An Odd Story

[The world began. ]

A middle-aged man sat in his living room with a book. This book appeared to be an electronic book titled “Magic” which he’d found in the attic of the home he’d just purchased. He, in his infinite wisdom, believed that the “book of magic” was just a nice looking gimmick and that as a relic it looked nice as a conversation starter on his coffee table. Had he treated it as such, that’s all it ever would have been.

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- Innovation is important for companies because it allows them to stay competitive in the market and increase their revenue.

- Companies that continuously innovate are more likely to attract and retain customers, as they are able to offer new and improved products or services.

- Innovation also helps companies increase efficiency and reduce costs, which can improve their bottom line. (COMMODITY TRAP)

- Innovation can also help companies enter new markets, and

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they have learned their native language with apparent ease, and by the time they arc 6 years old they have brought it to a level of fluency that is the envy of non-native speakers. After around 6 months. their child begins to function sUCessfully in the new setting and at a linguistic level to which the parents cannot hope aspire, even when they have been studying the language seriously for to a similar period of time. this is not an approach that will make
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The Mercantilists, 1500-1800

make few imports and many exports, thereby generating a net inflow of foreign exchange and maximizing the country’s gold stocks

▪ The world’s wealth was fixed ▪ Gain from trade at the expense of trading partners

Adam Smith: ▪ World’s wealth is not a fixed quantity ▪ All countries can benefit from international trade

Principle of

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1.Why use market segmentation?: is always more commercially effective than mass marketing. This is because:-Buyers are more inclined to select products and services-Companies can better ‘cut through’ (break) if their message resonate.-Companies can be selective chase parts of the market. -Choosing with whom to do business (or not) the most important principle of segmentation. -Segmentation drives innovation.

2.Types of segmentation:

-Geo-demographic segmentation:

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1. Mary lives in Murcia.   2. I live in Patiño.   3. She doesn’t live in Madrid.   4. Do you live in Murcia? Yes, I do.   5. He often goes to the cinema.

6.He doesn’t go to the cinema every day.   7. ¿Does she live in Madrid? No, she doesn’t.    8. I always study at night.    9. Do you drink water every day? Yes, I do      10. I don’t study every day.


1. He is watching TV now.    2.They are eating apples.    3. You are writing e-mails.     4.

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Are you one of those people who are interested in learning about new cultures? Well, you’re not the only one! Have you ever experienced a cultural shock? So have I!

My name is Julia, and I’m from the United States. I’ve been writing for 5 years now! What a journey! I decided to write this blog as a way of helping people who usually travel and to help them overcome the issues they might encounter. 

My followers consider my blog a reliable source because I’m honest and transparent, I always

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1.4.1  Definition of taxes and ancillary charges
Taxes: Monetary payments that are not compensation for specific services and collected by a public law entity (solely for the purposes) of earning revenues
Ancillary charges: deferral fee, late-filing fee, late-payment fee, interest, coercive fee, expenses, fees for not complying with transfer pricing documentation requirements

1.4.2  Fundamental principles

Taxation according ability to pay: Taxes are assessed according to the individual’s ability

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A blazer ->A type of formal jacket

A challenge ->Something that will be difficult to achieve

A crime ->Any illegal action

A fine-> An amount of money you must pay for committing a crime

A forgery ->An illegal copy of a document / The crime of making it

A hoodie ->A sweatshirt that has a hood to cover the head

A host-> The one who invites the guests

A hostage ->Someone who is taken as a prisoner to et sth in exchange ofhis liberty

A mugging-> An act of attacking someone and stealing

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This policy in turn has major implications not just for intrastate conflicts but also for terrorism, crime and other international security problems. However, this fact alone does not mean that such interventions will fail, only that the stakeholders who undertake a more self-interested intervention must then work very hard to bolster the legitimacy and credibility of their efforts in three basic ways: by increasing the multilateral contributions to their efforts, by securing the endorsement of

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