Production and Operations Management Concepts

1 .-

To quantify the overall productivity, no major difficulties in the mathematical plane, difficulties are practical

Quantify the overall productivity since max .= prod product / recursos.Presenta difficulties associated with quantifying the numerator and denominator, the numerator we have: the sum of the products are not homogeneous units of measurement, production plans and programs varied in time, the denominator are: price of the resource, how to associate the different resources, using different recursos.Como is difficult to quantify the overall productivity is sought to quantify the specific productivity.

2 .- The improvement in labor productivity will generate an increase in overall productivity

Yes, because labor productivity is a specific productivity, that increase, the general increase provided they do not lose sight of globality, also a company can improve productivity with creativity and innovation, in addition to the reduction strategies costs.

3 .- Explain that planning is a product within the production cycle

It reaches a stage where general information and production specifications divides them into technical specifications which are the characteristics to produce the product they may be, acquisition analysis: identify the availability of supplies and materials required by the process, analysis of conversion: study availability of economic, technology, economies of scale.

4 .- How the process affect the decision to improve the quality of raw materials?

Affect so that by increasing the quality of the materials varied the mix of materials, this implies variation in manufacturing costs would increase the price of the products as P = MG + CF + CC.

5 .- How could affect operational staff the decision to automate machining operations?

Automation: is always linked to processes. Poses a reduction in the man _ substitute machine as a resource, and this change in the relationship causes beneficios.Proceso costs and machining: RR: HH + MACHINE to automated process: MAQ CENTRAL AND SUPERVISOR: Benefits as it automates the volume output is more stable, more constant, the costs will be in when the volume of M O.

6 .- what are the fundamental differences between a technology acquisition strategy and a technology development?

Technology acquisition includes purchase rights of ownership or use (patents, rights of use), buy plants or companies that possess the technology or financed empresas.La such technology development: research and development has thus appropriates technology shares or contracts, to acquire technology differences purchase the product technology, in developing the process for generating purchase tecnología.Adquisición have shorter terms, development has more strength over the competition.

7 .- under what conditions would be more appropriate type of batch process compared to a unit rate?

Unit process: this type of process is appropriate when the obj. Is to make 1 or very few units with special technical specifications and individual customer.

Batch process: here are manufactured limited quantities of product to specific customer order and the number of units can use simultaneous requests.

8 .- What characteristics should be taken to the product, the machines, internal transport, the storage and labor, if the implementation process is intermittent?

Intermittent process: manufacturing batch, high variety and low volumen.Flujo flashing performs an operation, storage a. Product: it must be changed, machinery, must be universal, ie machines for various operations, transport, manual or mechanized. Storage: plenty of input and output for each operation, a large amount of material being processed, M O, specialized in complex tasks, where the ability and skill of the operator affects the product quality

9 .-.

Productivity can vary not only through the efforts of the operations directorate. Explain this statement

True, as there are external factors such as markets, legislation, resource depletion, absence of people replacement machine, automation, change in product mix, investment in capital and technology that may affect productivity, among many more.

10 .- What are the advantages and disadvantages to calculate specific productivity? And overall?

Generally, there are productivity problems associated with the numerator and denominator. As for the specific job as product volume / man hours; product machine: volume / time machine, espacio.Volumen/M2 product, product volume, product / office. The advantages are that can be quantified as long as not lose sight of the whole, and the disadvantage is that these products are not independent sen each.

11 .- Explain why the operating system you are interested in the outcome rather than the product

During the process of production inputs — —- product process can visualize different stages and the operating system you are interested in minimizing costs and impact both social causes, use of natural inputs, bone interested in reducing the negative results when producing. According to the classification of goods and non-products generated in the process as waste.

12 .- How the process affect the decision to automate manual operations?

Of manual (HR) to automated processes (maq and supervisor) the volume of product will be more continuous and stable and reduce the volume of M to O as it would affect the exchange process so that the relationship HH: man from machine to fulfill the function of control.

13.-A higher degree of automation, the process will be less flexible. Explain

if, since the higher degree of automation there is stiff due process by changing labor by machines makes the process will be outlined and therefore rigid margin of error decreases.

14 .- What are the reasons why a process should include a system of continuous and repetitive no?

A working system refers to a process working hours are classified as continuous and repetitive processes differ in terms of activity v / s which is implied inactivity system work. So a system of continuous and repetitive not imply that the process stops and the reasons may be technical factors of production such as high cost of supporting a machine, external reasons such as the habit of consumption, economics and resources spent to start the process.

16 .- What issues should be resolved within the planning process?

Identify the technical specifications of the machines and equipment to be used to establish the operations and the order in which ejecución.Identificar the physical and information flows, provide all documents that accompany the process, waste, domestic etc.Ordenamiento: that part of Goes plant, offices, machinery, aisles, etc., workstations, is a unit that can become a part of work is the basis for a system as a cost center.

17 .- How could improve the overall productivity if you take the decision to replace a raw material for another of higher quality and price?

Not improve, but negatively affect productivity and that increasing the quality of the materials vary the mix of this, implying a variation in manufacturing costs and an increase in the price of the products.

18 .- A higher labor productivity will generate a greater overall productivity. Discuss this statement.

19 .- related concepts: maximum plant capacity, plant capacity and operational productivity real.

20 .- Explain the concept of overall productivity. “

21 .- How may affect each resource production decision to modify a product?

22 .- Explain the concepts of automation and standardization.

23 .- What are the advantages and disadvantages of opting for a strategy of technology development process?

24 .- Analyze how can the resource information, help improve overall productivity.

25 .- A process running on a diet or maintains a consistent level of activity will have higher productivity. Discuss this information.

26 .- Explain why in practice the perfect swing is not achieved. What information must be known to balance a production line?