Pauls education in the classes of Latin, Greek, philosophy and logic and his knowledge of Jewish cushions and the OT in addition to his devotion to the laws of Moses was very helpful in his ministry and evangelization. This is true because he could use his Hebrew and Jewish knowledge to relate to and convert Jews while also combating the Pharisees and he could use his knowledge in the classes to understand, relate to, and convert gentiles.
Paul’s Roman citizenship helps paul because it gives more rights, privileges, and a higher status than those who do not have it. For example he has more freedom to travel around the empire more freely, which helps the spread of faith, and he is saved from imprisonment, etc. since he is a Roman citizen. Lastly, in some cases he is given authority and power over others because of his status.
A martyr is someone who dies for their faith. (for believing in a set of ideals or a certain religion). The church recognizes Stephen as the 1st martyr.
Scholars believe that like is the author of the Acts of the Apostles. This book is a history and type book in the Bible.
Paul, formerly Saul, is traveling to Damascus to persecute Christians for his job when he encounters a bright light and a voice asking him “why do you persecute me?” And then lrevealing himself as God/Jesus. Upon witnessing this, Saul converts over to Christianity and becomes Paul. This is significant because one of the most important apostles and best spreader of the faith is born. Also, the fact that a persecutor Of Christians is converted to Christianity shows the true power, influence and authority the faith has and greatly helps with evangelization.
Paul sometimes addresses jewish converts and gentiles separately because of language barriers and the fact that there are different messages. He speaks to the gentiles in Greek and Latin and tells them how converting and believing in Jesus will save you and relieve you of sin. Paul then talks to Jews in Hebrew about how they should convert because Jesus was in fact their true messiah.
In Paul’s farewell address he states how the people should be cautious and aware of temptation, sin, and persecution. Hi says this because he is saying how we will be dead by the time of the 2nd coming of Jesus because of what the Roman Empire/jews the people will do to him, which is something Paul fears greatly.
Acts of the Apostles begins with talking about the ascension of Christ and how Judas will be replaced by Matthias as a disciple. It begins this way because the audience is less educated and needs to be reminded of the final events in Luke’s gospel. The author might know that he needs to explain the events after Jesus death and the development of the early church.
When paul is before the Sanhedrin, he brings up the topic of death and resurrection in front of the Pharisees and the Sadducees, a discussion he knows will cause disagreement.. this shows how paul is incredibly smart and clever as he brought up a topic he knew would cause fighting among the two sects which would take away attention from the mater at hand, Paul’s trial.
When Paul meets with king Agrippa, Agrippa realizes that paul is not guilty of anything after Paul defends his case by explaining his life story, conversion experience, and how he is innocent of the claims through Paul’s use of logic and reason the exchange ends with Agrippa believing in paul and converting to Christianity in which Paul responds by saying how he hopes future Christians can be free and like him but without the chains and persecution.
Kyriake – “what belongs to God” and early Christians understood the meaning of this word to mean that they (Christians) belong to God and are called to live in communion as a response of faith.
Early christians practice their religion in private and secretly as to avoid detection and prosecution. This might have differed from paul because he was openly, freely, and publicly spreading the word and evangelization since he had the rights, freedom, and protection of being a Roman citizen.
In Antioch, followers of Jesus are called Christians. This means their for the avangalization of the church at this time and that they are progressing and advancing in heir development and identity. For us today, the use of the first description of being a Christian is important because it is how we identify and classify members of our faith in present day. 
Acts ends with Paul arriving in Rome and conversing with the Jews heir and converting others. Paul’s final journey starts with his trip on the boat in which they encounter a storm, which god tells him they will survive if everyone stayes on the boat. They end up in Malta where they are treated very nicely by the natives. On thn island, Paul bitten by a snake in which he Devos not die or swell up.  The natives ask Paul to heal a bunch of people and he does. Lastly , the natives help the gentiles/prisoners get back to Rome. 
First martyr Stephen, successor Matthias