76-year-old Eric Baker slipped on a wet bathroom floor. FALLS

AREN´T THERE ANY health care assistants available? No, there AREN´T

Choose the correct answer: I’VE SEEN THE DOCTOR ALREADY

Choose the correct answer: The waiting room is ON The second floor NEXT TO the lift. 

Choose the correct answer: Who does work with your doctor in the hospital? 

Choose the correct answer: You treated that patient a month ago, didn’t you?

Costa del Sol Hospital is BIGGER THAN Serranía de Ronda Hospital, but it isn’tTHE BIGGEST. in Málaga.

COULD I HAVE a word with you, Sister?

Doctor: No. You SHOULD apply this oil gently on the scald.

DON´T MOVE patient, please.

Dr Brown CAME into room 202 andVISITED the patient.

Dr. Brown IS ATTENDING patients now than he ATTENDED a year ago.

Dr. Williams usually the night shifts, but today heis working the morning shift.

Find in the text a word meaning CÁNCER DE PULMÓN, starting with LUNG CANCER

Find in the text a word meaning PRESIÓN ARTERIAL, starting with BLOOD PREASURE

Find in the text a word meaning SANAR/CURAR, starting with HEAL

Find in the text a word meaning SILLA DE RUEDAS, starting with WHEELCHAIR

Find in the text a word that means NACIMIENTO, starting with BRITH

He CAN hear, but he CAN´Tspeak.

He FELL while he WAS WALKING in the forest and his arms and legs are full of SCRATCHES and BRUISES

He has been working in that hospital FOR 10 years by now.

He is getting BETTER but the WORST is to come.

He MAY have theCHICKEN POX; he’s got red spots everywhere in his body.

He suffered FROM a stroke and now he’s seriously ill.

HOW LONG DID YOU WORK last night? 8 hours in a row.

I ´VE TO get up early, because my work starts very early.

I BECAME a nurse three months AGO

I hate these shoes. I have got BLISTERS all over my feet.

I have a cold. My nose is STUFFED and I have a bad COUGH

I have a mosquito BITE and it is soITCHY I can’t stop scratching.

I have mosquito BITES everywhere in my body.

I HEAVE and I FEEL terrible.

I MGIHTwork tomorrow. I don’t know yet. Sister is going to call me later this evening and she is going to tell me.

I SAW doctor Brown yesterday.

I start work AT7.30 ON. weekdays, but AT 9 AT weekends.

I start work AT 7.30 ON weekdays, but AT9 AT weekends.

I think he ‘ll be admitted    in hospital. He has serious injuries all over his body.

I think that this medicine is LESS GOOD THAN that one, but it’s BETTER THAN the one you took.

I think there ´LL BE several hospitals in Ronda in a near future.

I WILL learn more quickly if you CAN TEACH me.

If I WERE you, I would go to the DENTIST to treat that ABSCESS

If SOMEONE EATS a lot of fat food, they GET fatter

If you DIND´T. this injury with antibiotics, it WOULDN´T IMPROVIDE, because it isn’t infected.

If you need help,TELL us.

I’m goodAT listening to people. 

In a patient record, DOB means DATE OF BIRTH

In X hospital you CAN´T smoke


Jasvinder Singh cut his hand badly while opening a tin of peaches. PACKAGINGACCIDENTS

last night? 8 hours in a row. HOW LONG DID YOU WORK

Lee Fenton was hit by a falling tree which he was cutting. GARDEN ACCIDENTS

Look! Sister is getting into hospital. She ´S JUST ARRIVED

Lucy Mann left a candle burning when she went to bed burns and scalds

MAKE sure the patient TAKES a tablet a day.

MOLES can be considered beautiful for some people.

Mrs. Laurens is talking to herself.PERHAPS she suffers hallucinations.

Mrs. Smiths was ADMITTED in hospital because she LOST CONSCIOUSNESS while she WAS WORKING

My dad SUFFERS from X heart problems.

Nick Young suffered cuts, bruises, and a broken arm when he was putting up some shelves in his home. DYA ACCIDENTS

Nurse to doctor: SHALL I apply ointment on the burn?

Nurses usually sew up gashes 

Peter IS TALKING TO the endocrinologist at 10 tomorrow because he IS GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT He has an appointment.

Pets are nervous when they see their owners in hospital. FALSE

Platelets help to CLOT blood.

Right now the doctors ARE OPERATING patient in THE theatre.

SHALL give the patient in bay 345 one TABLESPONN of syrup a day?

SHALL I CLEAN the wound?

She ´S NOT GONE to revision since last month.

She MUST GO to the toilet urgently.

Some people think that ibuprofen is MORE EFECTIVE THAN paracetamol.

talk to Sister to tell her the problem? MAY I

The doctor ASSISTED the patient and ADMINISTERED penicillin. Two days later, he DISCHARGED the patient, so he could go home.

The health centre OPENS at 10 tomorrow.

THE modern matron in THE hospital where I work is very nice.

The nurse WAS TAKING the patient’s blood pressure, when he FAINTED

The pain on my back IS GETTING WORSE now

The pain on my back is LESS MILD THAN the pain on my foot.

The pain was so sharp that I had to get SOME SHOTS to relieve it.

The patient hasn’t got a fever and feels better. I think the patient is going to be discharged soon.

The patient hasn’t recovered yet. He MAY have an infection.

The patient TWIISTED his ankle when he WAS RUNNING

The teacher was OPPOSITE his students while he WAS EXPLAINING the lesson.

The wound MAY BE INFECTED due to its colour.

There ARE MORE doctors now than there WERE five years ago.

There AREN´T ANY scissors in the drawer.

There AREN-T ANY bandages left to BIND the wound.

There IS SOME time left.


Thomas felt sick and tired, DIDN´T HE?

Those pills are MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE THAN those.

through an operation? No, never. HAVE YOU EVER GONE 

Tomorrow we ARE MEETING the modern matron at 9.

We have become good friends SINCE we MET

What SHOULD I to do? SHALL I calll the doctor?

When a person falls and hits his / her head, he / she can have a CONCUSSION

When you assist a patient, make sure you CLEAN wounds before bandaging.

When you break a leg, you need a pair of CRUTCHES (PLEASE, WRITE THE WHOLE WORD, including the c- and DON’T use CAPITAL LETTERS)

When you have a cold, you may have RUNNY NOSE.. (there are more than one correct answer)

When you suffer FROM diabetes, you MAY be thirsty all the time.

While my mum WAS COOKING, she GOT HURT

While she WAS COOKING the pan FELL and HURT her hand

Who worked last Friday?

Write the correct preposition in the text: “The Paediatric Ward is AT the end of the corridor.”

X vaccines are the most important invention for X. health.

You aren’t eating sugar any more, ARE TOU?

You MUST ALWAYS TELL the truth.

You MUSTN´T work today. You are off.

Ten-year-old Jason Gold swallowed some of his father’s medicine. POISONING

Two-year-old Toby Smith fell into a neighbour’s swimming pool. DROWNING

You SHOULD´T eat so much. You are on a diet, AREN´T YOU

You shouldn’t smoke (smoke) so much if you suffer from bronchitis.


A heart pain is the same as a heart stroke. FALSE

A heart pain is the same as an angina. TRUE

A heart stroke is the same as a heart attack. FALSE

Everyone agrees with using pets in hospitals for the welfare of patients. FALSE

In a patient record, “next of kin” refers to the patient’s family. FALSE

It is easy to set up a pet visiting programme in hospital. FALSE

Matura didn’t get better after seeing her dog. pets love them unconditionally. FALSE

Patricia Stevens is a nurse. if she saw her dogs. TRUE

Patricia Stevens the mother of two children. dogs. FALSE

Patricia Stevens works in the hospital where her twins were born. FALSE

Patricia’s doctor was the first to think that Patricia would feel better if she saw her dogs. FALSE

Permitting pets in paediatric wards is positive because children feel they go back to normal life. TRUE

Pet visits can help patients in hospital feel better. TRUE

Pet visits help children make a link with their life outside the hospital. TRUE

Pets can’t get into Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento. hem unconditionally. FALSE

Pets often transmit diseases to patients. FALSE

Sometimes patients are more cheerful to see their pets than friends or relatives because their pets TRUE

The excessive intake of junk food is a way of getting overweight. TRUE

When a pain is referred, the pain comes from another part of the body different from the one which hurts. TRUE

When someone is sick, he is constipated. FALSE

When you apply for a job, you want to work in that post. TRUE

When you have a cold, you may have a discharge. This can be yellow or clear.TRUE

When you take air into your lungs, you breath in and when you take it out, you breath out. FALSE