Essential Business English Vocabulary for Success

Aim for
Aspira a-Jack is aiming for becoming the president of the company somebody. 

Bachelor´s degree-

a university degree
Most well-paying jobs today require at least a bachelor’s degree. 

Be in high demand-

ser popular-be popular-                   


Auge-be very successful-The boom of the 1920s ended with the Wall Street Crash.



it is a place where you can buy sth or get some info- The knitting club has a booth at the county fair this year.

Be screened

Ser examinado-be examined

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Human Resource Planning
A process of evaluating a company’s human resource needs and planning hiring and staffing accordingly.
Employee Screening
The process of reviewing information about job applicants to select individuals for jobs.
Performance Appraisals
The formalized means of assessing worker performance in comparison to certain established organizational standards.
Talent Inventory
An assessment of the current KSAOs (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics) of current employees and
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MGMT 100 Final

Chapter 1 An overview of Management

Management—a set of activities designed to achieve an organization’s objectives by using its resources effectively in a changing environment

Organizations groups of individuals who work together to achieve the goals or objectives that are important to individuals.

Resources– People equipment, finances, and data used by an organization to reach its objectives

Stakeholders– A person or group that can affect or is affected by an organization’s actions goals or the

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Explain how human resource strategies and competitive business strategies are aligned. 
The core idea of the contingency perspective is the notion that human resource strategies are most effective when they match competitive business strategies. Accordingly, organizations with a cost leadership competitive strategy are expected to do best when they have either a Bargain Laborer or Loyal Soldier HR strategy. Organizations with a competitive business strategy of differentiation are expected to do
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