COMPLETE: a) Mr Sandal and Bee went to visit Brat Farrar in his room because= they wanted to catch him by surprise to see him as he really was. b)Simon suggested to Brat that he rode Timber because= he was hoping that the horse would injure or even kill Brat. c)Simon wasn’t afraid to tell Brat that he killed Patrick because =he thought that Brat would not tell anyone in order to keep his own secret. d)Simon went to the quarry before Brat because = he was hoping to throw Brat into the quarry and he didn’t want anyone to see him. e)The family thought that Brat was an Ashby because =he looked like Simon and also Walter Ashby had a son and no one knew where he was. f)Why did Brat buy the rope?= To climb down into the quarry.   DIALOGUE: ‘I feel you would have been an excellent master of Latchetts.’ Alec Loding    ‘He killed himself and left a note to say “Goodbye”.’ Mr Sandal   ‘There’s no going back now.’ Brat ‘He doesn’t seem like an impostor.’ Mr Sandal    ‘People like Ruth are the happy ones in the world.’ George Pike  ‘Well, you have got your own little tricks, haven’t you?’ Brat ‘You really must dance with someone else, you know.’ Eleanor We’re in this together now, with this little secret.’ Simon ‘Whatever you say will remain between ourselves.’ George Pike ‘I should hate to let you go without saying goodbye.’ Simon   someone who pretends to be another person impostor unhappy, worried upset a place from which stone is taken, for building quarry  the ability to make people like you charminterested only in oneself self-centred    facts which show what happened evidenceto say that something is not true deny   freedom from fear or worry relief    a bedroom for babies and small children nursery  to decide to live in one place settle downORDENA: a)He threw Patrick’s body into the quarry=2. b)He went to the blacksmith’s=3. c) He left Patrick’s coat on a cliff-top=5. d) He went out on his pony in the night to search for Patrick=4  e)He wrote a note in Patrick’s handwriting.=1 





CHARACTERS: The Ashby family had lived at Latchetts for more than two hundred years.Brat first worked with horses inthe Aunt Bee wondered why Patrick hadn’t written    if he had run away. Simon was in love with Peggy Gates until she was given a good Roger Clint wanted a silver cup for his first        Alec Loding found it difficult to get work in the theatreSheila Parslow studied at the school in Clare Park had a special way of  writing. Abel Tusk    was the last person to see Patrick alive. Brat thought that Simon was just like Timber. PLOT:When Simon met Brat for the first time, Simon looked  Simon was shocked when Brat mentioned Patrick’s favourite Eleanor was surprised that Brat had ridden Timber, because the horse was so dangerous    Brat read about Patrick’s death in an old copy of the local newspaper.Simon loosened Chevron’s saddle belt while Brat was signing the book at the races.  When Simon was drunk, he confessed to killing George Peck thought that Brat had no proof against Simon Brat bought a rope to go down the  Simon died when the ground gave way at  the quarry.           Brat Farrar was probably Walter’s son  ADJETIVOS : a)Brat: ambitious, capable, careful, enthusiastic, generous b)Simon: rude, jealous, greedy, angry, aggressive. WORDS RELATED TO HORSES: breed, foal, saddle, stable, pony.TEST: The Ashby children’s parents died in a plane crash Patrick died when he was thirteenAlec Ledingham’s plan was to make people think that Brat Farrar was Patrick  Brat Farrar had spent his first fifteen years in an orphanage Alec told Brat everything about the Ashbys at different places in Kew Gardens. Brat told the lawyer, Mr Sandal, the truth about his past in the Mr Sandal and Aunt Bee went to see Brat in his rented  Ruth was sure that Patrick hadn’t returned. People had always thought that Patrick was a responsible child. Brat Farrar was unsure about continuing with the plan.




DIFERENCIA JANE Y RUTH:Jane always seemed to wear old clothes, clothes for riding horses and for working with them. Ruth, on the other hand, was always in a fresh, clean dress, her hands were never dirty and her hair was always neat and tidy. MUERTE PADRES: Nora and Bill died in that terrible plane crash on his travel to Europe eight years ago.LATCHETS: Latchets was a small estate of three farms, the park and the house. There was a farm for horses, a school for training and a school for people who wanted to learn to ride.THE LEDINGHAM FAMILY had wasted their money and had not looked after their land. In the end they had had to sell the house where they had lived for so long.NANCY PECK was the wife of the local priest. Before her marriage she had been Nancy Ledingham of Clare House, a beautiful and famous young woman. Photographs of her used to appear regularly in the national newspapers, and everyone expected her to find a rich, or even a royal, husband. Then, quite suddenly, she had married George Peck, a quiet, gentle country priest.PISOS DE ALEC:Alec changes flats so often-whenever he cant pay his rent.COMO SE ENTERÓ BEE DE LA MUERTE DE LOS PADRES:Bee realized that Bill and Nora died because she turned on the radio to hear the news without thinking, and she had heard that a plane had crashed and everyone on the plane was killed.SIMON AND PATRICK  WERE VERY DIFFERENT-in appearance and in character. But they did lots of things together.Patrick is twenty minutes older than Simon, and if he were alive he would have inherited the fortune of Latchetts.SUICIDIO DE PATRICK: Patrick killed himself because he was deeply unhappy after his parents death and confused and worried because Latchetts suddenly belonged to him. It was all too much for him.







PLAN DE ALEC: Alec´s plan was that a young man who resembled Simon (Brat Farrar), he did go through Patrick Ashby to inherit the fortune of Latchets. And said that Brat ran away and hid on a ship going to France.CAMBIO DE OPINION DE BRAT FARRAR: Brat had never been close to anyone and had never known any family. He lived in an orphanage. He had been left on the door step when he was a baby. His name had been chosen out of the telephone book. He was good with horses. He wanted to work with horses, and he knew now that he liked England and wanted to stay.CABALLO DE BRAT (SMOKY):He had his own beautiful horse, called Smoky, but then came his accident. A horse rolled on top of him and his leg was broken. When he came out of hospital, one leg was shorter than the other and he was lame. Smoky had gone.MR SANDAL was a lawyer to many respectable families. THE NAME OF THE SHIP PATRICK LEFT ON? =‘The Ira Jones.WHERE DID THE SHIP TAKE PATRICK?=To the Channel Islands.THE NAME OF THE HOTEL?’=It was the Dauphin, in a place called Villedieu. After that I went to Le Havre and worked on a ship that was leaving harbour.THE NAME OF THE SHIP? =the Barfleur.Q LE PREGUNTO MR SANDAL A PATRICK?= Patrick gave him a list of everything he did in the States and Mr Sandal is going to check it all very carefully.Q HIZO SIMON CUANDO MURIO SU HERMANO? Simon burned in the garden Patricks toys, his schoolbooks, even the silly wooden horse that had hung at the end of his bed.IDEA DE BEE Y SANDAL: Bee and Mr Sandal were to Patrick’s room  by surprise to meet him without warning that they are coming, to see it as it is and not as he wants us to see.PATRCIK ERA COJO: He was lame. A horse rolled on top of him and his leg was broken.








XQ SE APLAZÓ LA FIESTA DE SIMON: Simon’s party was postponed because his aunt Carlos who lived in Hong Kong, did not want to go to England by plane, and had to come by boat. The date of Simons party was put off until Uncle Charles could be with them. COMO SE TOMA SIMON LA LLEGADA DE PATRICK ?Simon isnt pleased with the arrival of his brother Patrick, and believes that he is not Patrick.George Peck think that Simon is so because someone coming to take away from him everything that belonged to him.QIEN TRAJO A PATRICK A CASA?: Eleanor offered to drive to the station  Guessgate ,and bring Patrick back.COMO SUPO BRAT DE Q ERA ELEANOR?:Brat noticed that this girl who had met him was wearing everyday clothes and had obviously been riding.ESCUELA CLARE: Clare is a school for rich children who dont want to work.RUTH BAILA EN VESTIDO AZUL: Ruth in a blue dress rushed out from the trees and danced in front of the car. PONY DE JANE: Jane came riding round the corner of the house on her pony, Fourposter, on the way to the stables. She tried to stop suddenly, and unwillingly shook hands with Brat.HABITACION DE BRAT: Bee has put Brat in the old nursery, because it didnt seem right to think of you as a visitor and give to Brat one of the guest rooms.PRUEBAS DE BEE : Bee tested at Brat, told him up to his room and he knew how to go, and then told him to go to the bathroom, and also know where he was.LANA ADAMS: a young servant girl.SIMON DIJO Q ERA PATRICK: Simon, seeing Brat, it came face to face with him, looking into his eyes, and said it was Patrick.CIGARRILLOS:After dinner Bee offered Brat a cigarette, but he preferred a different kind and took out his own cigarette-case to offer it round. Bee refused, but Eleanor took the case and carefully read the name inside: Brat Farrar”.






MACALLAN, DEL PERIODICO:The local paper, the Westover Times come about Mr Patrick. His names Macallan, and he comes to you a few questions to the Ashby family on the arrival of Patrick. Q HABIA AL FINAL DE LA CAMA?What was Patrick at the end of the bed? The little wooden horse, Travesty.MEJOR CABALLO DE SIMON: The best one of all horses is a four-year-old called Timber, that was completely black, except for a white star on his head. CABALLO ABURRIDO: Brat suggested take the horse, because it looked rather bored. ARTHUR was a stableman. TANBITCHES: was a hill.On the other side of Tanbitches was a path that led to the coast, the path where Patrick Ashby had last been seen on that day eight years ago. BRAT PASEO CON EL CABALLO TIMBER: Brat took a walk on the hill with Timber QIEN DESPERTÓ A BRAT: Brat was awakened by a female voice behind him that said: ‘Do not look, do not move, close your eyes, and guess who I am. But Brat disobeyed instructions.She was Sheila Parslow, a girl of sixteen who is in school at Clare Park. A SHEILA LE GUSTA SIMON:Sheila Parslow is in love with Simon. A SIMON LE GUSTA GATES:Simon only interested in the girl Gates TRUCO DE TIMBER: Tip: The Timber horse was dangerous, had tricks. Just before the door Timber turned suddenly to the right, touching his left side hard against the fence. Brat leg should have been crushed between the chair and the fence. But Brat had moved as fast as lightning and had pulled her leg out of the way. ELEANOR COMPRÓ A TIMBER: Eleanor Bought Timber in selling Lerridge. FELIX:Timber killed Felix, Master of the hunt. He was smart enough to kill a man and make it look like an accident. SIMON LE DIO UN CABALLO ASESINO:Simon had sent Brat a horse murderer.





SIMON ACTUABA Q ESTABA FELIZ CON BRAT:Simon was acting, and only pretended to accept the return of his older brother so easily.SIMON LE RECORDABA A TIMBER: Simon Ashby reminded Timber. PEGGY IS the daughter of Mr Gates. DICK POPE is a brown horse that won all the cups at the Bath and West Show last year. 1ª VEZ Q BRAT VE ENFADADO A SIMON: When was the first time Brat saw Simon´ face go red with anger?When Eleanor told to Simon that Gates had bought a new horse to Peggy, horse riding Dick Pope to riding light. Dick Pope is a brown horse that won all the cups at the Bath and West Show last year XQ SE ENFADA SIMON: Because Peggy had  a horse good enough to beat HIM.  ULTIMA PERSONA Q VIO A PATRICK: The last person to see Patrick Ashby was a farm-worker called Abel Tusk.COMO SE RECONOCIO Q LA CARTA LA ESCRIBIO PATRICK: Patrick had a very special way of writing his capital letters. And he was the only person who used a stylograph.’COMO FUE LA MUERTE DE PATRICK SEGUN TIMES WESTOVER:in a sudden moment, he had thrown himself over the cliff. Perhaps the thought of going back to his hause had been too much for him, because it was now empty of the happiness.CUMPLEAÑOS DE PATRICK: Brat was surprised to find a pile of parcels on the table beside Simons plate. Abel had never believed that Patrick had killed himself. HERRERO: Brat heard the sound of hammer on metal and came to the workshop where the blacksmith was making horseshoes. The smith called Mr Pilbeam.BRAT HACE UN ZAPATO: Pilbeam held out a half-made shoe, and Brat made a good job of it.THE BURES SHOW,is the biggest show in the local year. The show, for horses and other farm animalsQ HACE TIMBER: Timber likes to turn suddenly under a tree so that he brushes his rider off his back. He killed a man like that.






CHEVRON is the horse to be mounted in the Bures Show by Brat.Q HACE BRAT PARA Q TIMBER CAMBIE:  Brat are going to make riding under trees a painful experience for him.Brat has the idea to give Timber a painful experience. Brat is going to put under a tree Timber suitable for Timber remember how much it hurt the last time I tried to brush his rider.XQ SIMON SE ENFADA CON BRAT?: because Brat took the horse of Simon, Timber.BURES was a small town not far north of Westover.HOTEL DE  BURES: The Ashby always rented the same bedrooms in the Chequers Hotel ROGER CLINT, a tall, dark-haired, handsome young man was talking with Eleanor. Hes got a big farm. Hes in love with Eleanor PEGGY DERRIBÓ UNA VALLA: Peggy Gates on Riding Light, in the second her horse knocked one fence down.SIMON GANA: Simons hat blew off in the wind and a small dog rushed out to chase it. Timber turned sharply away, frightened, and Simon talked to his horse until Timber was calm again and jumped last fence beautifully.Simon had won.WIGSELL: PEQEÑA FINCA:The farms last and smallest one on the Latchetts estate, was Wigsell, where the Gates family lived and worked. SIMON AFLOJA LA SILLA DE BRAT: Simon had loosened the seat belt BRAT GANA: Brat beat Roger Clint Race horses.TIM CONNELL is the uncle of Roger Clark SIMON MATO A SU HERMANO: Simon, when he was only thirteen years old, had killed his brother. Then he had calmly written a note in his brothers handwriting, thrown the stylograph into the quarry after his brothers body, and gone home quietly to supper when he was chased out of the blacksmiths. Later he had gone out on his pony to help in the night search for his brother. Some time during that night he had taken his brothers coat to the cliff-top, far away from Tanbitches, and left it there with the note in the pocket.MARY WOODWARD, Brat´s mother, was a good cook, but an even better nurse. She was killed during the war, taking some patients to safety. Brat is Walter Ashbys son.