¡___Dear Christine Hendrikson

I apologise for not being able to attend the meeting. I couldn`t assist to our meeting due to all the flights were cancelled.

I can go tomorrow afternoon to your office or please send me a new date for our appointment.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

Franca Grau.

E.  Farewell speech

You want to say goodbye to all your colleagues as you are going to move to the USA.

It was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for everything. I will see you as possible I can.

Best regards.

Franca Grau.

3. Could all speakers please produce summaries of the sessions they gave.

The speakers should write

A.full details of what is in their session.

B.A brief report about their session.

C.A proposal for their session.

D.Introduce yourself and make a presentation of your company.


     (your name, nationality, position)


      (Your company)


Company products or services

Important figures: number or employees, turnover, profits

Your duties

Good morning I am the manager of The Global Company, I am from Argentina. My company sells computers, and we have 30 employees, our profits are about $3.000.000 per year.

E.  Farewell speech

You want to say goodbye to all your colleagues as you are moving to another company.

It was a pleasure work with you. Thank you for everything.

I am moving to a new company.

A.Complete these statements /questions that you used while working in your office today. Choose the correct alternative.

1.Where will you be staying_b______your stay?

a) while      b) during      c) for

2.I__a____some good contacts in Rio.

a) made      b) took      c) did

3.It is__c____state in the region.

a) the third important     b) the third more important      c) the third most important

4.I´ll go to bed as soon as I __a____to New York.

a) get      b) will get      c) will be getting

5.The hotel is three star __b____ five star.

a) rather      b) rather than      c) more than

6.I am writing__a_____.

a) on Mr Smith´s behalf      b) on behalf of Mr Smith      c) on the behalf of Mr Smith

7.Where will you be staying__a____you are in Paris?

a) while      b) when      c) till

8.If we__b____this chart again, we can compare.

a) look      b) look at      c) look for

9.I have divided my talk__a____three parts.

a) in      b) into      c) to

10.John __a____ a few words about our production figures.

a) is going to say      b) is saying       c) is going to talk

B.Your boss is telling you some hints about a good presentation. What does he say? Complete the sentences with the words and phrases from the box.

          appropriate    audience   audiovisual aids   feedback   informative   objectives   structure

1.Make sure your presentation is___informative_______ most people want to learn something new.

2.Your presentation will be easy to understand if it has a clear _____structure________.

3.I´m very nervous; there are over a hundred people in the____audience____________.

4.At the start, explain your__objectives__so people know why you are talking to them.

5.Knowing your audience will help you choose material that is___appropiate____________for their interests.

6.Using___audiovisual aids_____________is a good way to help communicate your ideas.

7.If you want to know if your presentation was interesting, ask the audience for their____feedback_____________.

C.He is also telling you some things you have to do at the beginning of a presentation. Number them in the order you would do them.

a.Introduce the main points one by one. ___4_____

b.Welcome the audience. ___1____

c.Introduce the first point. ___3______

d.Tell the audience the subject of the presentation.    2

D.Now you think  of something you would like to give a presentation about. Write a short introduction for  your  presentation.

     “Good morning everyone. It´s nice to see so many of you here today. I hope you can all hear

       me OK.

       I will talk about our new product. We are so proud about this proyect. This is going to be an excellent product, I hope you enjoy this presentation.

E.You used these phrases in the rest of the presentation. Write the number of each phrase under the correct heading.

1.Thank  you for listening.

2.Let´s move on to …

3.Are there any questions?

4.This diagram shows…

5.So, in conclusion…

6.As you can see…

7.My next point is…

8.If you look at the next slide…

Connecting the points __2, 6, 7____________

Referring to visual aids __4, 8 ___________

Finishing __1, 3, 5______________

F. This is part of a Comprehension exam you were given in the office.

In each question, which sentences is correct?

For each question, mark the correct letter A, B or C.


      1. Improving margins            Wagner suite

 2. Selling on the telephone   Schumann suite

3. Marketing new products    Bach suite

The workshop on increasing profits will be in the

A.Wagner suite.

B.Schumann suite.

C.Bach suite

2.  Mr Sylvester is used to giving presentations to large audiences

Mr Sylvester

A.doesn´t give presentations to large groups any more.

B.often gave presentations to large groups in the past

C.often gives presentations to large groups. Escribe tu texto aquí!