Q3) Democratic regimes does not exist, so it often lead to authoritarianism and totalitarianism. Discussion

P1) Introduction P2) Democracy P3) Totalitarianism P4) Authoritarianism P5) Conclusion

Nowadays there is a great debate whether a democratic regime always finishes being a authoritarian or totalitarian regime.That is what I am giong to talk about in this essay.I am going to focus on the period between the first and second world war.

I am going to start talking about democratic regimes.The principles of democracy triumphed at the end of the First World War. The new states that arose from the fragmentation/division of defeated empires incorporated those principles as the foundation of their political stability.A democracy is when the citizens elect  their political representatives.Nowadays is very common to find democracies.But during the interwar democracy suffered a crisis that affected them a lot.

As I have said at the beginning of the essay a lot of democratic regimes were dissolved and ended in totalitarian or authoritarian regimes. For example,Russia and Hungary were democracies that were transformed in totalitarian regimes.The totalitarianism is when one person is the head of a state and he is the only one who can choose or decide, it cut be also called a dictatorship.There are a lot of types of totalitarian regimes.

Last but not least,we have authoritarianism regimes. This regimes are very similar to the totalitarianism ones, but in comparison to the totalitarian regime,authoritarianism does not tried to control the privacy life of citizens. An example of authoritarian regime could be China and Cuba    

As a conclusion, I good like to say in my opinion, democracies not always finish on totalitarian or authoritarian regimes. Is true that during the inter-war but especially during the second  world war, for example one of the most famous totalitarian regime was Hitler regime, he reached the power through a democracy election but then he created a dictatorship.

Q6) Why did Hitler use the Treaty of Versailles to get to the power in Germany?

Nowadays it is widely believed that Hitler use the Treaty of Versailles to reach power in Germany. Because of the Treaty of Versailles where Germany lost a lot of territories and economic power.It is a result of this Hitler use it to cancel citizens that if he reached power, Germany would regain everything that if lost.

The treaty of Versailles was signed with Germany in 1919. It included military, economical and territorial agreements that for Germany went the loss of territories and colonies. These hard conditions were posed by the german people as a sign of humiliation, which produced a feeling of injustice that was the origin of nazism. This was one of the main causes of the 2WW

These were the main terms of the treaty of Versailles. The territory of Alsace Lorraines, which had belonged to Germany since 1870, was turned to France again. Germany had to pay high economic compositions for the clamage it caused. A demilitarised zone was created in the German territory bordering France: the Rhineland. Restrictions were made to the German navy and air force. Finally, Germany had its overseas colonies, which were distributed between Great Britain, France and Japan.

In the 1920s, Adolf Hitler because lead the nazi party in Germany. Hitler proclaimed the Third Rich and in 1934 he made himself supreme leader for Fühler. He banned alter political parties, as well as feide unions. He pursued an expansionist foreign play and decided to regain the territory that Germany had lost due to the treaty of Versailles. He believed that German people were superior to other people

In conclusion, the treaty of Versailles was used by Hitler to get the power in Germany. To my mind, there is no question that if the treaty of Versailles had not been signed, Hitler would not have got to the power. .

Q4) Write a report on the great depression and the measures that were used to overcome it.


To start with, this essay is going to be about the great depression, and what were the solutions that each country made to reduce the crisis it caused.

Great depression

The great depression started because New York had a important agricultural sector that was marginalised later, due to this, it had an excessive growth based on an industry of consumer goods financed by loans. Later on, many expectations on the New York stock Exchange, the main indicator of of the world economy, was overvalued. So people bought shares to resell them at a higher price.

Crisis caused by great depression

The era that was going to bring prosperity was interrupted by the crash of the New York Stock Exchange. Firms last their value rapidly and some part of their capital. So as banks could not collect the loans granted, they went bankrupt. And the ones that did not, had their firms financy reduced. Due to this many firms closed down.


As a result, industrial productions were drastically reduced. Unemployment affected all

social classes. Many firms were ruined, but workers, employees and technicians were the people that was most affected due to not having unemployed benefits. This consequences affected a lot of countries, because the majority depended on US loans. The was the most severe of all the crisis happened, because of its reach, intensity and duration.

Measures to overcome it

The US proposed a shock plan, known as the New Deal, this was for reviving the economy. Germany, at the beginning the government tried to implement very conservative policies. This had serious social repercussions and sparked worker uprisings, leading some sectors

to demand strong government. In 1933, the socialist party (Nazis) rose to power planning to recover Germany’s prosperity. Great Britain, devalued the pound by 25% and changed the free trade for a policy of economic protectionism.

Q8) Causes of the 2ww (report)


The treaty of versailles was the main cause of the beginning of the second world war, it consisted in the payment of Germany to France, Grate Britain due to the damage it caused on the 1ww. This payment was principally territories, money and inhabilitation of military weapons. This made Germany enter a crisis and be angry, this hate was promoted by Hitler.

the great depression

The Great Street of 1929 made European countries think of a solution. Most of them applied protectionist measures and completed for markets. Germany was in a more complicated situation due to the payment they had to make, and this system was not successful. So Germany searched for markets where they could buy and sell their raw materials.

Militarism and totalitarian regime

As soon a s Nazis came to power, they implemented aggressive foreign policies to make up for the “humiliation” Germany suffered with the treaty of versailles. Countries near Germany opted to a policy of appeasement, which was not successful. Germany also violated the treaty of versailles by rearm, this made other countries to do the same because of fear.

 Territorial conflicts and expansionism

Germany tried to get some of the territories they took from it when the treaty of versailles was signed. Germany reasserted its claims over Austria and the Sudetenland, disputed Alsace-Lorraine and Saarland with France.


Germany was the main cause of the 2 we start. Their motivation was Hitler, who tried to make people angry with the rest of the people. Also, the treaty of versailles made people angrier and poorer, which was not good. And the violation of the treaty was the detonator of all.

Q2) Write a report of the treaty of Versailles


So as to stop the 1WW, countries had to make a peace treaty. This was completed via 5 treaties that were signed on the outskirts of Paris. This were signed separately by the defeateds countries. This was called Paris Peace Treaty (1919-1920).

Its rules

Due to the principle of collective security, the League of Nations was created. It wanted to make peace a fundamental principle on an international way. This was the first such as a treaty was created and later becoming the united Nations.


The treaty of Versailles was also signed by Germany. This caused a lot of economic, military and territorial agreements that caused loss of territories to Germany. This caused the germans to feel humiliated and this war the origin of Nazism and this caused the 2WW.


Alsace-Lorraine was returned to France from Germany and different territories from Germany and Denmark were returned to them. Germany had to pay high taxes because of the destruction that it caused. In the german territory, bordering France, some demilitarised zones were created and german army was limited. Germany lost its overseas colonies, which were distributed between Great Britain, France and Japan.


This treaty was a response to 1WW, and its main objective was Germany, which lost most of its power creating hate. this made the 2WW happened. The 2WW was happened by Adolf Hitler.