercantilists, 1500-1800

make few imports and many exports, thereby generating a net inflow of foreign exchange and maximizing the country’s gold stocks

▪ The world’s wealth was fixed ▪ Gain from trade at the expense of trading partners

Adam Smith: ▪ World’s wealth is not a fixed quantity ▪ All countries can benefit from international trade

Principle of

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2.-Covid crisis vs Financial crisis

1. Origins of the financial crisis: Main causes: low ir, huge savings from China and other Asian countries, self-fulfilling expectation, subprime mortgages, the Real Estate Bubble in the US whose burst led to a financial crisis. Consequences: signifcant asset prices decrease, stock market crash in 2008, financial and non-financial bankruptcies. The crisis affected the real economy of the world trough several channels: a collapse in internatinoal trade, poverty

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