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To:Derek Fitch

                      Hello I’m writting this letter on the behalf of the Kenneka Jenkins case we the people heard about

this case through the internet not on the news which I myself find it very strange but anyway Teresa Martin she

asked the world to help her find her dead child murders.

So the people started there research to find out what was going on and how did a 19 yr old girl end up in the freezer because the man that said she just walked in a freezer all by herself his name is Andrew holmes the things I would like to know is how can Teresa Martin say it’s her child and say that’s her child if there is nothing that shows nor say that’s her child there is no birth certifcate no nothing.To me it’s all kinds of red flags flying all over this case so much lying and deceiveing going on it’s just so much it’s pathetic and misleading the people. And what else was strange was how is it that Rosemont hotel in Chicago can release video’s?.

Also there were no yellow tape no nothing and the strangest thing the body was moved in many positions Teresa also made a few statements she said she had to sacifice to save another person life my question is who life ?smh Teresa also said she going to be rich and she said that on the 6th of September.Yes that’s the same day she said she found the ticket she also said nobody did nothing to her.Teresa also stated she stopped the protest because the hotel was going to lose money why would a person be worried about money if your child died I don’t understand that I also don’t understand why would she wait the next day to look for Kenneka.Teresa also had a men named Dr.Ali look into the case and he said she had 3 different semen inside of her but nobody did nothing to her.Teresa also said to the world I got a boyfriend now so at a time like this she worried about a man his name is James colman there was and artical about him as well in the artical it said he was married to teresa sister.It also said he was in prison and when he got out he became a vicelord it also said he had a baby and he put the baby in the freezer then killed his girl and put her in a body bag and drove her up the road and left her that was in the artical on the internet some people seen it and when whomever noticed that was talked about google took the artical down but my question is why if it didn’t have nothing to do with the case why did google take it down?Since there were no proof of Kenneka on the process of finding out what went down more names started to pop out the first name is Barbra Evans she evenly came out and she said that wasn’t Teresa child in that freezer it was her daughter Antoina Evans in that freezer she called Teresa out but Teresa didn’t reply at all which I myself would have if a lady came to social media telling the world that that was her daughter.so as the days go by more people names popped out like lakeisha knox.and geneva knox. Moving on to the next…..

Now Jeffery Mccray discovered Inisha Fowler and Ivon fowler there Pratricia Fowler kids the one’s she sold there from Pittsburge the twins that was missing for decades they have a connections in with what’s going on now as soon as we started talking about them there are youtuber’s saying they dont have anything to do with this case and then that’s when people wanna say Jeffery killed kj just because we were talking about them.And one of the youtuber’s that started the rumor about Jeffery was Patrick Brown and youtuber that goes by the name of str8 drop.Patrick brown 35 year old boi that was dubbing Jeffery voice in the Rosemont hotel room Patrick also was making threats to Jeffery and sending his subs to harrass Jeffery and to flag Jeffery youtube page down.Patrick also called Jeffery kids mother on youtube and was trying to get info on him.Patrick also started to harrass his daughter at her job which i find very disrespectful.Patrick also put Jeffery daughter face on the dead body that’s in the freezer.I also wanna know how Patrick brown got older pics of Inisha and Ivon and if the pittsburge police station only have 1 baby pic of them.Patrick brown also hacks and have charges for computers harrassing and it said he buy’s computers to harrass.Patrick also have 47 more charges and he has pedofile charges in which Idont know how he is allowed to have access to any computer’s or access to the internet.Jeffery also said nice and clear he was done with the kj case he wanted to move on and talk about other things but Patrick brown decided to get up every morning and put Jeffery name in his titles Jeffery ignored him try to anyway but Patrick some how always was getting Jeffery youtube channel taken down and as always youtube listened to patrick you would have thought youtube and patrick was lovers well the people that run youtube.Patrick has created alot of shit accuse my french but he alsways starting with Jeffery always it’s many more of them though that just do things to piss Jeffery off and we his youtube family try to talk to Jeffery because his going through things that he shouldn’t have to go through specially on the internet.