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COGNITIVE FACTORS: STYLES:+To learn: visual, auditory or kinaesthetic style.+To organize information: field- independent, analytical or synthetic, reflective or impulsive, etc.+To elaborate information: communicative, conformist, critical thinkers, memorizing learners, etc.//STRATEGIES:+Direct strategies: cognitive,compensation, memory. +Indirect strategies: metacognitive, affective and social./// AFECTS IN A LANGUAGE LEARNING:  -Success in language learning depends“less on materials, techniques

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Marketing 1

marketing – The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. 

Deliver genuine value.

Discover the needs and wants of prospective customers and satisfy them.
exchange – the trade of things of value between a buyer and a seller so that each is better off after the trade
4 Factors of Marketing – (1) two or more parties (individuals or organizations) with unsatisfied

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tema 5

In Mesoamerica, experiments involved corn, beans and squash. The evolution was not the same in every area. For example, maize, one of the most important plants in Latin American culture, is believed that was used in Oaxaca since 7 500 B.C., in Tehuacan since 5 000 B.C. and in Tamaulipas in 3 000 B.C.
The varieties of squash or pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo, mixed, moschata) appeared in different times; pepper, avocado, amaranth, mesquite, cactus, agave and nuts too.
The Andean Area specialized in
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1. How did a book become a turning point in Richard Ebright’s life?

Ans: Richard Ebright was interested in collecting butterflies. By the time he was in the second grade, he had collected all the twenty-five species of butterflies found around his home town. This would have been the end of his butterfly collecting. But at this point his mother got him a book called “The Travels of Moarch X’. This book told him about the migration of monarch butterflies to Central America. This book aroused

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Acceptability Software must be acceptable to the type of users for which it is designed. This means that it must be understandable, usable, and compatible with other systems that they use. Dependability and security Software dependability includes a range of characteristics including reliability, security, and safety. Dependable software should not cause physical or economic damage in the event of system failure. Software has to be secure so that malicious users cannot access or damage the system.

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This primary source is a selection of articles of the Railway Law, an economic law that was issued on the 3rd of June 1855 and sanctioned by Isabel II. It was issued during the Progressive biennium in which Espartero was the head of government and Madoz the minister of treasury. Many changes were undertaken in this period, and more than 200 laws referring to the economy were issued, such as the General Disentailment Law of Madoz (1855), The Banking laws, or the Company laws. 

By means of this law

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Qualifications for Election as President of India.
A person to be eligible for election as President should fulfill the following qualifications:
1. He should be an indian citizen.
2. He should have completed 35 years of age.
3. He should be qualified for election as a member of the Lok Sabha.
4. He should not hold any office of profit under the Union government or any state government or any local authority or
any other public authority.
Note: First president of India: Dr. Rajendra Prasad. No person except
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Environmental sciences: It is an academic field that provides an integrated, quantitative and interdisciplinary approach to the study of the components of the Earth, the interactions established among them and with the human system to find the solution of environmental problems. Environment: The study of the interaction between the physical , chemical, biological and social components of the natural world, including their effects on all types of organisms and how humans impact their surroundings.

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From the 9th and 10th centuries, a political, social and economic system 
called feudalism developed in western Europe. This system survived until the Early 
Modern Period.
The kings lost power and shared it with the clergy and nobility. Therefore, the king lost 
authority to the nobles, who also had castles and knights under their command.
The society was divided into closed groups. It included a minority formed of nobles 
and clergymen,

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Pact of Baiona 1975


  • TYPE OF TEXT: Primary source. As a regards the form, as it is a manifest; it is a historical text. In the content it is political text.
  • AUTHOR: Collective Author (Basque political and trade union organizations in exile in France) (PCE, PNV, UGT, Izquierda Republicana, ANV, Euskadi Mendigozale Batza, PSOE, ELA, Republicans, CNT)
ADDRESSEE: it is addressed to all citizens of the Basque Country, but indirectly to the Franco Regime, therefore, it is a public text.
  • OBJECTIVE: reaffirmed their 
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