Vocabulary Units 1-3: Definitions and Synonyms

1. to discover→To find out

3. to set free, to liberate→to release

4. to rise, to make or become larger→to increase

5. (feel) happy→in a good mood

6. to rely on →to depend on

7. the ability to continue living→survival

8. in a successful manner→successfully

9. the fastest land animal on earth→ cheetah

10. to get to, arrive at→to reach

11. to get by, to control or be in charge of something→to manage

12. (have) an advantage over→(to have) an edge over

14. wide→broad

15. perspiration→sweat (noun/verb)

16. absence of→lack (of)

18. A relative who lived in the past→ancestor

19. run faster than→ to outrun

20. refusing to give up, stubborn→persistent

21. a group of animals→a herd

22. extreme tiredness→exhaustion

23. probably→likely

24. short→brief

25. favourable comments→positive feedback

26. a feeling of enjoyment→pleasure

27. increase→boost

28. to make better→to improve

29. breathing organ in the chest→ lung

30. how much a body weighs →weight

31. useful; willing to help→helpful

32. economic growth or an increase in living standards development→development

33. conviction, way of thinking→a belief

34. to reach an objective→achieve (a goal)

35. A feeling of doubt or mistrust→suspicion

36. luckily→fortunately

37. marks→grades

38. worship→praise

39. to have an effect or influence on →to play a role

UNIT 2 (1)

1. Distance between two points—length

2. to jump: to spring, sprang, sprung

4. towards the front: forward(s:

5. towards the rear: backward(s)

6. to move unsteadily: to stagger

7. to pull (sb/sth) along the ground: to drag

9. thankfully: gratefully

11. to reduce: to save (time, effort:

12. autumn: fall

13. very pleased: delighted

14. to be aware of: to realize

15. dawn: sunrise

16. to suggest or think of an idea or plan: come up with

17. to cause something to happen: lead to

18. continue to be: remain

19. to suggest something: make a proposal

20. to do the same thing as someone else: follow suit

22. throughout the year: all year round

24. very important: major

25. amount of money saved: savings

27. to move upwards, increase: to rise, rose, risen

28. s who supports or encourages sb /sth: supporter

29. to involve in: engage

30. to assert or affirm strongly: to claim

31. make a person remember something: to remind

32. something that makes you remember : a reminder

34. to interrupt: to disturb

35. ask yourself questions about sth: to wonder

36. to be important enough to make the effort: to be worth the trouble

37. woollen cover: blanket

38. it makes no difference what: no matter what

39. to supply, to give :to provide

40. increase in size: growth

41. a machine used to do a household job: appliance

42. money paid to the government: tax

43. to become less heavy: to lose weight

44. worker: employer

45. to fail to be present for: to miss

UNIT 2 (2)

1. looking for, seeking: in search of

2. precise, exact: accurate

3. Year that has an extra day;: a leap year

4. to line up: align

5. compensate for: to make up for

6. real: actual

7. to continue to exist: to last

8. opening, hole, break: a gap

9. to encourage: prompt

10. at present: current

11. to move slowly without control: to drift

12. the gathering of crops: harvest

13. a person who owns or manages a farm: farmer

14. the season of the year between winter and : spring

15. a mistake or error: inaccuracy

16. money lent at interest: inaccuracy

17. actually, really: in fact

18. taking place over a long period of time: long-term

19. in the middle of: among

20. the leader of a country: a ruler

21. to be very attracted to someone: to fall in love

22. immediately: at once

23. footstep: a step

24. a slight fault, defect, weakness: flaw

25. very little: slight

26. gradually: overtime (over time)

27. continue to be: to remain

28. to pass by: to skip

29. limit, border, extremity: edge

30. accessible: available

31. to look after: take care (of)

32. s who presides a trial: a judge

33. happening in many places or to many people: widespread

34. not far away: nearby

35. finally: eventually

UNIT 3 (1)

1. not deep: shallow

2. go up, ascend: to climb

3. having a sharp inclination: steep

4. to go and get: to fetch

5. dangerous: unsafe

6. to be without: to lack (v)

7. water that comes from a tap: running water

8. rare, in short supply: scarce

9. quantity: amount

10. a piece of work to be done: task

11. very valuable: precious

12. in a restricted manner: sparingly

13. content on self with: make do with

14. ordinary: average

15. sth is important: (sth) matters

16. appropriate: proper

17. carried or transmitted through water: waterborne

18. sickness, illness: disease

19. to rear: to raise

20. fall ill: get sick

21. to look after: to care for

22. to be eager for something to happen: look forward to

23. to provide: to supply

24. very intense, irresistible: overwhelming

25. to implicate, include: to involve

26. to make a hole in something using a special tool: drill

27. a deep hole in the ground from which you can get: a well

28. under: below

29. possible: feasible

30. not one and not the other: neither…nor..

31. become the responsibility of: fall to

32. unfortunately: sadly

33. not succeed: to fail

34. to become broken or in bad condition: fall into disrepair

35. extra: spare

36. the act, state, or right of possessing something: ownership

37. to be the property of: belong to

38. to ensure: make sure

39. to control, be in charge of : at the minimum: to run

41. to agree with: to be on board with

42. to collect (money): raise (money)

43. to be in favour of: to support

44. to state, to claim: to argue

45. to break into pieces: to fall apart

46. to depend on, trust: to rely on

UNIT 3 (2)

1. grow and become more mature, advanced, or: develop

2. tap: faucet

3. costing no money: free

4. seek help from: to turn to

5. origin: source

6. advantages and disadvantages: pros and cons

7. to forbid, to prohibit: to ban

8. commercial transaction: sale

9. to appear to be: to seem

10. to support a position: to take sides

11. an important topic or problem for debate or: issue

12. to put: to set

13. to send goods: to ship

14. put something in the: to throw/threw/thrown AWAY

15. finish in a certain way or place: end up

16. continue to be: remain

17. Site for burying waste: landfill

18. to start doing something again that you had: go back to

19. to be thankful for: appreciate

20. characteristic: feature

21. to cause something to happen: to lead/led/led TO

22. rise: increase (n)

23. one or another: either …or..

24. trustworthy: reliable

25. heavier than the standard weight: overweight

26. move upwards, increase value: rise, rose, rise

27. to satisfy: to quench

28. fill an amount of space/time: take up

29. a wide variety of: a wide range of

30. helpful: useful

31. long outdoor seat: bench

32. An outside area where children can play: playground

33. be sb’s choice.: to be up to

34. ratio, speed: rate

35. To escape from a hole or crack in a pipe or container: Leak