During the passage of time, the world of education has constantly changed. Different methodologies have been carried out, and also, education has gone through good and bad changes.

In the first place, from many years ago, to study, infinities of lists were presented to the students so that they could learn it by heart. This methodology does not have any good consequence because the student will not learn. It is simply studied for the exam and then forgotten.

On the other hand, at present, new methodologies are being introduced. In this case, compared to the previous one, instead of giving them long lists to study, it is studied practicing from the first moment. This methodology helps students learn and not just memorize.

In conclusion, the world of education has to keep changing so that students learn for themselves and experience.


To work the vocabulary, specifically the parts of the body, many activities can be carried out so that the children can learn the parts of the body easily and in a fun way.

An activity would be to practice yoga. In addition to learning the parts of the body, yoga is also a discipline to relax. This way you could work two things at the same time, vocabulary and relaxation. We must select 10 easy postures.We must bear in mind that in the positions that we choose, it is recommended that many parts of the body be used.

The teacher stands in front of the children and explains how the chosen positions are made. The teacher mentions the parts of the body, for example: feet, hands, head and many more. And the children learn the vocabulary and at the same time they also practice and have fun.

I think that this yoga activity will like the students a lot and they will learn the vocabulary of the leather parts


The school should be a safe place for children, but currently there is a lot of bullying.

Bullying is continuous physical and psychological aggression. Therefore, is it a safe place for children?

At school, teachers must act with respect, so they must know how to act. Teachers should teach students values, such as respect. They must also give an example. And finally the teachers, when they see a possible aggression, must stop it immediately and talk with the aggressor in private, to solve the conflict, and make him reflect.

The family must also act against bullying. They must talk with their children to teach values. They should also have a good relationship with their children so that there is good communication. And in case of detecting any aggression, the family should contact the school to try to find a solution


Recently, there are many schools, who take exams in a very constant way, to know if the students have learned all the content. But often the final grade depends on the final exam.

I think that you do not have to do exams, because the teachers have to take into account the evolution of the children, learn. During the school year, children perform activities, tasks and many other things. The before, I believe that teaching should take more account of the efforts made by students to perform their tasks and the effort they make to learn.

In conclusion, I believe that students can take exams to check if they have learned, but I think that this did count more than the activities that were done during the school year


The most important day of my life was my wedding. My husband and I married at the beach and there were about 70 guests. It was not a very large wedding, since the codons were very beautiful. The weather was perfect, it was sunny and it was not raining.

One of the most beautiful things for me was when my Lola dog brought me the rings on the altar. I love Lola. It was perfect and we did it many months before, because we were scared that Lola, my dog, runs into the water, because she loves swimming in the sea.

On the other hand, the guests were very satisfied with the food we gave at our wedding, everyone was very happy and, moreover, they had a great time. It was a very exciting day for me and my husband.

Finally, it must be said that it was an incredible day, our weddings were small but we celebrated it with our family and friends. It’s a very nice day that I will always remember


Electronic apparatuses are prohibited in schools, because they are considered devices that distract children. Is that true?

In general, I think using computers in class is not a disadvantage. I think you can make more dynamic lessons. Additionally, students can find information about an activity that is done at this time, at least. More so, I think that teachers have to teach students the risks of using the Internet.

In fact, the only disadvantage with the use of computers is that children get distracted very easily and do not pay attention to the teacher’s explanations. In addition, it is also necessary to say that they can browse pages that can be dangerous.

In conclusion, the use of computers in the classroom is good, but it should be used well and that the teachers give the correct packages for their use. In addition, one can see that it has more advantages than disadvantages.