The land has never been a safe place. Anyone who wants a quiet life that will be another planeta.Tornados, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, meteorite impacts to name some of the increasingly frequent natural disasters. Our planet changes constantemente.Pero what to do to prevent, minimize or help the inhabitants of this planet so far not been transferred to another quieter?. The prevention of certain risks such as earthquakes, etc. is not currently available to scientists. In the case of earthquakes trigger many post disaster assessment becomes one 50 years which does not fix much so for the moment all we can make is to manage the disaster after the produce.Desde 2000, the European Space Agency is organizing a device that helps prevent fits within what disasters and especially to manage them. The International Charter Space and Major Disasters entered into force since 2000 on the initiative of the ESA Europea.Este system gathers information from all space agencies around the world to assist in emergency aid to facilitate relief operations. Space agencies offer free means of satellite observation to the affected countries Charter is activated when there are fires, floods. In the control room is controlled by satellite around the world in real time coordinating all the European Space Agency which once activated the Charter analyzes the situation and when everything is ready and analyzed from Germany takes control of the situación.Desde University of Strasbourg use data collected from satellites. The slogans of the center of Strasbourg are effectively and quickly. Engineers analyze the information there that come to them. This center becomes something like a park bomberos.Se draw maps of the areas affected. The maps are produced in these areas is available to users on the Internet but not everyone can access these data. Who?. Depending on the type of end user requests and the nature and sensitivity of the data and the phenomenon in question is given access only to a group of users (governments, etc.)., Or is attached to the network so that everyone can access those mapas.Esa very detailed and updated maps without to allow the coordination of actions in the field through better visualization. With it you can see for example, that roads are still standing to bring aid to areas afectadas.Se praise comes to helping the best possible management of these events depending on the dimensions of the catastrophe. Naturally for this to work well requires international cooperation. The ideal would be to create a global organization that works with a single goal which is expected in the future, I guess out of the crisis. ////// For a number of reasons that come to mind now, relations between human beings and the environment sometimes cause a number of situations that seriously deteriorate the same. Namely: Discharges of any kind (oil, toxic liquids, etc.), usually ending in the mar.Vertederos waste of all types usually deposited on the outskirts of large cities.

Liquid waste from industrial processes waste into rivers and seas. Drought prolongadas.Sobreexplotación of different media (excessive farms, fisheries, etc.).. Selvas.Humos Tlas forest and the atmosphere from industrial smokestacks, motor heating and desmesurado.Smoke. (The beret covering sometimes larger cities). Great works do not evaluate the environmental impact as large hydraulic dams, installation of mills, etc..Global warming of the atmosphere. What can we do about all these things and some more that are in the pipeline?. Internationally there has been in recent years an awareness of these problems assuming the reality tells us that environmental problems are “global “serious and irreversible and threaten the future of humanidad.Los experts have raised the” sustainable development “is only development that can meet current needs without compromising the ability of future and sustainable activity generaciones.Una would for example, cutting trees in a forest repoblación.Una ensuring their activity would be unsustainable for example using oil as there is no known system pRARE create from biomasa.Hoy know that much of human activities are sustainable medium and long term as we now are raised. That to put the car to the door of the place where we’re going is not sustainable at both local and global and may in fact already doing to create serious environmental problems that may become irreversible. Can we take some measure of “protection environment “to stop this mess?. One step to take around to alleviate this would be the creation of protected natural areas like parks that constitute the global network of biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO The network consists of coastal and terrestrial ecosystems marine or combinations of these spaces is harmonized them. preserving unique natural environment with human presence and to obtain economic returns within the principle of development sostenible.Los states dictate environmental laws aimed primarily at the end of the polluter pays, is assumed that these funds so collected are directed at the excessive emissions descontaminación.Prohíben atmósfera.Controlan agua.Construyen overexploitation of water treatment plants, etc. desforestadas.Celebran populate areas Kyoto international conferences etc, the latter on climate change, of Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro that sets emission limits and other premises then in most cases not met, but they come together. Kyoto was agreed among other things reducing atmospheric emissions of CO 2, CH 4, NO 3, compounds fluro carbon (CFC’s famous), F 6 S but some countries based on the exercise of sovereignty does not comply limits photo establecidos.Otros protocols including among others: The Montreal Protocol on reducing ozone, which prohibits the use of CFC.El Geneva Convention on acid rain, which prohibits the emission into the atmosphere S, NO 3 and NH 3. The Ramsar Convention to protect wetlands and other varios.Las actions to reduce the impact on the environment can be many but we must begin with governments which due to greed and corruption do not actually protect the environment, so it is in our hands to protest and demand that haga.Además individually, at home, we can do a number of things such as save water by reusing household for example regar.Aprovechar to maximum sunlight in order to save energy, for example by reading near the window, turning off lights when leaving rooms of them, using energy saving light bulbs, etc.Usar public transportation whenever possible, mostly mental.Usar cycling for health if we are lucky not to be atropellados.Ir walk to places if we can that is very healthy and very relaxing. It also serves to keep the soaps línea.Utilizar know biodegradables.Comprar products that have little impact environmental.

No need to go to Meruelo landfills to find that if a little more original. Since the 60′s the former USSR launched Sputnik to Today there are 898 plus or minus approximately 8000 operational satellites launched into space by man. You’ve already guessed that we will talk about what we might call such a disaster espacial.Ante trash, the man in an effort designed ecological network and waste tracking all space objects that roam the vicinity of the earth. This network aims to trace any object smaller than 10 cm. that is in the founding órbita.Desde has tracked approximately 26,000 objects orbiting the earth. Most have fallen into unstable orbits and have been burned in contact with the atmosphere but the 8000 and satellites are integers there are thousands of junk lying around that from nuts and bolts to astronaut gloves lost on walks espaciales.Existe the risk of this crap belt leading to collisions, in fact abandoned Russian and American satellites have collided generating more trash in the espacio.Hemos become the space near the earth into a global garbage dump. From the earth keeps track of all this rubbish and has estimated there are 17,000 objects do 10 cm or greater and calculated orbit around 200000 of about 5 cm and tens of millions less than 2.5 cm.Todo this concentrated a distance of about one-tenth the Earth-Moon distance and buzzing about 27000 km / hour so that new shocks will produce yet more garbage existente.El problem is that there is no way to go and pick it up. It is likely that eventually fall to the ground and statistically would go to sea, what is certain is that still up there for a long tiempo.Cambiemos garbage, this will call from PC tecnológica.Residuos garbage, televisions, washing machines , mobiles and so on. The world currently produces more than 50 tons per year of this type of waste and aumentando.En some countries like India, China is recycled Au, Pb and Cd of the micro-electronic components but this is not inadequate treatment in many sitios.El leaving this waste in the trash threatens the health of both people and the environment as they have elements such as Pb, As, Sb, Hg, Fe, C, S and others. By breaking these materials emit toxic metals and can be mortales.Los PC monitors and fluorescent tubes contain toxic gases to break out abroad. The fluorescent gas containing mercury can be absorbed and passes into the brain. Mobile phones and all types of devices use batteries after their useful life should be recicladas.Los electronics information appliances generate a lot of specific problems so it is important to make responsible consumption, including recycling of electronic products, otherwise we are headed for a huge garbage dump with a huge technological risk involved to the health of manufacturing weapons todos.Para world’s most dangerous materials must be used very peligrosos.Durante years of nuclear waste were stored in barrels and thrown into the sea. In June 2002, took images of the sea where these barrels were thrown into the pit with these barrels Atlantic corroded by salt and containing no remnants Where were the residues?. In the environment were part of the food chain accumulated in the fish so hopefully we could have finished those years plato.En every country in the world who had something to throw it threw into the pit Atlantic, France, England , USA, Russia, Switzerland, at that time the sea was considered the great global garbage.Is considered to be released well over 100,000 barrels a mar.Las Tm images Greenpeace environmentalists fighting discharges into the sea were seen around the world. Following this in 1993 the UN banned mar.Actualmente discharges to both armies in the world like nuclear power plants continue to generate such waste. Bars nuclear rectors are stored in pools and generate U which in its natural decay process generates other elements such as Pu, Am, Kr, Cs and longevity otros.Su añosAdemás reaches millions of other mischief Atlantic fossa have made during the first occurred in tiempo.La Hanford (USA) where nine plants were built in 1942 to produce Pu to produce among other bombs in Japan, 1945. This is called the Manhattan Project and was authorized by President Roosevelt. Everything was secreto.Las leakage of these plants went to the Columbia River which in turn was used to cool significantly polluting plants. Today the river retains a bed of radioactive elements that nobody knows how to remove. The debris removed in the environment.