chapter 4. Service Contracts with REST
4.1. Uniform Contract Elements
The REST uniform contract is based on three fundamental elements:
1. resource identifier syntax – How can we express where the data is being transferred to or from?
2. methods – What are the protocol mechanisms used to transfer the data?
3. media types – What type of data is being transferred?
These elements are commonly represented using a triangle symbol, as shown in Figure 6.1. 


the relationship between URIs, URLs, and

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STROKE:Strokes happen when blood flow to your brain stops. Within minutes, brain cells begin to die. There are two kinds of stroke. The more common kind, called

ischemic stroke, is caused by a blood clot that blocks or plugs a blood vessel in the brain. The other kind, called hemorrhagic stroke, is caused by a blood vessel that breaks and bleeds into the brain. “Mini-strokes” or transient ischemic attacks
 (TIAs), occur when the blood supply to the brain is briefly interrupted.Parts of the body Read More

The scourges of 21st century

1.- Explain the difference between epidemic, endemic and pandemic.

An epidemic is an outbreak of an infectious disease that spreads quickly infecting a large number of people. If the disease stays in a determinate geographic area, it’s called endemic. If the disease infects many countries at the same time, it’s called pandemic.

3.-Infectious agents are parasites that invade the body of a living being (host or guest) and reproduce inside or on it, causing tissue damage. But, who can be infectious

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los mios

1. the european economy in the 17th century 

The economyy stopped growing. Manufacturing and commercial were worse southern europe.


The Thirty Years´ War, a food crisis caused by stagnant agriculture, and the spread of the Black Pleage. 

-Agriculture: constant wars caused a shortage in farm labour. There was a general decline in temperatures wich also hurt crops.

-Population: europe´s population grew at a very slow pace. 

2. the Thirty Years´ War 

In 1618, a conflict broke out within tthe

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Non-Current Assets

Intangible Assets (Industrial property-Acc.dep.of in.prop.)

Property, Plant and Equipment (Build.+furnit.+tech.equip-Acc.dep.of each.)

Investment Property (

Non-current Financial Assets( equit.instru.)

Deferred Tax Assets (“)

Current assets

Inventories ( suppliers.)

Trade and Other Receivables (Trad.receiv.+receiv.+tax.receiv.-imp.trad.receiv.)

Other Current Assets (prepaid exp.)


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Lecture topic 1: Company fundamentals

Lecture topic 1: Overview

o Icebreaker
o Disruptive example
o What is a company?
o Company regulation in Australia
o Classes of companies
o Separate legal entity
o Corporate groups
o The corporate veil
o Limited liability
o Key terms check the CLIA Chapters

Lecture 1: Icebreaker Activity

LO 1.6 LO 2.1 LO 2.2 LO 2.4 LO 2.5 LO 2.6 LO 2.7

Why are you studying corporations law

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John kay                                            Humanism Movimiento intelectual         first flying ferry                                  que buscaba exaltar la totalidad de 
James hargraves                            las cualidades del ser humano de la 
invented the first jenny spining          naturaleza humana dandole un 
Eli witney                                        sentido racional a la vida tomando
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Business Cheat sheet

Unit 1:                                                                                                                                                                                                             

1.1 What is a Business:

An organization that produces/sells goods/services to satisfy the needs, wants, demands of consumers

Profit or non-profit:

A business that produces or sells goods/services

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ya tu sabe

Why is marketing important?-Most of the times, financial success un a company is a direct result of the ability the organizacition has to effectively market its products and services-If they do this right, they will achieve profitability, as they will be selling their products and services at the right price-Through marketing we try to identify and understand what influences customers´ buying decisions

The benefits of marketing-The ability to add perceived value to goods and services-Making the

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Fracture: A broke bone
Twist: To injure by rotation or turning
Cut: A skin wound from a Sharp object
Tear: To injure by pulling tissue apart
Bruise: To cause damage to capillaries
Concussion: A brain injury caused by impact
Ligament: Fibrous tissues that connect bones
Sprain: A joint injury caused by overstretching
What is the name of the human system corresponding to muscles and bones? The locomotor system
Name the place where different bones join and allow movements:
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