NIVEL 1= 1)You ARE a student. 2)HeS from Canada. 3)We ARENT from Brasil. We re from Perú. 4) Hes my brother. HIS name is Martin. 5) My mother is from Argentina but HER parents are from Italy. 6)SARA”S brother is Tomas. 7)I have two DESKS. 8)His CHILDREN are Marc, Saskia and Alina. 9)THAT coat is Peters. 10)THESE trainers are new. 11)There ARE two chairs in my living room. 12)There ISNT any money in my wallet. 13)Are the books ON the chair? 14)The sofa is BETWEEN the two Windows. 15)I WORK in the city centre. 16)They DONT GO to work by car. 17)She LIKES shopping. 18)He DOESNT TEACH Russian. 19)Where DOES SHE live? 20) Marina doesnt like SWIMMING. 21)IM ALWAYS early for school. 22)Rich and Jenny SOMETIMES SEE each other on Saturdays. 23)She CAN play tennis very well. 24) CAN HE play a musical instrument? 25)Theres AN apple in my bag. 26)There are SOME biscuits in the cupboard. 27)Sorry, there isnt ANY milk. 28)I dont eat MANY bananas. 29)How MUCH bread have we got? 30)Our anniversary WAS on 25th april.

NIVEL 2= 1)WERE your parents at the party? 2)I STARTED university in 2012. 3)The team WENT to the hotel after the game. 4)He DIDNT WORK in an office, he worked in a bank. 5)Did they TRAVEL to China last year? 6) Its cold here. The weather is HOT in my country. 7)Cheetans can run FASTER than crocodiles. 8)The blue wale is THE HEAVIEST animal in the world. 9)HeS got brown eyes. 10)They HAVENT GOT any children. 11)At the moment, theyRE VISITING friends. 12)IM WATCHING TV now. 13)What IS he DOING today? 14)My son and his friends are GOING TO travel around New Zeland. 15)ARE YOU GOING TO eat out tonight? 16)Lydia is visiting Nepal TO SEE Mount Everest. 19)Who CALLED the doctor? 20) When DID YOU BOOK the tickets? 21)I was really SURPRISED when Gill told me she was leave. 22)This part of the film is really EXCITING Ive seen it. 23)My brothers USED TO help in my fathers shop. 24)DID YOU see the film on TV last night? 25)The family said they DIDNT WANT to talk to the press. 26)He told me he HAD BEEN to see the doctor. 28)Is there ANY THING in the fridge? 29)If I HAD a house in the country ID GET a dog. 30)Would you walk to work if the weather WAS.

NIVEL 3= 1)My friend STUDIES at Harvard University. 2)What DO they usually eat for breakfast? 3)She DOESNT like salad, so give her french fries. 4)Sasha IS OFTEN LATE for school. 5)We NEVER GO out for dinner. 6) Are you busy at the moment? No, IM WATCHING a DVD. 7)We cant come now. WeRE DOING some work. 8)DRIVING at night can be dangerous. 9)Why are you worried about GOIG on a plane? 10)I really like PLAYING golf at the weekends. 11)Shed like TO WORK in the USA after she leaves here. 12)He MUST switch off his mobile phone here. 13)All employees HAVE to wash their hands. 14)Quick! We MUSTNT be late for the start of the film. 15)This laptop is MORE EXPENSIVE than that one. 16)Your english is BETTER than mine. 17)The tortoise lives the LONGEST of all animals. 18)Can you believe it? Ricardo is as OLD as Enrique. 19)Sheila QUALIFIED from college with a degree in nurse. 20)They DIDNT GO shopping yesterday. All the shops. 21)When DID YOU move to Japan? 22)I WAS SLEEPING when they arrived. 23)What WERE YOU DOING when they called? 24)The Butler was cleaning the bedrooms when he HEARD a noise. 25)Look in the cupboards. There are A LOT OF things in there. 26)There ARENT MANY buses on Sundays. You should take the train. 27)How MUCH milk is there in the fridge? 28)I live in THE Usa but my parents live in…Argentina. 29)I think Giorgio is going to study at AN University in London. 30)Matthew hopes TO CONTINUE his studies at Oxford University.

NIVEL 4= 1)We need to stop at the supermarket TO BUY some vegetables. 2)Do you want have lunch with me? Sorry but IM MEETING my parents for lunch today. 3)Whats your plan for your holiday? Well, first, weRE GOING TO FLY to Krakow. 4)Go straight ahead and the restaurant is IN FRONT of the swimming pool. 5)If you need the bathroom, go DOWN these stairs. 6)Good news! Tracey called. SheS PASSED her final test. 7)The team hasnt won a match SINCE 1995. 8)Hes the person WHO does the photocopying. 9)This is the cable WHICH conects the computer to the printer. 10)When you PRESS this button, it switches the TV on. 11)If you heat wáter, it GETS hot. 12)If you drive faster, weLL ARRIVE there by this evening. 13)All our cofee IS GROWN in Ethiopia. 14)The Japanese PRODUCE really Good quality cars. 15)A new tipe of plant WAS DISCOVERED in the amazon jungle last week. 16) The lord of the rings WAS WRITTEN by J.R.R. Tolkien between 1937 and 1949. 17) I took my cousings to the zoo last week. Guess that? They HADNT seen a kangaroo. 18)When we got to Munich, our luggage HADNT ARRIVED. 19)Who CALLED the doctor? 19)I have an arrangement with Bill. WeRE MEETING at six. 20) IVE BOOKED tickets so we can go to the concert. 21)Marie HASNT SEEN the new film at the cinema. 22)My family WENT to Hawaii last month. 23)DID YOU SEE the programme about whales on TV last night? 24)The pólice SHOULD stop those cars. 25) You DONT HAVE TO wear a uniform. You can wear your normal clothes. 26)Theres SOMEBODY at the doctor. Can you see who it is? 27)Is there ANYTHING for me the post today? 28)I think we WILL have cars that fly in the future. 29)THE United States of America has 50 states. 30) Id love to climb….Mount Everest.

20)When DID YOU BOOK the tickets? 21) I was really SURPRISED when Gill told me she was leaving. 22)This part of the film is really EXCITING Ive seen it six times. 23)My brothers USED TO help in my fathers shop. 24)DID YOU see the film on TV last night? 25)The family said they DIDNT WANT to talk to the press. 26)He told me he HAD BEEN to see the doctor. 27)There are lots of messages for you today. EVERYBODY wants to speak to you. 28)Is there ANYTHING in the fridge? 29)If I HAD a house in the country ID GET a dog. 30)Would you walk to work if the weather WAS nice?  

FINAL NIVEL 4= 1)Have you EVER studied arabic? 2)Papyrus was a plant WHICH was grown in Egypt. 3)Nowadays a lot of toys ARE MADE in China. 4)The iphone WAS designed BY Jonathan Ive. 5)If you TELL me your secret I WANT TELL anybody else. 6)Luckily it HAD STOPPED snowing when we LEFT work. 7)Which us state STARTS with the letter H? 8)Do you know what time IT OPENS? 9)Going hiking in Patagonia was a FASCINATING experience. 10)The egyptians USED TO BUILD pyramids but they DIDNT USE TO BUILD castles. 11) Paul said that he HAD QUIT the day before. 12) Did you go ANYWHERE interesting when you were in Europe? 13) I BOUGHT my ticket online before I ARRIVED at the cinema. 14) If you need to use the restrooms, walk UP the corridor. They are IN FRONT OF photocopier. 15) Thats the restaurant WHICH serves the best sushi. 16) Who CANCELLED the meeting? 17) The teacher asked IF WE HAD UNDERSTOOD the lesson. 18) Its too late now. Theres NO ONE in the office. 19) If I DIDNT LIVE so far I WOULD CYCLE to work. 20)Did I TELL YOU I saw a great movie last night? 21) Wheres Mike? HeS GONE to work. 22)Ive been an assistant photographer FOR the last 10 years. 23) We were WORRIED about the storms. They are often very damaging. 24) I was wondering HOW MUCH DOES THAT BAG COST. 25) I gave UP training when I got a job. 26) If you dont know the meaning of the word, please look IT UP. 27)Before Steel, houses were built FROM brick. 28) Theres a new café ACROSS the road. We can meet there. 29) Please, turn THE MUSIC DOWN I cant hear a word youre saying.