Commercial 2

ANALYSIS OF REQUIREMENTS: You must obtain all necessary steps to argue Informcion selling the product or service functions of the characteristics and needs of the prospective buyer. The communication process is central to this phase. The issuer in this case the prospect is not biderecional and uridicional. Obtaining information is produced by two types of questions: open questions are those in which the client replies with a detailed opinion on the matter.
Closed questions: are those in which the client must respond with an affirmation or a negation.
THE ELECTIONS OF THE OFFER: supply leads to a good sales result. proper presentation of an offer must be followed 6 steps: 1 Use as introducion needs the client has admitted during the interview. 2. Presenting the offer to generate customer interest. 3 expresses claramentey in the language of the client, how the product. 4 answer any questions the customer makes a clear concise i with. 5. Probing the client to check the result of the presentation. 6. ulitilizar diverson or audio visual media: brochures, diagrams, surveys, samples …

TOPIC 3: MARKETING: A set of activities designed to achieve, with the satifacion benefits of consumer needs with a product or service / / / number of activities that direct the flow or stream of goods and services from producer to consumidor.OBJETIVOS 1 Meeting the consumer necesiades. 2 or production levels and achieve optimal vente, with quality and fair cost. 3 amonizar effort throughout the organization empresarial.4 profit.
EVOLUTION OF MARKETING: 1 Phase of the Industrial Revolution is characterized porqe the needs are growing faster than supply potential due to the scarcity of productive means. The primary objective is to increase the available production methods, increasing the supply. 2 Phase of economic growth: as the economy develops industrial trade is now outdated, because among other factors: – the geographical expansion of the markets. – Difficulty in adapting to the demands of large-scale production methods. – Increasing the concern for greater control over demand. The main objective is to get lnecessary means you have a commercial organization capable of distributing industrial mass production methods. 3 Phase of the economy of abundance: the word became more frequent superproducion the marketin becomes more interesting. From this point it changes the optical business, moving from a vision called the offer, as important is to produce forgetting demand, a demand optical at which the market is the essential factor producing only what can be sold. The marketing function is transformed from a peripheral to be primary, conditional maintenance and development of Phase empresas.4 postindustrial society: marketing seeks to achieve a balance between supply and demand.
ITEM 4 consumer research
NEEDS: Maslow established a hierarchy of needs:
– Physiological needs. (Feeding, resting, discharges ….)
-Safety requirements are (being surrounded by relatives who know …)
– Needs for self-esteem: come to have confidence in yourself and that are related to one’s reputation, the recognition by others, social status.
– Needs autorrelizacion: continued development of creative sense of man.
The hunan never be more than satisfied so on, a need is satisfied, there is the desire to satisfy another. But people just crave things that are within reach. Hence the motivational fiferencias between the different classes, between different countries and cultures. according to their hierarchy are physiological. exes for a hungry escribre ombre Maslow, it is guaranteed food for the rest of his life, would be happy i would never want anything else.
When basic needs are reasonably well satisfied, a new Gurpo: security needs. The search for security and stability is the preference for familiar things ma qeu the unknown. arises the need for love, affection and feeling of acceptance, insists that Amorn Malow is synonymous with sex. not considered a purely physiological need.
Then self-esteem needs, which Maslow presented in 2 categories: 1 desire of strength, fitness achievement, confidence against the world,independence and freedom. 2 I for fame or prestige, position, domino, recognition, attention, independence appreciation. Finally the man who has met your needs self-esteem or a good portion of them that need deviates qe autrorealizacion scientists commonly called. When Maslow referred to self help means a desire to be more and more of loqe some is; reach as one is able llegar.Maslow hierarchy does not consider her as an absolute, rigid, some people make it clear that it is not necessary to have satisfied a need to 100% before there is another.
MOTIVATIONS: a) the reasons inherent yaprendidos: physiological needs (hunger, thirst, cold pain and self-defense sex) are primary montivos hnherente or social needs (motives acquire cooperation TREND learned fear.
b) emotional and rational reasons: they are emotional hunger thirst desire for a mate, the safety of loved ones, prestige, pride and others. our rational economy include the purchase price considerations of utility, duration dependence, efeicacia,