Traveling in and out of Spain: Similarities and Differences

Nowadays, the number of Spaniards traveling abroad has increased considerably, and the big surprise comes when the news reveals that travel within Spain has also increased. Many prefer to explore nearby sites in our country, while others seek new places. This essay comments on the differences and similarities between traveling in and out of Spain.


Both options offer the chance to meet new people and discover wonderful places. Murphy (2015) states that good and bad people are scattered around the world, and you have the same probability of finding them in Spain or any other country.

Another important point is that both inside and outside Spain, you can find spectacular sites. Many make the mistake of thinking that their own country lacks such places, but it’s a matter of discovery.


Adapting and interacting with people from other cultures is a significant difference. It can be challenging to adjust to different customs, and climate change can also pose a challenge when traveling abroad.

University Internship vs. Finishing the Last Year

Nowadays, the majority of English Studies students have a doubt before entering their last year of university. This essay compares the similarities and differences between doing internships in a company or finishing the last university year.


Doing an internship provides practical experience, while finishing the last year allows for a final level raise in knowledge. It’s up to each student to choose the most appropriate option.


Both options prepare students for the future and offer the same possibility of obtaining a job in the short or medium term.

Studying Within the University vs. Studying Online

Nowadays, technology has allowed new types of training to be adapted to different professions. This essay comments on the similarities and differences between studying within the university or studying online.


Online courses make it more complicated to get help with doubts and require more responsibility from the student. Attending classes and interacting with teachers is essential in a university setting.


Both methods have a syllabus to follow and require effort to achieve success.

As a conclusion, any student is entitled to choose the way in which he wants to take his studies and how he wants to develop his student life, online as by normal classes, any way is a challenge that the person who chooses must be ready to strive and achieve his dream.