1The genro all constituent lyrical works in which the author expresses his most intimate thoughts and feelings in an objective and personal.
2caracteristicas of gener litrario: the lyric genre is very wide and varied topics as forms and attitudes literarias.empleo intensive poetic pretense of lenguaje.y is a high number of stylistic figures, tmb x the strong features of the function precencia expression, and that manifest the feelings and emotions autor.concentracion and brevity of precencia little story elements, there is often no plot poetry stops on the fragmentary, in concrete images … the rhythm and musicality is achieved through repetition of sounds The distribution of pauses and accents of syllables sound sequence or intentionality-syntactic … ironic, satirical, reflective, philosophical .. or that the author wants.
3elegia: composition in which the author expresses the pain x the death of a loved one or a cirscuntancia desagradable.egloga: the poet expresses his feelings of love into the mouths of pastors in a natural landscape idealizado.soneto: two quatrains that have a theme or an idea, followed by two trios of argumentative nature that close the poem conclusively
More frequent 4versos Castilian literature: art unless art ay d 8 syllables greater than 9 and more consonant with repeated A.rima all after the last vowel sounds asentuada, assonance vowels are repeated only after the last vowel flat acentuada.palabra remains the same, word acute +1 and if esdrújula -1.
6 the jarchas are written in short stanzas muzarave romance that came at the end of a muwassaha arabe. The jarcha was the center of the composition
7juglar person who during the middle ages went from village to village reciting poems, singing or dancing in exchange for dinero.trovador: medieval poet who wrote and sang trovas in the Provençal language.
8mester of clergy: office of the minstrels who were dedicated to the recitation profecionales show and its characters are they called attention to the public to gain their interest, are constant repetition facilitate memorization and recitation receiver compression, simple and coordinated sentences were easier to remember, request for money at the end of the function
9cantar del mio cid: fourteenth century is preserved 3730 verses, the poem is anonimo.estructura: q 3 songs make up the original poem recited on different days. The plot unfolds credibly but clearly there are episodes ficticios.el theme is honor, lost his honor to be banished and his concern recuperarlo.estilo: it has style will, verses bimembres anaphora, exclamaciones.transcendencias: was lost during several centuries.
10mester of clergy: the school of writers who choose to worship as language literariacaracteristicas romance: the frame via the new verse, the themes are religious, historical, thematic or national romance, the language of these compositions are characterized d care x and select.
Lirica 14carctrs traditional themes of love songs (the woman keja a confidante of the absence of amado.endechas (funeral songs dedicated to the death of any person.) Maya (songs dedicated to the month of May when they bloom and spring love ) blades (the sunrise is the moment when the lovers bid farewell to avoid detection) songs of work and the party (to carry on the tasks of the day) formal features (many parallels anaphor and the expressive function)
15la poesia lirica cultured courtesan is inspired by love cuts.
16on code of courtly love is that the lover is devoted to a lady, the lady is top class (unattainable), the lady is not for the lover, the greatest evil of the lover is not seeing his mistress and love ends in death.
17los songbooks are collections of poems by various authors are the most imprtant baema songbook, songbook and songs Estuniga general.
18.coplas to the death of their father wrote Jorge Manrique in the s. XV
19romancero: is a large set of compositions called romances, epic, lyric or epic-lyrical with an undetermined number of eight-syllable lines rhyming in pairs assonance presents themes tradicionales.tiene two groups: old romance anonimo character has 8 and 9 syllables estribillo.romancero assonance or rhyme again has learned to imitate authors romances viejos.caracteristicas: single metric mold, tendency to condensation (songs shorter) frequent presence of archaic, peculiar use of verbs, repetition, and antithesis.
20lirica Renaissance: the aesthetic ideal, baroque lyric: pensimismo, worry x over time.
Garsilaso of 21lirica d vega.obras amorous themes, poems in vita, written in Isabel’s life, his beloved, AMDA Redo it and appear in celos.poemas morte: after the death of Elizabeth, aching love for his imposivilidad amor.estilo: buska perfection, musicality, and elegance suabidad
22 lirica de Lope de vega.obras: rhymes, rhymes and rhyming sacred humanity and divinity of property to take from burguillos.estilo: classicism, the balancing between buska forma.poetizo between background and all the events of his life, loving and religious.
23lirica conceptista.quevedo: Parnassus españl: collects political, philosophical, romantic, burlesque, you care about death.
25culteranismo (Gongora) works: minor poems: letriyas, romance and more sonetos.poemas: fable of Pyramus and Thisbe, panegyric to the Duke of Lerma, loneliness, and fable of Polyphemus and Galatea
27tendencias and characteristics of the romantic lyric: in the eighteenth century verse recovers appear stanzas with sharp verses 3,12,16 and 18 syllables and used multiple combinations of the first half of estrofas.durante s. outstanding romances of jose rivas duke calf and songs and poems of jose de Espronceda.en the 2nd half of the century there are more intimate and personal poetry whose representatives will rosalia de castro and poet Gustavo Adolfo Becker considered postromantic