1. Nicky is thinking of giving up her job.               ok 
2. Do you believe in God?                                      no
3. I’m feeling hungry. Is there anything to eat?     ok
4. This sauce is great. It’s tastes really good.         no
5. I think this is your key. Am I right?                    no

You don’t seem very happy today. 
What are you doing? Be quiet! I’m thinking.
Who does this umbrella belong to? I have no idea.
The dinner smells good.
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System Admin

Chapter 4:

Two Basic Patterns

1. Perimeter Security: Like a castle with a high wall around it. Make a good wall, and

you are free to do what you want inside.

Put a good firewall at the entry to your network, and you don’t have to worry about

what’s inside.

Like crunchy candy shell with soft gooey center.

Problem with perimeter security : Crunchy candy shell is disappearing as wireless

networks become common and as organizations cross-connect networks with partners.

2. Defense in depth: Placing security

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The way toward the modern society

1. The origin was during XI century there was an increase of population.

2. The change happened due to use the new farming system.

3. 1 Cutting down the forests for increase new lands to farming. 2 Crop rotation. 3 The spread or irrigation techniques.

4 Use of iron tools: rakes, harness, horse collar or horseshoes. 5 Draft animals: oxen, horses, mules or donkeys.

6 Generalization of wind or water mills to grind the cereals. The most important consequences of these improvement


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O. Wilde (Dublin, 1854 -Paris, 1900)


Dublin – scholarship to study at the Magdalen College in Oxford

Relations with Walter Pater, father of Aestheticism (Art for Art’s sake). Newsdigate Prize for Ravenna.

London- Vera- “Apostle of Aestheticism”, fame for his eccentricity

Tour to the USA – Went to live in Paris (The Duchess of Padua)

1884- He married Constance Mary. (poetry/ prose).

Back to London- his fame as an eccentric, homosexual and conversationalist grew.

He wrote poetry, short stories,

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Change management comprises the processes, tools and techniques used to manage the people side of change and achieve desired business outcomes. Ul:mately, change management focuses on how to help employees embrace, adopt and utilize a

change in their day-to-day work. Change management is both a process and a competency.

Frederick Winslow Taylor:

His original motivation was to identify and address issues of efficiency in the industrial workplace by systematically

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A blazer ->A type of formal jacket

A challenge ->Something that will be difficult to achieve

A crime ->Any illegal action

A fine-> An amount of money you must pay for committing a crime

A forgery ->An illegal copy of a document / The crime of making it

A hoodie ->A sweatshirt that has a hood to cover the head

A host-> The one who invites the guests

A hostage ->Someone who is taken as a prisoner to et sth in exchange ofhis liberty

A mugging-> An act of attacking someone and stealing

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The 20th century is a turbulent age. With the rise of modern industry, the economy has developed rapidly, but people are mentally dominated by panic and not free, and the alienation between individuals and nature, society, others and even self is magnified. In the World War I, human beings use the weapons invented by science and technology to massacre their own kind, and the concepts of freedom, love, and humanity in the western society have been ruined by war. Western civilization was thrown into

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History: Unit 1- The Early Modern Age. Humanism and the Renaissance.


  • The Early Modern Age began in 1453 with the Fall of Constantinople and ended with the French Revolution in 1789.


  • Increased agricultural production: An increase in the amount of land under cultivation. No technological advances. Agriculture and livestock farming were the main source of economic activity. Societies were very vulnerable: during the years of bad crops, hunger and disease

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1.5 Protection vs. Integration

Protectionism: The protection objective is to keep alive domestic production and to increase import prices. For this purpose, it uses different instruments:

Tariffs: taxes on imported goods to protect the domestic industry. An external tariff is a ‘tax’ on foreign products introduced in the domestic market. The effect is that its price is higher and it its more difficult to compete with domestic products.Quotas on imports: is a limitation of the quantity of foreign

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*Nowadays, TV series are very important for most people, because when you start watching a series you get hooked and you can’t stop, because it’s one episode after another. *On the one hand , TV series can be a source of entertainment and learning, it develops positive values and brings families together to watch together. *On the other hand, it can lead to an abuse of television, it can affect our studies, and it can also lead to physical problems. *On balance,

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