( From smallest to the biggest)


- Atom: the smallest structure. It has positive, negatives and neutral charge.

-Chemical elements: they are a lot of atoms together. There are metallic and non metallic. For example: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus…).

-Molecule: when we put some elements together (H2O, HCl…).

-Macromolecule: they are a lot of molecules together (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates…).

-Cell: the smallest structure that can do the 3 vital functions.

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Investigations of energy conversion processes in macroscopic systems as well as properties of matter that takes part in these processes. Thermodynamics is broadly interpreted to include all aspects of energy transformations, including power generation, refrigeration, and relationships among the properties of matter.

Depending on the method – two general kinds of the thermodynamics may be distinguished:

-phenomenological (technical) thermodynamics, which uses the concepts related to

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what is delegates:the delegate is a pointer that allows the call of a function indirectly through its memory address.the delegate is used 2 call methods of other is similar 2 the function pointer used in other programming languages.the difference is that the delegate is a reference type on system.delegateclass. delegates R useful in situations where the occurrence of a specific event call different event handlers,depending on the context of the event occurrence.this requires dynamic

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Linguistic applied

Is a psychological theory of learning which was very influential in teh 1940s and 1950s, especially in the United States. Traditional behaviourists believed that language learning is the result of imitation, practice, feedback on success, and habit formation. Children imitate the sounds and patterns which they hear around them and receive positive reinforcement for doing so. Thus encouraged by their environment, they continue to imitate and practice these sounds and patterns until they
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It is a third contract that does not participate, but benefits from it. This type of contract is against the principle of relativity of the effects of the contract. Eg life insurance contract, lease agreement that states that the rent should be allocated to third.

Article 436. What states in favor of third parties may require the fulfillment of the obligation. [If this requirement is being violated, the person who can claim the stipulated compliance]

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We move from the acoustic level to the morpho-syntantic plane. That is, how meaning is created by means of the syntax and why some sentences are more artistic than others. 
Standard language: logical syntax /poetic language: rhythmical syntax. 

Dispositio and elocutio. Making up the text and organising the main ideas. What are the functions of morphology? Establishing categories where words can fit. If there are a lot of nouns: static text /if there are a lot verbs: dynamic
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1.Foundation: Long time ago, many people from the U.K. decided to travel by boat (the Mayflower) to a new land to settle. This new land belonged to Great Britain. The British king George III ruled both lands. Thirteen colonies were formed there. After a while, some of the colonists talked and decided that they wanted to be a free country. They didn’t want to be under the rule of the king of England anymore, so many Patriots decided to fight for independence. That decision meant the Patriots would

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Adhan: the call to prayer done from the minarets of the mosques by the muezzin.Allah: Arabic for God.Amir: commander or prince, frequently used with reference to the person who leads the community.Aya: verse of the Quran; also used in a general meaning of “sign” from God.Ayatollah: In Shia Islam, a high-ranking title given to clerics recognized as experts in Islamic studies.Basmala: the statement at the beginning of each sura of the Quran (except sura 9), “In the name of God, the Merciful,

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Explain what makes a selection method good; be able to apply the concepts of reliability, validity, utility, legality and fairness, and acceptability to appropriately evaluate different employee selection methods.

Reliability: It is the good question for understand. Acceptability : IMPORTANT Ex: role play
We have to be carrefull about the misunderstanding and ATTENTION because it is complicated to understand Abilities in a role play. 
Acceptability is the only step related to the person, the 4

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Unity, Cross, Sin(Themes)

We belong to Christ, we are not divided(Unity)

Foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than Human strength(cross)

Paul warns people of Corinth, To not be inflated by pride, boasting is a “radical sin”

God’s Wisdom,  Mysterious, hidden, it is his plan for our salvation

Role of God’s ministers, They are the ones God chosen to fulfill his mission, which is to spread his word

Analogy of the planter, the waterer, and the grower:

In the

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