Text 1:

Applied linguistics: A twenty first century discipline (Grabe, 2004)

→ The text says that over the years, the term applied linguistics has been defined and interpreted in different ways.

1950→ A.L. the term was meant to reflect the insights of structural and functional linguistics that could be applied directly to Second Language teaching.

1960→ A.L continued to be associated with the application of linguistics to language teaching. Also it became involved in matters of language assessment,

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Web Applications

Controls FORM, BUTTON and TEXT. So far we have seen how to create a form with controls of type Button. We add a control type TEXT (allows the operator to load keyboard characters). Now we will see the importance of defining a NAME to a form of control. In this issue we have four controls: 1 FORM, 1 BUTTON, 2 TEXT. The event is triggered by pressing the button is called show. The function ‘show’ access to the contents of the two controls of type TEXT: var nom = document.form1.nombre.value var ed

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-Crime doesn´t paysaid to say there is more trouble than benefit from committing a
-Locks keep out only the honest Honest people will never go to prison because they
are never guilty.
-If you share your friend´s crime, you make it your ownIt means that if you don’t
report a crime, you’re being an accomplice
-Obviously crime pays, or there´d be no crime If people receive punishment for
committing a crime is because a crime has been committed.
 Pg 58/59 After twenty years:
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software engineering

What is software? Computer programs and associated documentation. Software products may be developed for a particular customer or may be developed for a general market.

 What are the attributes of good software? Good software should deliver the required functionality and performance to the user and should be maintainable, dependable, and usable. 

What is software engineering?Software engineering is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production from the early
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Final Crime Scene

Exam 1 Material
  • What is crime scene processing?
    • The examination and evaluation of the scene and any evidence found there for the express purpose of documenting the scene context and recovering the evidence.
  • Know the following, including examples: predicable effects, unpredictable effects, transitory effects, relational details, functional details
    • Predictable Effects-> Changes to the scene that occur with some rhythm or regularity
      • Body Decay
      • Insect Life Cycles
    • Unpredictable Effects-> Changes that
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Letters to magazines or newspaper. FILM  Dear Sir/Madam. I am writing to complain about your review of the film HAPPY EVER AFTER.I believe it gave the wrong impression and I’d like to give readers an alternative opinion. FIRSTLY, there were several errors in the review. For example, it said the main character was a teenager, whereas she was actually in her twenties. More importantly, however, the review suggested that this was a silly film that only very young people would like. In fact, my friends

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Objective of creativity

  • To enhance creative potential by strengthening various mental abilities and shape an ordinary learner to become an extraordinary learner.
  • To expose the learners to creative problem solving exercises by developing integrative intelligence to become managers with creative skills.
  • To help the learners to become thoughtful managers by understanding workplace creativity and ways of harnessing (tie together) it for organizational excellence
  • To expand the
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1.The message the organization should share with these audiences should be very similar. Firstly, they should highlight how successful they have been recently and all the different ways they van help the audiences addressed. The organization should also send a few members to China months in advance to talk about the benefits of this program and how people can benefit from it. The message should also highlight that these dentists are qualified professionals with years of experience that want to make

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1.2 levels evolution: 1. Adaptation

2. Speciation

2.5 agents of evolutionary change: 1. mutation

2. gene flow

3. non-random mating

4. genetic drift

5. selection

3.Adaptation: evolution within species; previous stuff

4.Adaptive radiation: rapid evolution of diversely adapted species from a common ancestor

- occurs when a species enters a new habitat or niche

5.Aging: Ordered sequence in layers of rock relative age of fossils

6.agriculture in artificial selection: rusts from generations of humans selection

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Competitive advantage: the ability of a firm to win consistently over the long term in a competitive situation.

  • is created by having and managing resources to provide goods and services that meet the following criteria: (1) they provide superior value, (2) they are rare— competitors do not provide similar products and services in quality and quantity, (3) they are difficult to imitate, and (4) they are non substitutable.

  • Superior Value: firms provide product & services that provide value that

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