Which of the following is considered as a limitation of RIP v1? / / RIP v1 does not send the information in the subnet mask in its updates • What are three characteristics of the RIPv1 routing protocol (Choose three.) / / uses hop count as a metric / / considered a metric of 16 as infinity / / calculate the metrics using the Bellman Ford algorithm
• What is the default update period in seconds for the RIP routing protocol / / 30 ° Which of the following is found in the routing updates of classless routing protocols? (Choose two.) / / Address of 32 bits / / subnet mask • What of the following VLSM help to alleviate? / / The IP address shortage
° Which of the following types of routes are indicated by EX entries in the EIGRP routing table (Choose two.) / / Routes learned from other routing protocols / / EIGRP routes that originate in different autonomous systems • What are the two statements describe characteristics of EIGRP? (Choose two.) / / Protocol EIGRP is a distance vector routing. / / EIGRP supports classless routing and VLSM. • What are the true statements regarding the characteristics of RIPv1? (Choose two.) / / What are the true statements regarding the characteristics of RIPv1? (Choose two.) / / The data portion of a RIP message is encapsulated in a UDP segment
• What are the advantages it provides CIRED? (Choose two.) / / Small size of the routing table / / routing update traffic reduced
• The following line appears in the output of the show ip route. DR to R [120 / 3] via, 00:00:30, Serial0 / 0
What is the value of the routing metric? / / 3 ° Which of the following best describes what are the bounded updates used by EIGRP? / / Partial updates are sent only to routers that need the information • What are the two actions will the EIGRP DUAL FSM if you disconnect a link to the network? (Choose two.) / / Query neighbors for a route / / find the topology table for a feasible successor • What are the three interior routing protocols that support VLSM? (Choose three.) / / OSPF / / RIP v2 / / EIGRP
• What is the maximum network diameter permitted by the default metric of RIPv2? / / 15 hops • What are the two functions of the network command used when configuring routing protocols (Choose two.) / / identifies which networks will be included in routing updates / / determines which interfaces can send and receive routing updates What are two reasons to implement RIP, vers ion 2, rather than RIP version 1? (Choose two.) / / RIP version 2 supports VLSM. / / RIP Version 2 supports authentication of routing updates ·Which of the following tables EIGRP DUAL algorithm keeps the primary route to a destination? (Choose two.) / / Routing / / topoligia
· How resemble RIP v1 and RIP v2? (Choose three.) / / Both use hop count as metric / / Both have the same metric value for infinite distance / / They both use split horizon to prevent routing loops. • In the command router eigrp 20, how what is the purpose of number 20? / / identifies the autonomous system number to be published this EIGRP process
• The output of the show ip eigrp topology on a router displays a successor route and a feasible successor route to network In order to reduce processor usage, what does EIGRP when the primary route fails this network? / / The backup route to network is installed in the routing table. • In a router running EIGRP, what database would maintain a list of feasible successors? / / Topology table · By default, which two metrics used by EIGRP to determine the best path between networks? / / Delay / / width band
• What administrative distance assigned a router to a default route in EIGRP is known from a source outside the autonomous system? / / 170
• What term defines a collection of networks under the administrative control of a single entity that presents a common routing policy to the Internet? / / Autonomous system
• What command or set of commands stop the RIP routing process? / / RouterB (config) # no router rip
What information is stored in the database EIGRP topology of a target path (Choose three.) / / routing protocol / / the feasible distance of the path / / the cost of the route as published by the neighboring router • What command will display RIP activity as it occurs in a router? / / Debug ip rip • What happens if you enter an IP address of interface for the management of the network command in a RIPv1 configuration instead of a network address? / / All interfaces in the same class as the network configured address is included in the RIPv1 routing process. • What is it that VLSM lets make a network administrator? / / use multiple subnet masks in the same IP address space • What is a superlattice? / / a summary of addresses to class • What field added RCF 1723 to RIP message header to add support for VLSM and CIDR? / / subnet mask • What determines whether the router implements a path search process without class? / / The command ip classless is enabled on the router.
• What occurs when no ip classless is implemented on the router? / / The router will assume that you have knowledge of all subnets on the network and not search beyond child routes for a better match. · RIPv2 is the protocol routing configured on the routers on a network. We enter the command Router (config-router) # no version 2 in routers. What effect does entering this command on routing updates? / / You will receive updates from version 1 and 2, and will not send updates for version 2.
· It shows the following entry in the routing table: [120 / 2] via, 00:00:26, Serial0/0/1 What type of route is? / / A path final network Level 1 •
· You asked a network administrator that the infrastructure of the IP address of the company must comply with RFC 1918. What three IP address ranges of RCF 1918 could use the network administrator? (Choose three.) / / / 8 / / / /
• A network administrator has the task to split a class C network among the departments of Quality Control, Sales and Administration. The Quality Control department is comprised of 10 people, the Sales is made up of 28 people, the Administration has 6. What are the subnet masks to properly direct the departments of quality control and sales? (Choose two.) / / 255,255,255,224 for Sales / / 255,255,255,240 for Quality Control
• A router has a summary route to network installed in its routing table. What range of networks summarized this route? / / –
• A network administrator installed four new routers that are running RIPv2. Router1 is a boundary router in the RIPv2 network and has a default route configured. Once the network has converged, the network administrator enters the Router 1, Router1 (config-router) # default-information originate. How will this action to the network? / / Propagate the default route to all routers in the network
• A network is converged and the routing tables are complete. When to forward a packet, what is the first criterion used to determine the best route in the routing table? / / The path with the longest address and mask to match the target
• A route to a destination network is learned from multiple routing protocols. What do you use a Cisco router to select the preferred route to the destination installed in the routing table? / / Administrative distance