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1. Long term WWII. 1. The impact of WW I. War reparations were paid by Germany. This caused resentment which later contributed to the rise of Nazi extremism. 2. The rise of fascism and nationalism. There was a great fear of a similar revolution that could happen in their countries, after the rusian revolution. Fascism, Communism and other authoritarian solutions were considered a good solution for those who feared the comunist revolution. 3. Weakness of democracies. When Hitler began with his expansionism

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Literary terms


A brief and indirect reference to a person, historical event, cultural event, political event, or idea.


The device of using character and/or story elements symbolically to represent an abstraction in addition to the literal meaning.


Comparing two objects for the purpose of explaining something. For example: a heart and a pump.

Deus ex machina:

 circumstance where an implausible concept or a divine character is introduced into a storyline for the purpose of resolving

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COGNITIVE FACTORS: STYLES:+To learn: visual, auditory or kinaesthetic style.+To organize information: field- independent, analytical or synthetic, reflective or impulsive, etc.+To elaborate information: communicative, conformist, critical thinkers, memorizing learners, etc.//STRATEGIES:+Direct strategies: cognitive,compensation, memory. +Indirect strategies: metacognitive, affective and social./// AFECTS IN A LANGUAGE LEARNING:  -Success in language learning depends“less on materials, techniques

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    To develop emotional and cognitive abilities. Young humans have access to abstract thinking and reflexive knowledge. 
    To build a personal identity, integrating and accepting their body image, have expectations and future projects. This includes accepting puberty’s physical changes, redefining familiar relationships, achieve emotional independence and a sexual identity. 
    To acquire new social abilities (relations with other classmates and adults), an

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I have been a very shy person for as long as I remember and my toughest moments are when I am surrounded by people I do not know. It is not until some time has passed by and I get to know the other people a bit more that I can really be myself.  Moments like these were when I started an activity in a group I did not know, such as French classes at high-school and sports. However, never will I forget my first day of college.

I was going to begin a course of studies because I wanted

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1.A communication is a symbolic process whereby reality is produced, maintained, repaired, & transformed is:


2.Lasswell´s model of communication is expressed as: Who says what in which channel with what effect.TO WHOM

3.The mass society theory idea that media R dangerous drug, or a killing force that directly & immediately penetrates a persona s system s summed up in the: HYPODERMIC NEEDLE THEORY

4.Communication is best defined as THE PROCESS OF CREATING

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POST-WAR CRISIS (1918-1923)

Characteristics of the economic crisis in Europe:

  • High levels of debt, loans  from the USA intended to pay for the cost of war.

  • A shortage of products, an increase in prices.

Germany was severely affected in the crisis and also pay war reparations.

The hyperinflations It caused considerable internal political instability in the country, the occupation of the Ruhr by France and Belgium as well as misery for the general populace.

In 1923, France decided to occupy the richest

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Introduction: The Bourbons, a new dynasty in Spain

The Habsburg dynasty finished in 1700 with the death of Charles II, who had appointed as his heir the french prince Philip of Bourbon, while Archduke Charles of Habsburg (Austria) claimed his rights to the throne. However, this led to an international conflict as the balance of power was disturbed and inside Spain the territories supported different pretenders. This led to the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714).
Philip V of Bourbon won the

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1.The doctrine of stare decisis, though vital to the creation of the common law when this country was settled, is not important to our modern, complex society.


2.While at the park, Tasha saw a small child fall into the lake. Tasha did not know the child. Under the common law of most states, Tasha has a legal duty to take reasonable steps to assist the child if Tasha is able to help and such help will not jeopardize Tasha’s well being.



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25.1 Marketing planning

Marketing plan sets out the marketing objectives (market share/ sales/ brand awareness), strategy, budget and the activities necessary to achieve objectives.

èOperational department: how much need to be available to sell at what times

èHuman resource: number of skills and staff needed at what times

èFinancial forecast: expected profits and cash flow

25.2 Elasticity of demand

Income elasticity: % change in quantity demanded divided by % change in income.

When income increases

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