What were the two tragedies in Doctor Sloper’s life? They were the death of his wife and son. Describe the difference in Doctor Sloper’s attitude towards his two sisters, Mrs Penniman and Mrs Almond. The difference between the doctor and his sisters is that the doctor is a very clever man and with a lot of money. The first sister, unlike him, has no money and has to live with him because he would be on the street. And the other sister has long been married to a man and has 9 children. Why was Doctor Sloper disappointed in Catherine? Because Catherine was not smart and beautiful like her mother. How did Catherine feel about her father? Catherine was extremely fond of her father, although she was also a little afraid of him. She thought he was the cleverest and most handsome man in the world, and her greatest desire was to please him. Where and how did Catherine meet Morris Townsend? In the celebration of commitment to Mr and Mrs Almond. Why did Catherine feel nervous and embarrassed when she first met Morris Townsend? She was especially nervous now as she stood next to this tall, handsome man, and also embarrassed because she did not know what to say. Why was Doctor Sloper not happy that Catherine was wearning her red and glod satin dress? The doctor did not like that catherine will wear the red dress because it was a very expensive dress and she looked like a spoiled daughter and besides the boys would take advantage of her for their money. What did Doctor Sloper suspect was going to happen? Doctor Sloper suspect that Mr Morris Townsend just wanted the money What did Catherine learn from Arthur about Morris Townsend’s personality? That Morris has no father and lives with his sister and children. He has been looking for a job but has not been able to find a job. He’s been away from New York and travelling in Europe. What surprising news did Mrs Penniman tell Catherine after Arthur and Morris left? That he wants to court to Catherine. What did Catherine and Morris have in common? What they have in common is that they like theatre and hate to read. What did Mrs Almond advise Doctor Sloper to do and how did he react? Mrs Almond advises you to meet Morris.Doctor Sloper took his sister’s advice and asked Mrs. Penniman to invite Morris to dinner. What were Doctor Sloper’s criticisms of Morris after meeting him? That Morris is very handsome, but he’s not a gentleman, although I’ve pretends to be and he’s also got a very high opinion of himself. What did Doctor Sloper learn from his conversation with Mrs Penniman? That his sister is in favor of the relationship he opposes.  Why did Doctor Sloper decide to give Morris a second chance? Doctor Sloper almost felt sorry for Catherine when he saw that she liked and that she was embarrassed since her father did not like Morris. He thought that maybe I formed an opinion of him too quickly and he’ll give him a second chance. What do you think Doctor Sloper was trying to tell Morris when he said that if a young man “dosen’t succeed in one thing, he can try something else? What he was trying to say was that he was looking for another girl with money and that he would try to marry her. What reason did Morris give Catherine for predicting Doctor Sloper’s disapproval of their engagement? Because Morris explains to him that he has been insulted and mocked because of his poverty and that his pride has been hurt and, as a result, he will not return to Sloper’s house. How did Doctor Sloper react when Catherine told him about her engagement? He was angry because he did not agree with the commitment and warned him to spend his aunt’s fortune in an irresponsible manner. He also asked him not to see him again. According to Doctor Sloper, why would not Morris be a suitable husband for Catherine? Because although Catherine has got many good qualities, charm isn’t one them. Catherine is a weak woman with a great deal of money, and Morris a man with neither money nor a profession, which you can take advantage of it. Why did Doctor Sloper believe that he could influence Catherine’s decision? He thinks Catherine has got a great deal of respect and affection for his, and he believe that I can influence her decision.” Why did Doctor Sloper want to visit Mrs Montgomery? To make sure he was not wrong with him

. What did Doctor Sloper learn from Mrs Montgomery that made him certain that his opinion of Morris Townsend was correct? He learned that Mrs Montgomery would not speak ill of him because he was his brother. Mrs Montgomery told her that if she thought that they should not marry that she did not allow it, and so the Doctor confirmed her opinion about Morris. What did Catherine do to try to change her father’s mind about marrying Morris?  Catherine decided that if she were very patient and behaved very well, her father might change his mind and agree to her marriage. What did Mrs Penniman suggest to Morris? He suggested they have a secret wedding. How did Morris mistakenly reveal that he was interested in Catherine’s money? When Morris asked about whether the doctor sloper would not leave him money if they will marry together. How did Catherine react when Mrs Penniman told her about meeting Morris? Catherine resented her aunt’s interference and she got angry with her because she did not think it was convenient for her to see him. What was Mrs Penniman’s opinion of how Catherine acting? Aunt Lavinia feels insulted and calls Catherine ungrateful and ungrateful. She says it will not interfere with Catherine’s affairs, adding that Catherine fears her father too much. What did Doctor Sloper want Catherine to tell Morris? I wanted him to say goodbye and they will not get married. Dr. Sloper argues that if Catherine refuses to break her commitment, she has broken ties with her father. He will have to wait for him to die, if he expects to marry without his firm disapproval. He tells Catherine that she will not inherit any of her money if she marries against his will. Catherine does not mind this and says that she would not feel entitled to the doctor’s money. He laughs and invites Catherine to say this to Morris and witness the misery of the young man’s response. What did Doctor Sloper say would happen if Mrs Penniman continued to encourage Catherine and Morris? If she disobeys his, she’ll no longer be welcome to live in his house. What effect did Doctor Sloper’s message have on Morris? Morris tells Catherine to tell Dr. Sloper that such a move will do nothing to affect Morris’s affection for Catherine. Why did Doctor Sloper want Catherine to postpone her wedding? Because he’s trying to make Catherine forget about Morris. Why did Morris think it would be a good idea for Catherine to go to Europe with her father? Because so It will show him that we’re reasonable people and that we’re prepared to wait. It will also show him that you still respect him even though he’s making you very unhappy. And just think – there’s even the possibility that you could change his mind during the trip. If you chose the right time and place to discuss our marriage, maybe he’d realise that he’s wrong to forbid it. What did Doctor Sloper ask Catherine to do before marrying Morris? That they stayed for 6 more months in Europe. What good news did Mrs Penniman give Catherine when she arrived back in New York? Aunt Lavinia shares that Morris found employment as a commission merchant. Why didn’t Catherine want Morris to talk to her father? Because it will not do him any good because by keeping his commitment to Morris, he has lost his father’s blessing. What did Morris decide to do while he was walking home? He decided that would give Catherine up because without her inheritance, Catherine was of no interest. What did Morris ask Mrs Penniman to do? that will explain to her that he don’t want to be the reason for her father’s cruelty to her and that Tell her that he doesn’t want her to lose everything because of his. How did Catherine try to convince Morris not to go to New Orleans? She tried to convince him by explaining that he had a life with her and that there was yellow fever. Where did Catherine go instead of to church? He goes to Morris’s aunt’s house to see if he finds him and can not find him. What lie did Catherine tell her father? Catherine tells that she has broken the engagement, having asked her to leave New York. What did Doctor Sloper leave Catherine in his will and why? He has left him a fifth of what his mothers hence was, since he had left her a lot of money. Because to believe that he considers men unscrupulous as an interesting class. How did Catherine react when Mrs Penniman first mentioned Morris? Catherine starts crying because she is quite upset How did Catherine react to Morris? Catherine is furious and tells him that it is impossible for them to be friends. She tells him not to come back.