The Poverty Trap, Nutrition and Health (12 Marks)

Dasgupta and Ray (1986) “Inequality as a Determinant of Malnutrition and Unemployment.” Economic Journal, 96,1011–34.

Important article in the history of the idea of the poverty trap.  The idea has been around in economics since the 1950s.| A poverty trap is a self-reinforcing mechanisms that cause poverty to persist.  A situation where very poor individuals/households can not improve their future income.  Stuck at a low level of income.

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Economics Demand is an economic principle that describes a consumer’s desire, willingness and ability to pay for a specific good or service.An INCREASE in DEMAND means an increase in quantity demanded at every given price and an increase in consumer willingness to pay at each given quantityA DECREASE in DEMAND means a decrease in quantity demanded at every given price and a decrease in consumer willingness to pay at each given quantity.Factors affecting demand(Change in Price,Change in Income

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Nowadays , the number of Spaniards traveling abroad has increased considerably, the big surprise comes when the news comes out that travel within Spain has also increased. There is a large part that prefers to look for nearby sites of the great catalog of visits that we enjoy in our country, and then another large number of people prefer to visit and to know new places. The purpose of this essay is to comment on the differences and similarities between traveling in and out of Spain.

The first great

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1)Be able to identify the resources: labor, capital, natural resources, entrepreneurs
2)Know the difference between supply and demand and quantity supplied and quantity demanded. Remember that a change in quantity demanded and quantity supplied is only caused by a change in the price of the product sold, while a change in demand and supply are caused by the factors listed above.
3)Know the income and the substitution effects and how they affect demand.  
Know what shifts the supply and the demand
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-Integrated logistics management:The logistics concept that emphasizes teamwork, both inside the company and among all the marketing channel organizations, to maximize the performance of the entire distribution system.

-Promotion mix:the specific blend of promotion tools that the company uses to engage customers, persuasively communicate customer value, and build customer relationships

-Madison & Vine:a term that has come to represent the merging of advertising and entertainment in an effort to

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Ch 1

•Real assets create wealth. Financial assets represent claims to parts or all of that wealth. Financial assets determine how the ownership of real assets is distributed among investors.

•Financial assets can be categorized as fixed-income (debt), equity, or derivative instruments. Top-down portfolio construction techniques start with the asset allocation decision—the allocation of funds across broad asset classes—and then progress to more specific security-

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