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Customs is an authority located in each country to control the entrance and departure of people,animals and items inside and outside its territory. They examine the items and animals before entering in a country and check if they follow the rules established to enter this territory, this can be regulated by each countries law or by agreements signed between countries. Depending on product type or animal, tarrifs can be charged. Immigration authorities control de movement of people. Customs clearence gives permission to take goods in or out of a country once customs requirements have been satisfied. Customs classification is a numbered category in a countries tarriff shedule to determine which goods have duties and taxes imposed on them. Trade barries are government imposed restrictions on the free international exchange of goods or services. Embargoes,Administrative,Quotas,Ad valorem, Discriminatory, Local content production. Customs declaration is declaring the information on imported or exported goods prepared by a customs broker on a prescribed form called an entry or duty form. States the classification number, country of origin, description, quantity and value of goods. Trade tarriff barriers: protectinc domestic employment,protecting infant industries of developing economies for example, this increases the price of imported goods in order to encourage the domestic market, protecting infant industries from being eaten out by more competitive pricing sourced from abroad. National security,protect certain industries in a country such a defense industries. Retaliation: Tarrifs as revenge to trading partners or countries that have infringed the rules.CUSTOMS TAXATION: Tax collected on imports and some exports by the customs authorities of a country. This tax is used to raise state revenue. EU VAT must be paid in the country of destination, no double taxation plz.NIF-IVA or IVA-VAT. PROFORMA INVOICE functions: quotation document, payment tool, customs document, To obtain import license and docs, part of agreement, order confirmation, relation with the bank,manage an insurance, information confirmation. Customs invoice is a commercial invoice on which exporter indicates description,quantity,sellin price, freight, insurance and packing costs, terms of delivery,paym,ent,weight and volume of the goods to determine customs value.Consular invoice: document certifying a shipment of goods which states the consignor,consignee and value of the shipment. C of origin: Preferential CO: Issued to cover exports for preferential tarrif exemption or reduction under FTA. Non preferential: Issued for goods which do not enjoy preferential treatment. Transport documents: CMR: Road, B/L:Water, AWB:Air, CIM: Train, FBL: more than one type of transport. SOIVRE: Servicio oficial de inspeccion vigilancia regulacion de las exportaciones: OBJECTIVES are to facilitate trade under fair conditions, keep bad quality products out of the market, guide production to meet demand,supports spanish exports. It provides confidence and makes the product trustable in front of buyers. Agro alimentary products control; food,agricultural,fish,olive oil,canned food and similar= Inspection, control, comercial conformity certificate. INDUSTRIAL SECURITY ITEMS CONTROL: Toys, protetctive equipment,electrical equip,clothes, shoes. VOLUNTARY CERTIFICATE: Required by company to demonstrate the quality of its products. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE TO TRADERS: This provides SOivre added value, not only for inspections and providing certificates, SOIVRE provides support and helps to solve problems that take place as consequence of exports. Attent consultations, Make comparative studies, Work with entitites located at destination countries to avoid inspections. MANAGE CITIES DUTIES in spain: Unite Nations CVonvention on International Trade in Endangered species of wild faun and flora. SOIVRE provides info about international operations, Inspects the import/export of CITES species, Legalizes CITES species, Controls captive breeeding and artificial reproduction of CITES species for animals/plants. OTHER FOOD CERTIFICATES:  KOSHER= jewish religion, HALAL = islamic religion. PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE is a official document issued by National Plant protection organization NPPO. Certifies that plants or plant products that have been covered by the certificate have been inspected according to the appropiate procedures and are considered free from quarentine pests, following the regulations of the importing country. REGULATED ARTICLES: plants, bulbs, seeds, fruits/vegetables, Cut flowers/branches, Grain, Growing medium etc. INCOTERMS: Internationally set of roles to standard commercial terms in distinct types of transportation around the world used between buyers and sellers. Terms indicate who pays the cost of each transportation segment,who is responsible for loading/unloading and who bears the risk of loss at any given point during an international shipment.