they have learned their native language with apparent ease, and by the time they arc 6 years old they have brought it to a level of fluency that is the envy of non-native speakers. After around 6 months. their child begins to function sUCessfully in the new setting and at a linguistic level to which the parents cannot hope aspire, even when they have been studying the language seriously for to a similar period of time. this is not an approach that will make
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Describe the geographic area? 

South east portion of modern day Quebec 

Formerly Lower Canada 

Became Québec after Confederation 

Was primarily a French speaking region 

The possibility of Confederation was a major concern due to fear over the French losing their culture and religion 

Approximately a population of 900 000 lived in Canada East in 1851 

Rural population 

What economic resources would this colony bring to a union of colonies? 

Farm products:

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Arthropods (joint foot)

Form and Function: EXOSKELETON-  insects: flexible ticks & lobsters: hard

Many terrestrial have H2o proof exoskeleton, making it possible to live in extremely dry places. 

Jointed Appendages; enable movement. Examples: claws, antennae, legs, wings, flippers, etc.

Segmented bodies: Most have 3 segments. Centipede and millipede have more. Some have 2, because head and thorax= cephalothorax.

Respiration: crustaceans: gills, chelicerates: book gills and book lungs, insects:

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Or viscous-liquid mixture we applied for extension (roller), dipping or projection (gun). About object or support. It is, proytege and color support. Originated in Egypt and Rome: rubber-based paints and waxes. S XVIII: home painting chemical industry. 1GM Dsp 1 synthetic resins.

-Properties: good adherence to the support, weather resistance, versus neutral behavior support, do not react chemically. Acrylic paint on metal: upon primer, but oxida.Estabilidad color.Mas is homogeneous, good performance,

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Information processing Companies collect data continuously, from suppliers, clients, partners, etc., but this information is not very valuable unless is properly classified and updated.Information processing is a set of operations performed with the information obtained from different sources and include the following stages:Information search ˃    classification    ˃   Selection     ˃ interpretation & presentation                                                         

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Sin título 1

TERTIARY SECTOR. It enables the immaterial activities (transport, trade, tourism, education…) involved in delivering services to meet people’s or companies’ needs.
PUBLIC SERVICES. They are provided by the State using money collected from taxes. Its aim is to guarantee social welfare.
PRIVATE SERVICES. The services delivered by private companies using money paid by those who demand the service. Their main aim is to earn financial profit.
NGO. They are non governmental organizations that offer services
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Workers 2

The working day is the time during which the worker provides services to the employer in exchange for a wage. The term shall be agreed in the collective agreement or employment contract may not exceed 40 hours semanales.Se may establish the irregular distribution of these hours throughout the year, fulfilling the minimum daily rest period (12 hours ) and weekly rest (1.5 days). The working day is 9 hours máximo.El government can place restrictions on the length of the days and rest in the works

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Neuro Study Guide

1.Articulation disorder and speech/language impairment including neuropsychological and psychosocial correlates.

Articulation Disorder

-Refers to problems making speech sounds and phonological processing skills

-Seen mostly in young children (preschool)

-Diagnosed if children do not outgrow common articulation errors (“wabbit” instead of “rabbit;” “nana” instead of “banana”)

-May be more common in developmental disorders (e.g.,autism), genetic syndromes (e.g., Down syndrome), hearing

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                                      “Taxonomy Reading”

As you have discovered, living things are put into groups according to their characteristics.  This is called classificationThe characteristics that are used to classify living things determine the groups they are put into.  The characteristics that are chosen to form these groups make up a classification system.

     About 1/2 million different kinds of living things have been discovered so far.  Each year

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MGMT 100 Final

Chapter 1 An overview of Management

Management—a set of activities designed to achieve an organization’s objectives by using its resources effectively in a changing environment

Organizations groups of individuals who work together to achieve the goals or objectives that are important to individuals.

Resources– People equipment, finances, and data used by an organization to reach its objectives

Stakeholders– A person or group that can affect or is affected by an organization’s actions goals or the

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