1920, Vilna FAILUREIn 1920 in Vilna there was a largely Polish populations and it was made the capital of the newly created state of Lithuania. The polish found it unfair and their army seized the city and Lithuania resulted to the league. The league then asked the polish troops to withdraw but Poland refused. The matter was then passed to the Conference of Ambassadors (group of seniors diplomats who oversaw matters arising from the peace settlements) who awarded Vilna to Poland. 1921, Aaland Island

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nile(Civilization lived along the river,Source of Income (Flooding),Source of Communication,From Alexandria to Ethiopia).phoencia(Series of city States (Tyro, Byblos, Sidon),Present day Lebanon,Mostly traders,Liaison between West and East, Created a network of colonies).Goods(Import:Iberian Peninsula – Silver, lead and iron.Africa – Gold.Egypt – Wheat, Linen and Cotton.Malta – Coral.India – Textiles.Cyprus – Cooper.Export:Fine Glass,Fabrics,Jewellery).Tyrian purple (AKA Phoenician

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Optimal reorder interval

Continuous-review inventory model,

Safety stock = z x σL = NORM. INV (α,0,1) x √L x σ

Lead time of shipping from factory to Europe = 5 weeks

Cycle service level = 98%

Product cost = $400

Holding cost per year = 30% of product cost

NORM.INV(0.98,0,1) =2.053748911

Average Inventory

= (Q/2 )+ Safety Stock

Order-Up-To Level,

S = s + Q

Factors driving safety inventory

-Replenishment lead time: If lead time is reduced by a factor of k, the required safety inventory will be reduced

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1. Shariat Court
Under the presidential order in 1980, a court was constituted which was given constitutional status later on. federal shariat court has jurisdiction to introduce Islamic principles in a statute as contained in the injunctions of Islam. it can give its opinion to the gov’t concerned about an existing statute.
2. Relevant Provisions:
Article 203.
3. Composition:
The federal shariat court consists of eight Muslim judges includind the Chief justice. they are appointed by the president of
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Second World War

CAUSES: nationalist discontent: at the end of ww1 Germany was unhappy because the Treaty of Versailles made it to give territory to Poland and Czechoslovakia, and italy was unhappy bc it hadn’t been given the territories it waned in the mediterranean. both countries desired to recover lost territories. economic protectionism: protectionist policies to reduce imports (adopted in the Great Depression of the 1930s) forced the countries to find new markets for their products. this created tensions between

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3Personal space (from now on “PROXEMIC”) is the región surrounding a person which they regard as psychologically theirs. Personal space is an indicator of people´s relationship. Most people value their personal space and feel discomfort, anger, or anxiety when their personal space is surpassed.

4different personal spaces:  Intimate  distance (Until 46 cm) : This space is reserved for lovers, children and relatives. People we love and know very well. Personal distance (From  46cm to 1,2m,

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Teoria Geo

Traditional societies: similar to rural societies (in political, economic and cultural ways to those that existed before the industrial revolution. Also called pre-industrial.

- Most of them work in agricultural and livestock farming activities.

- Their production is based on survival.

- They manufacture the things artisanaly.

- A very stable and controlled behaviour (by religious and modal codes).

- Comunication between them and villages is very limited. Only few have the opportunity to travel or hear

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• Consumers insecurities with their appearance are rampant, 72% of men and 85% of
women are unhappy with at least one aspect of their appearance. This chapter will focus
on how consumers’ feelings about themselves shape their consumption habits,
particularly as they strive to fulfil their society’s expectations about how they should act.
Many products, are bought because the person is trying to highlight or hide some aspects of the
Today is seems natural to think of ourselves
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Chris – young generation

In the play, Arthur Miller portrays Joe and Chris as victims of the war. Chris is a symbol of the younger generation. He is young and naive soldier. He is honourable, principled, altruistic and socially responsible. He has noble ideas, such as “solidarity” and “responsibility”, which Chris learned in his war situations. He is ashamed of his father. 

He is idealistic and a dreamer. 

The diction “Kids” suggest that for Chris the soldiers were young like children

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ingles voc

T2addicted: liking something very much. adventours: willing to try new and often difficult or dangerous things. aware: knowing that something exists, or having knowledge or experience of a particular thing. bothered: if you are bothered about something, it is important to you and you are worried about it.  cautious: taking care to avoid risks or danger.  critical: saying that someone or something is bad or wrong. decisive: able to make decisions quickly and confidently, or showing this quality.

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