The peace

The peace:Daily suffering and destruction: 8-10 million casualties and 600.000 wounded/Bankruptcy: only Japan and US got profits (gold stock and creditors)//CONFERENCE OF PARIS (1919-20):USA➧Wilson,Fourteen Points➧A new world based in democracy and nation/FRANCE➧ Clemenceau➧ Destroy Germany, Have back Alsace and Lorraine ,Creation of a buffer state in Renania➧UK➧Lloyd➧Balance/ITALY➧Orlando➧ Territories in the Dalmatian coast/JAPAN ➧Makino Nabouaki ➧Territories//Treaties of Peace:VERSAILLES➧GERMANY/SAINT GERMAIN➧ AUSTRIA/TRIATNON ➧HUNGARY/SÉVRES➧TURKEY/NEUILLY➧BULGARIA//Consequences:Dissolution of the A-H /Ottoman and German Empires 
/9 new states: Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuannia, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Austria and Hungary /Germany: Weimar republic (1918-1933). Humiliation: – Ceded territories to Belgium, Poland, France, Denmark. – Occupation of Renania (15 years)/ France: did not get a security system. Aggressive attitude /Italy and Japan: dissatisfaction /Birth of the first socialist country: Soviet Union /Turkey guaranteed its independence and integrity under the control of president Ataturk after defeating the Greeks (1919-1922)//League of Nations (1st January 1920) International institution which main task was to avoid future conflicts and to bring stability to the world:Based in Geneva (Switzerland) /Assembly: all the members /Council: presided the Assembly. Only the allies. /US’s Senate rejected US participation /Germany and Russia were not allowed to join// 

-(3) The National Labor Relations Act: regulated the relations between employers and workers. Minimum wage and the maximum working day.The first federal unemployment and pension insurance system was created. – Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA of 1933): Decrease of the production. This reduction was achieved in exchange for compensation received by farmers. The result was the rise of the prices on the harvests

The February Revolution 1917. The fall of tsarism 
– 23rd February: large demonstration in Petrograd (St Petersburg); general strike; riot in the barracks 
– Deposement of tsar Nicholas