Temperature: Average energy of molecules or atoms in a material – Kinetic energy of a substance. Heat: Total energy of molecules or atoms in a material,You can have a large amount of heat but low temperatures Can have high temperatures but little heat Latent heat: The amount of heat required to completely change a quantity of water from phase A to phase B with no corresponding change in temperature. “Latent” means “hidden” Residence timesResidence time of a species = mass (or volume) in

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BATTLE OF LEPANTO (1571) Catholics (Holy League)  VS Ottoman Turks. The protestants in the Low  Countries: Felipe II seen as a  foreigner by the Flemish (born in  Spain, court in Madrid…) +  expansion of Protestantism…  Flemish rebelled demanding  autonomy (1566). It was the  beginning of the 80 Years War. In 1579 the northern Low  Countries declared themselves  independent forming the United  Provinces, but the war  continued. EIGHTY YEARS WAR Spain  VS United Provinces (northern

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ch 1

accounting equation (ch 1):

the balance sheet shows the relationship between assets,liabilities,& stockholder’s equity @ a particular equation form,assets = liabilities + stockholder’s equity.this is referred 2 as the basic accounting equation.

financial statements (ch 1) format/content (which accounts belong on each financial statement):

4 types of financial statements:

income statement:

summarizes all revenue & expenses 4 period (month,quarter,or year).if revenues exceed expenses,

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Assessment is one of the most important components of the education as it provides the evidence of students’ learning outcomes, and their growth over time. That process helps not only to students, but also teachers, families, and other stakeholders in many ways. For example, assessment is one of the tools to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and teachers and it can provide to evaluate the program effectiveness for program developers. According to Brookhart and Nitko,(2011), assessments are

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Review Cae

You are the arts review writer for a magazine some way. Would you recommend the film? Why? Why not? Write your review.    THE LAST HUMAN 

A week ago, I was very lucky to be invited to watch Michael Johnson’s new movie. “The last human” which won’t be in cinema until next winter. The film is set in an imaginary planet in the year 2030 and both, reality and fiction, are beautifully mixed throughout the whole film. I was not expecting too much from it, due to the unpopularity with the general

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This is Cadet Sargent Reboredo and, as requested, I am submitting this mail in order to give you an appropriate view of the Leon Air Base. If you were posted with us, I am confident about you would enjoy the place.
On the one hand, the work environment is so positive. We have in our team a group of skilled technicians which are able to solve any breakdown or failure we have to face in our daily routines. The consequence is our aircraft fleet is ready every single day.
On the other hand, Leon is an

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Marcus Garvey was from Jamaica, and he was inspired early on by the book up from slavery.

All the following key elements In the universal negro improvement association except educated elites

According to the universal negro catechism what is the cure for race prejudice: Leprosy

Who was the chaplain of the UNIA wrote their catechism and founded the African orthodox church: George ALEXANDER MCGUIRE

The best representative example of the UNIA economic project was: Black Star Line

The use of the general

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T6 1960-1975:ST -income+unemploy,imporv exter sector;LT:outstanding egrowth, inflows foreign currency +imports; Access interna market: Imports were financed bc inflows of foreign currency through: Tourism(competitive adv, -salaries-prices+supply) ;Migrant remittances(emigrateeurope);Foreign investment(change compared to franco, franco’s government:Internal saving were not enough to finance the industrial growth;Foreign capital was essential  to finance imports;Foreign direct investment for technological
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Managerial economics

1.Characteristics of modern business?

Effective use of information (knowledge) – Global concepts (organized on a global scale) – Interactions among economic agents and business networks (customers included), virtual networks,(   knowladge technology and relationship management)

2. how would you implement LAW of requisite variety in managerial practice?

- Build up of a structural complexity (hierarchy, procedures, systems)?

o Business systems turned unmanageable

o Empower organizational units and employees

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What is CSR and evolution

Corporate Social Responsibilities refers to different voluntary practices and policies undertaken by corporations intended to have a positive influence on the world. For this influence, they need to centered on a set of values, principles and culture. To achieve it it comprises a comprehensive management system, which includes all the functional areas of the company and the company should respond to the new demands of the environment. There are three main responsibilities:

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