1.Why was the fertilising room an important place?

Because in this room you will see how humans are mass-produced.

2.How did the Bokanovsky process cause social stability?

The Bokanovsky process created groups of identical men and women. Everyone had the same attitude so there was no conflict.

3.What happened to the female embryos?

Thirty per cent of the female embryos developed normally. The others were given a male sex hormone. This made them sterile and they wouldn’t produce eggs.

4.According to

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WHAT ARE THE QUALITIES OF A GOOD NEGOTIATOR? Knowledge about the other party . Say what you want from the start. Take care of non-verbal communication.  Voice. Avoid aggressiveness. Self-confident. Active listening. TYPES OF NEGOTIATION: WIN-WIN: Since both sides benefit from such a scenario, any resolutions to the conflict are likely to be accepted voluntarily. The process of integrative bargainingaims to achieve, through cooperation, win-win outcomes. WIN-LOSE: Situations result when only

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agent is anything that can be viewed as perceiving its environment through sensors and acting upon that environment through actuators. Human agent: eyes, ears, and other organs for sensors; hands, legs, mouth, and other body parts for actuators. Robotic agent: cameras and infrared range finders for sensors, various motors for actuators. A software agent receives keystrokes, file contents, and network packets as sensory inputs and acts on the environment by displaying on the screen, writing files,

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private and public
The term “company” is very ancient one. Since its origin, this term has passed through various stages of evolution. In this present world, company is considered an association of a number of individuals, which is formed for some common purpose. Under companies Ordinance, various kinds of company have been described. Out of these kinds of company, one kind is public company and other kind is private company.
Definition of Public company
Public company can be defined as that company,
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 TEMA 2 

1.In Roman Empire

     -Insignia: graphic representations of given business, first forms of metaphors.

     -Pine = Tavern. Squared.      Board = Game house.      Donkey = bakery. 

     -The first advertising techniques: 

          + Demonstrating: showing how a product is made. 

          + Exhibition: owner showing manufactured piece. 

2.Trade organizations , Guilds:Guilds were associations of artisans or merchants that gathered their business in the same area

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1.O.J Simpson found not guilty. A family member of the victim filed which type of suit?

ANS: Civil

2.To be convicted of a crime a person must:

ANS: Commit a guilty act (actus reus).

Have the guilty mind (mens rea) during commission of the guilty act.

3.The term that refers to the authority of a court to hear a particular case is called

ANS: jurisdiction

4.What are strict liability crimes?

ANS: certain statutory offenses exist in which mens rea is not essential

traffic crimes and public safety are examples

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1. Introduction:
Intervention is right of every state. when one state intervenes in the affairs of another state through force then as a reaction against this violation, international law, permits intervention. it is forcible and without the consent of the state where in the intervention is done. general assembly of the unite 1 nation has made non- intervention a duty of all the states. intervention may effect internal or external affairs of another state.
2. Meaning of intervention:

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Innovation means a new way of doing something. It implies changes in thinking products, organization or processes. It’s considerate a major driver business. Innovation is linked to competitive positioning (differentiating your offer and create value for your costumers). However, there are risks and costs involved.


Usually products fail because companies are often enamored of their new product that they fail to do their research

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a)Sociability and self-interest Authors like Thomas Hobbesor Sigmund Freudmaintain that the human being is not a socialbeing by nature, but we live in society for pure self-interes b)Sociability and natureOn the other hand, according to authors such as Aristotleor Erich Fromm, the human being isincomplete by nature and, therefore, he is in need of others.
State is a type of political organization characterized by a permanent andindisputable power in a specific territory a)It has territorial power.
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French Revolution

french Revolution causes

  *Political factors: +Absolutism: -Lovis XVI ruled France between 1774-1789 -He is absolute monarch -People complained about how France was governed: King had unlimited power/ No parliament power. +Voting system in the Etats- Generaux: -one vote per Estete: This system was disliked by the bourgeoisie /they argued for voting per person.

*Social factors: – Stratified society and the rise of bourgeoisie: Bourgeoise were rapidly growing in wealth and number/They complained of

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