1.Summarize. In what ways was Britain in the 1800s the most powerful nation on earth?

It had begun conquering a lot of countries, like India or Ireland, which made it gain a lot of political power. The industrial revolution was also in full swing, so the production and sale of new goods were booming, which caused the economy to rise.

2.Analyze. What values of Queen Victoria are reflected in the era that bears her name?

Devotion to one’s duty and hard work, correctness and proper manners, and nationalism.

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1.Intro: multinational companies with challenges. 
2.Making decisión in imultinacional world of pr, 2 scopes
-Multinacional companies have to pay special attention to be effective and stable in time to tow of their great assets:+The deep knloedge of their human resources with their skills.

+The experience in city to be able to heave in every moment in any culture and subject that affects the organization

3.Intelligences: Natural: is used to discriminate among living things, such as plants

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The New Economic Policy

Russia suffered human loss and material damage during the Russian Civil War. New Economic Policy (NEP) was an attempt to rebuild the economy.

The USSR: a new state

USSR (the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics) created in 1922as a federation of republics. Was a multi-national and multi-ethnic state.

Fist constitutionof the USSR was formulated in 1924, established the new political system:

1: Republics had autonomy in domestic policy, law, education, health. Could

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There are three forms of agreements covering employment contracts:individual employment contracts, collective bargaining contracts and employment-at-will agreements.Collective bargaining contracts are negotiated with unions and cover the nature of work, wages, benefits, promotions, layoffs, seniority provisions, and grievance procedures.

A.Characteristics of relationship

1.Contractual; coming under government regulations

2.Employee v. Independent Contractor – difference is CONTROL

B.Creation of employment

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“The changing in our eating habits in the last few decades have been mostly negative”  In my opinion people are changing their eating habits and many of the causes have made this change negative.  I think that there are more and more problems with the food industries and one of the biggest problems is meat. Many people have stopped eating it because of the treatment of animals.  Another reason I think people feed on a lot of pre-cooked food for different reasons and one of them may be not

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The role of wetlands as a water resource: A wetland is an area of land with soil that are permanently flooded. It includes freshwater marshes (e.g. Macquarie Marshes in Australia), bogs (e.g. Strangmoor Bog in USA) and swamps (e.g. The Everglades in Florida USA) Wetlands are very important water resource as they provide many ecosystem services. There are marine coastal, inland and artificial types, subdivided into 30 categories of nature wetland and 9 human-made ones such as reservoirs, barrages

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The process of Amendment in USA constitution is so rigid. It is discussed in Article V. The proposal of amendment may be by two third majority of congress or by the two third majority of states. And it must ratify by the three fourth majority of states.
The Article V of constitution deals with the process of Amendment.
Stage of Process
There are two stages of the Amendment one is proposal and second is ratification.
(i) Proposal
When any one wants to amend something in constitution. He proposal
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Optimal reorder interval

Continuous-review inventory model,

Safety stock = z x σL = NORM. INV (α,0,1) x √L x σ

Lead time of shipping from factory to Europe = 5 weeks

Cycle service level = 98%

Product cost = $400

Holding cost per year = 30% of product cost

NORM.INV(0.98,0,1) =2.053748911

Average Inventory

= (Q/2 )+ Safety Stock

Order-Up-To Level,

S = s + Q

Factors driving safety inventory

-Replenishment lead time: If lead time is reduced by a factor of k, the required safety inventory will be reduced

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El Intruso


  • TYPE OF TEXT: Primary source. As a regards the form, as it is a novel, it is a literary, narrative; in the content, it is a social text.
  • AUTHOR: Written in Valencia in 1904 by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. At first he was a manners author, then wrote a social theme. Also understood in politics and lecturer issues.
  • ADDRESSEE: Readers, therefore, it is a public text.
  • OBJECTIVE: Reflect the social consequences of industrialization, describing the living conditions of workers in the mines of 
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Historical Context
American Revolution (1776)
French Revolution (1789)
Is a reaction of the romantic changes.
Dramatic changes concerning social and living conditions.
Authors transform the actual way of thinking. 
Artistic and phylosofical movement.
Who started the movement?
William Wordsworth
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Write ballads.
Romanticism Beginning
Civilization from this period have: art, culture, literary elements, history
Is personal,  espontaneous, subjective, authors show
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