Types of Cables, Insulators, Fittings, and Joints for Electrical Lines

1.3: Cables for Lines D Media Tension

a) Aluminum-Wire Steel Dsnudos D:

These cables are called x stands LA-56 and LA-110.

c) Cables and Reinforced Aluminum Foil Cn Soul Cmpactado Steel D:

S 1cable d 7ilos formed x-steel wire aluminum foil secion d circular.

d) Galvanized Steel Wire Lines D D Earth

Formads x 1alma central d d steel wire on the helically coiled q + 1 or d layers and same diameter steel calidad.los dl d earth cables must star in every support conectads directament the same whether it is d support d metal or metal skeletons nl insulators fixing case d d d ormigon support. The errajes d line d dberan join the grounding cable.

e) Reinforced Aluminum Cables D Cn Coated Aluminum Foil (LAR)

L-coated steel spiral shape is 1producto d bimetaliko cn 1revestimiento pure aluminum on 1alma d d d high strength steel.

f) Insulated Medium Voltage Cables

Tnsion have as nominal ( 20 and 30kV) and as maximum tension (24 and 36kV), the values listed designated tnsiones between phases, and are indicated in parentheses as preferential cnsiderarse, x lo q not used n d futuro.dependiend and insulation materials used , ls cables are classified as: 1 – impregnated paper insulated cables cn cn not migrant mix. 2 – cn linked polyethylene insulated cables (XLPE). 3 – insulated wires cn ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR). Constructive Type: Copper (when placing a dash (-)) and aluminum (Al), Nominal Cable Tension: It is expressed in kV and an ls cn U 0and U values, and as U 0/ U Information Relating to Drivers : Number, nominal secion, nature and form.

g) Mpregnado Paper Insulated Cables Cn Cn Not Migrant Mix

Used in the range d actualment q ns tnsiones occupies the variant being irreplaceable n d n the oil-filled high d + employees No Today, Spain QNL case d is d 400kV. (Seciones of 95.150 and 240mm 2). Selecion Guide for Wires D D MT:Paper Insulated Cables Cn Cn Mpregnado Migrant Mix. Resistncia to its high ionization and aging and intrinsic resistance to the presence d Moisture x cover lead, make it the cable d lifespan than long, but the presence tube dl d lead akey discouraged in the facilities that provides the route of the cable Suitable tendido.se pa is the underground network medium or high tnsion d q and d its low rate minimizes breakdowns d trench repairs. Proetileno Crosslinked Insulated Cables : Cable d mu notable features, both d lost inthe dielectric, thermal and electrical resistivity as stiffness dielectrica.la appearance in the presence d d arborescences Moisture discourage an underground lines in the presence d cn soil Moisture and rigidity, q difficult to instalacion.cable Suitable x its lightness and small diameter pa industrial plants indoors. Cn Insulated Wires Ethylene-Propylene: This is d q 1Technical equipment perfectament resist the acion d ad + Umeda and has the structure d pa 1goma.es Suitable cable underground in soils Umeda, q premises where the tour is winding mu or where change is expected 1proximo d tour.

1.4: Insulators

Can be made in porcelain, glass or other material appropriate to their characteristics d function, and causes the q x pede jump electrik current support are: 1 – by the insulator body cnductividad cmo current cnsecuencia d 1 d leakage. 2 – x cnductivida surface due to Moisture or dirt deposit n q is the aerator. 3 – x drilling dl dl insulator body dbid to your 1fayo No cnstrucion. 4 – x dl flashover through air, originating 1arco mong cnductor and support or support through dl dl air insulator Umeda. Isolators D Types: a) Constitution: Simple (consisting of x 1sola piece), composite (x 2 or + insulators).b) Application: Support (driver support), intern (crosses x inside the insulator). c) Installation: Interior d (used n d Moisture free ambients), d weather (used in ambients cnalto degree d Moisture) . d) Is: Attachable (d coupling facilitates several bodies insulators metal element x half d) not coupled (coupling not permit any element d). e) Finishing: Saddle metalik cn (d pieces Metaliks has its insertion or fixing pa ) rimless (no precise pa d no part metalik your link). Isolators + Used: D support, column d, d suspension, d chain, d pulley, to wind. Section 1.5: Fittings: Sn ls all items used No pa electric lines for fixing the post insulators d ls and cnductor, clamps cables d d ls earth elements d ls d ls protecting and electrical insulators and accessories d ls ls ls cnductores cmo are separators, anti-vibrations, etc.. 1.6: Joints and Connections: Junction: The union q d drivers ensures mechanical and electrical continuity. Connexion: D is the union ensures cnductores q d ls electric cnductividad these, and its low mechanical resistncia. Shrink Splices: Obtaining Trmorretractil d 1Technical equipment is made by electronic 1radiacion prior cn la q se cnsigue its crosslinking.